Can the award of a Doctorate be revoked?

Apparently not.

But may we suggest that we add a DA to Rollin Richmond’s title, as he is the clearly winner of this week’s Dumb Ass Award.

Dr(?). Rollin Richmond pontificates in LoCO:

“If Measure P is adopted, we will not be able to vaccinate our pets against rabies since the dog and needlevaccine is produced by genetic modification of a virus. Think about what the consequences of Measure P would be for one of our most important local crops, marijuana. Are we going to test each version of pot to see if it is genetically modified? While I am confident that we do not know which marijuana varieties may have been genetically modified, would Measure P require us to eliminate all marijuana grows in our region. We should legalize marijuana and test all pot for its effects on our brains. Furthermore Measure P includes no funds for the testing of potential GMOs. These tests are expensive and many are required to be somewhat certain that an organism is genetically modified. Where would this money come from?”

This clown has a history embracing Rob Arkley and being on the wrong side of many issues.

We can’t forgive or forget the huge negative impact of his bonehead move from the recent past:

HSU Campus Community,

After careful consultation with the campus, local health care providers and the broader community, I have decided to discontinue Humboldt State’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.


Rollin C. Richmond President


Well since we can’t revoke his Doctorate, we think the best response is:

Vote YES on Measure P!

Feral Measure P


6 thoughts on “Can the award of a Doctorate be revoked?

  1. Somehow I am reminded of the excellent article in NCJ about the problems of attracting more good doctors to Humboldt County. Surely skilled well trained nurses are not a problem ..apparently.

    Geez….way to go HSU.

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  2. I didn’t realize that dog vaccine was an agricultural product. I wonder why Mr. Richmond didn’t raise concern over the possibility of GMO yeast being used to culture beer, wine, and bread. Now, I’m concerned about my yoghurt, sauerkraut, and pickles. And beware all you kefir and kombucha lovers. Oh My !


  3. Rabies vaccine is not a GMO product.
    Rollin Richmond may be.

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  4. It was really not a good thing to gut the Bachelor of Nursing Program at HSU.

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