The de-evolution of “public safety” in Eureka……. You had fair warning!

March 1, 2014 – Chief Mills, New Direction?????

 May 29, 2014 Mills adopts “third world” policing model for Eureka: Police Chief Mills divides the city along racial and economic lines

eureka asunder

The horrific murder of Tommy McClain has been on the forefront of many people’s minds over these past few weeks. The lies, misdirection and lack of transparency by Chief Mills has been brought forward by the Examiner. But as we at the Examiner went back through our archives regarding Mills, we came to realize that Eureka had the wool pulled over its eyes by Mills distraction methods.

Tommy was killed because he lived in a poorer section of Eureka. As many commenter’s on our blog have posted; if Tommy lived in Lunbar Hills, or by Sequioa Park, or any other affluent neighborhood on the east side, this situation would have been handled completely differently. Because this happened on Allard (west side Eureka), in a low income neighborhood, police felt they could act aggressively without consequence. Tommy never had a chance, even though he was just a hardworking kid who happened to live next to a “flop house”.

This action (murder) is the natural extension of Mills policy objectives. He has made it clear that he intends to split the city of Eureka in half along economic lines.   From our previous post:

Part of Mills’ “New Direction” is splitting the city in half, with a Police Captain assigned to each half of the city. Sounds fair, right? Wrong. According to Mills he spoke with “Stake-holders” in the community, and the good ol’ boy-girl City Council, and has come up with the boundaries to split the city. Not surprisingly, it’s split between the haves and the have-nots.

The first half includes all the area north of 14th Street and west of California Street. That’s the Westside, Old Town, the entire waterfront, Highland Park, Bayshore Mall, St. Vincents Soup Kitchen, The Eureka Rescue Mission, DHHS (welfare office), etc. Looking at Zillow house prices or just driving down the streets in these areas and you can clearly see that this half of the city includes the overwhelming majority of economically challenged citizens.

One Captain to one half of the city. The “low income” half. But that isn’t the scariest part. You see, from Chief Mills prior interviews on Talkshop he will be promoting from a Captain from within the ranks of his current Sergeants. That means that Sgt. Stephens (the leader in charge of McClain’s murder) has a very real chance of being a Captain. In fact, he has a 50/50 chance just based on numbers (even though Mills support of him seems to indicate a better than 50/50 chance).

cop with gun

(Photo: McKenna)

So….be careful Eureka. Chief Mills has made it clear. The poor, the homeless, and the downtrodden will face the new wrath of Mills EPD. You can see the results so far….and that should make everyone who is struggling to make ends meet very, very, very fearful.

Mills EPD is about getting rid of those who don’t fit in. The “counter-culture”, the poor, the people whose life possessions fit in a shopping cart and those who are trying to better their lives but end up stuck living next to a “flophouse”. Sad…so very sad.


27 thoughts on “The de-evolution of “public safety” in Eureka……. You had fair warning!

  1. There will be no justice from EPD or city officials. The family needs to due in civil court and hit the city where it hurts. If the city’s insurance carrier has to payout another 4 million dollar settlement, like they did in the death of Martin Cotton, then maybe the city council will get enough pressure to change the policy of EPD. While we are at it, let’s vote no on Mesdure Q in protest of the death of Tommy McClain. It’s touted as a public safety measure, but I don’t feel very safe.

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  2. What is sad, really sad is this pathetic story! You have no basis for it. It’s your guess.

    Yes, it’s your right to write worthless dribble. This article is just worthless dribble!


  3. The writer of this article is so full of sh*t. If he or she or it, had done any research the Cpt”s. at EPD have already been in place for some time. Furthermore Tommy McClains shooting was a “good shoot” and people like u should move to Russia and try spewing ur bullsh*t there and see how far u get.


    • Looks like the post may have hit a little close to home. Right Officer Sven?

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    • “A good shoot.” Three officers of the EPD engaged Tommy McClain while he was on his property. A fourth officer literally blows around the corner fence, establishes a confrontational position directly to the right front of TM with drawn gun and within seconds, not minutes, unloads 7 rounds in the direction of TM, three of which hit him. Other three officers who had engaged TM originally shoot off zero rounds between them. Right, sven. Totally kosher all the way down the check off list for “a good shooting”. Linfoot gets the EPD turkey this Thanksgiving. He earned it.

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  4. i would like to know what parts officer hansen is calling bullshit. We all know the chief plans to split city in 2 between rich and poor so we know that isnt what he is calling b.s. i also like how he says move to russia, haha just shows the ignorance of the officer because if we were to move to russia we would have what we have now in Eureka. And then because an internal investigation calls it a good shoot doesnt mean it was a good shoot. when the independent investigation that has not happened yet is concluded then we will know if it was a good shoot or not. Internel investigation is like a tweeker being arrested and investigating his own crime and reporting he didnt do the crime. The one thing we know for sure is EPD hasnt changed a bit. And as the EPD says how much we will be at risk if we dont extend tax increase stories like thus kind of call B.S on that because they have the money from tax increase now and does anyone feel safer?

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  5. Sorry P Pots I’m not and “Officer” just a good American who believes in the truth. and not biased reporting like this communist writer is putting out. But you got to consider the source of this story. You can take the justified shooting of wanna B bad ass, who reached for his replica gun and was shot in a justified manner. You could take this case to the Grand Jury, Independent Investigation, Some money grubbing slime ball Attorney who takes it to civil court and the results will be the same. “Good Justifiable Shooting. Sorry for his Mom , but the kid got justice. no matter how tragic it might have been.


    • That’s right. This is ‘merica, love it or leave it!!!

      “Money grubbing slime ball Attorney”

      “Good justifiable shooting”

      You’re outing yourself as EPD all the way. Maybe your not currently an officer…Murl, is that you?

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    • What, exactly, makes you think the writer of this article is communist, Sven? Is that your go-to insult for anyone who voices an opinion you don’t like? What exactly is communist about thinking police shouldn’t shoot people in their yards, shoot them dozens of yards away because they are armed with a knife or beat them to death while arresting them? I’ve never been to a communist country; but from what I’ve read, the police in communist countries can pretty much kill anyone they want without consequences. The same is true about fascist countries. Democracies (or Constitutional Republics, if you prefer) don’t let their police act as judge, jury and executioner and when a killing occurs a real investigation is necessary to ensure that justice is the result. There can be no justice in a culture in which the cops’ word is golden unless there is a video proving they are lying. They lie to protect their jobs and each other all the time. Everyone knows this, even you; but so long as they are only killing the “marginal people,” the mentally ill, the homeless, the druggies, the juvenile delinquents, the poor, you don’t care and may even approve.

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  6. Sven – There should be nothing but remorse being felt by those challenged with protecting all of us. To say “good shoot” in public – when a citizen who began the night as an innocent bystander died is reprehensible in my view. The shot may be justifiable, it may even be justified – we’ll see – but I hope no one on our force thinks there was anything good about that shot.

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  7. A “Good Shoot” is considered in the legal profession and law enforcement profession as a “justifiable shooting” Not in the terms of what u are stating or maybe I just stated it wrong. Anyway U cut it, it is sad for his Mom and the Officer involved. Tommy did something very stupid. Possibly because he was under the influence of booze or drugs or both. The drug test done during the autopsy will prove that he was or wasn’t. But he should not have reached for his gun replica or not.


    • You have only the officer’s word that he reached for his gun, Sven. Even you should be able to admit that the officers have every motive to lie.

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    • Wrong Sven. Not used in the legal profession. A “good shoot” is a term very specific to Law Enforcement personnel. Kind of like the term “Adam Henry” (ass hole). Not that I would call you an Adam Henry. But if the shoe fits….

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    • So let me get this straight, Sven. You are not now nor have you ever been an officer but you know the terms of the legal profession, and law enforcement in terms of what is a “justifiable shooting.” You are a cop, and unlike Liberal Jon, you lack the guts to reveal who you are. You harangue this author as a communist, when in reality, it is America that has a 1st Amendment that does allow him to write whatever he pleases. You are the communist trying to keep him from telling the truth. If you don’t believe that there is a clear demarcation between the rich and the poor in Eureka, then wake up. Some of us appreciate Tuluwat Examiner, if you don’t here is what you do. Don’t read it. We wont miss you, and don’t let the TAB hit you on your way out.

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    • Sadly i was there and Tommy never reached for a gun ever! The cop who blew around the corner was not in anyway right! I watched the whole thing and it happened to a person who was complying and also voicing his rights! He never once showed threat. That officer fucked up. I dont believe he was a murder untill the reports of lies they told came out. Now i believe they all should be charged. I am no druggie and Tommy wasnt eather. He was going to bed cause he had to work early and these cops killed him in his yard they thought he was someone else and they had no right. All officers would have gone home safe that night regardles of shooting Tommy in the head. Why not taser first? If they felt threaten? Tommy never had been in trouble once in his life he allways stayed home and never got in trouble. He was quite and very down to earth. He loved animals he loved our kids. We are so tired of reading people who have no idea what they are talking about. Just shut up if you wernt there.

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  8. I have stated this before… if you don’t like the way Chief Mills is running the department, the City Council meets the first and third Tuesday of every month. You have the right to address the Council and publicly go on the record as stating that you do not trust EPD.

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    • Did you ever consider that people who don’t trust the EPD might not feel safe voicing negative opinions about them on the record, Marge? Seriously!

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    • Hey Marge, can I be first in line to sign up for the free ass whoopin’ from EPD thugs or their groupies.
      I’ll just show up at a city council meeting and be recorded by public access TV so in case they miss it live. they can watch the replay.
      Is any body that reckless or dumb?

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    • My uncle went and complained to the grand jury a couple of years ago, a week later his front door was kicked in by the po lice, so yeah you go tell junior officer Newman and the rest of the ex po live city council and see how far they take it.

      No arrests were made nothing was taken, just a big mess they had to clean up

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  9. It’s always funny when police state supporters like Sven want those of us who believe in freedom to move to a country with even less freedom than he would allow us here. In THIS country people have a right to stand in their front yards at any time of night without getting shot by the police. People who want to live in a police state should move to one and stop trying to turn this country fascist.

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  10. The message from EPD and good little Amerikans like Sven is “If cops kill you, you deserved it.” I won’t feel safe around cops until they’ve all got video cams recording every second of the encounter. That, of course, protects both the cops and the people.

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  11. Sven, don’t debate the five people who read, write and /or frequent this blog.

    Rich people bad, Police bad, facts don’t matter.

    I believe the police over some lame attention grabbing family members who run to LOCO with their version.

    Hands up is a clear order. Reaching for your gun is not the response.

    Verbena and her groupies only know how to sue and live off others.


    • “don’t debate the five people who read, write and /or frequent this blog.”

      I’m sure you hope that number is correct.

      My guess is that you’re a little off. Why would this City Finance Director ever respond to this “copwatch” blog, as he did several times? I’ve never seen any real response or changes in this county based on Copwatch, or PARC, or People’s Project, or etc, etc….

      Unless……maybe the workers at the City are using their work computers and City Hall knows who’s looking and how dangerous the TE is to the status quo! Do I feel another Dave Tyson style shutdown coming, just like the bygone days of the Humboldt Herald?

      Heck…even you posted a comment 🙂 What City department are you working for?

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    • Well Shortonfacts… would you like to meet for coffee so I can explain to you face to face, why I have so much disdain for people like you? Tommy McClain’s family have every right to get the truth out to the public concerning the loss of their family member! You have the nerve to call them “lame attention grabbing family”? Are you really such a blind sheeple that you simply take the word of the Officers as gospel? The cops made a horrible mistake that evening, on many levels. There were MANY orders shouted out during the couple of minutes…not simply one..we have not been told what those other orders were. This kid was confused, but not as confused as this cop that pulled the trigger and took the life of an innocent person. I personally lost all respect for Mr. Mill after watching his press release concerning this shooting. I felt he came off as cold and impersonal. This family has my total support in their quest for Justice.

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    • Made up facts. Mills nor anyone else ever said he “was reaching for his gun.” You try to make this justified. It is not. Not by a longshot!

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  12. Chief Mills one time complained how much Tuluwat can’t stand him. That was in May. So I guarantee you he reads this!

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  13. How many O you have been around long enough to remember the EPD video fiasco?
    Years ago(10ish) they got in big trouble for making a video for them to watch for “fun” of them running over homeless people and their shopping carts and other antics

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