Expert: “It’s a bad shooting, period”. (the death of Tommy McClain)

It’s been a week and a half since the press conference regarding the murder of Tommy McClain. Over three weeks since he was murdered. There hasn’t been much follow up by the local press on this story, which is the way Mills wants it. Except, of course, an article from the North Coast Journal and the radio interview with Chief Mills blaming the community:

hands up 4

Hands up or we’ll shoot!

We weren’t surprised at this lack of local coverage by most media outlets. Neither was Chief Mills. That’s why he’s been so secretive to begin with. Chief Mills knows that by spreading misinformation then staying quiet, he can keep the media at bay. Surprise! The Examiner isn’t buying his story of the shooting.

hands up 6

Chief Mills claimed that one of the seven of the bullets fired at Tommy struck him in the bicep, then entered his chest. Mills said that this “proved” that Tommy was reaching for the unloaded BB gun. Well, even if you discount that maybe the first shots missed and he started hunkering down, or that he was struck in the butt first causing him to reach down, there’s still another reasonable explanation for why he was shot through the bicep and into his chest. His hands were up as he had been ordered to do!!!! According to an expert interviewed by the NCJ: “It’s a bad shooting, period,”. We agree.

Hands up 9

In this post are several pictures showing people with their hands up in a “surrender” position. As you can see, the biceps are all in line with the chests. A bullet passing through the bicep of these people would also enter their chest.   So Chief Mills claim that the injuries to Tommy proved he was reaching for a gun is totally bogus. The only thing that it proves is Chief Mills is willing to say anything to cover up his officer’s poor actions. The NCJ use of force expert seems to agree with our take on Chief’s dishonesty. From the Journal: “Feliciano said a frustrating part of officer-involved shooting fatalities is that they rarely leave behind a full story, as the suspect is deceased and cops — with incredibly high stakes — are taught culturally and systemically not to admit their mistakes.”

The only way for at least some of the truth of this murder to be brought to light is for the McClain family to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the City. Even though this Chief and the officers involved in this tragedy may never face consequences within EPD, maybe some justice can be brought forth in the civil court system.


hands up 8

hands up 5

hands up 10


19 thoughts on “Expert: “It’s a bad shooting, period”. (the death of Tommy McClain)

  1. You know, that’s a very good point about how you could have your hands up in a surrender position, and still have your biceps lined up with your chest such that a bullet could pass through your bicep and into your chest.

    So now we have two scenarios that would easily explain the shot through the bicep and into the chest even if his hands were up when the shooting started — this one about the hands being raised, just not fully extended above his shoulders, and the possibility that the shot that went through the bicep and into the chest wasn’t the first shot.

    Which makes Mills’ claim (that the bicep-chest shot somehow “proved” McClain dropped his hands before the shooting started) seem even more disingenuous. Mills doesn’t strike me as stupid, so I find it hard to believe that neither of these possibilities had occurred to him.

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    • I totally agree. I had hopes that Mills would come in as an outsider and make some positive changes. Seems to me that he’s made things worse. His lack of transparency and leadership is apparent. Very scary for Eureka.

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  2. I would love to see the officer involved come forward and tell the truth what ever it is. And then apologize for causing the death of this young man.
    Instead of having the “chief” protect himself and his troops at all costs with lies and distortions and deflection.

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    • Would it really matter if the officer did just that? Its not like the readers of this super biased, agenda based crap-rag would give his story any credence at all. You all have already made up your minds and will discount any evidence to the contrary no matter how solid it is.

      Call the hotline for Redwood Curtain Cop Watch the next time you need help. Let’s see how well they do laying there lives on the line for you.

      What you all fail to realize is these men and women, despite your hate-mongering against them, would still come running to put themselves in harm’s way for YOU 24/7/365. That my fellow Humboldtians is a FACT.


    • What if I didn’t call and the police showed up to my house and shot me to death in my front yard for no real reason? 24/7/365 doesn’t count for much if you’re dead.

      The old standby for police apologists is that the police are there to help and they lay their lives on the line for YOU. That’s just crap. If you happen to be a person of color, or poor, or gay, or a woman, at various points in time than the police would harass, attack and murder you with impunity. That has changed somewhat, because of people’s outrage and action against police abuses.

      If this same incident had happened on Lunbar Hills, EPD would have never escalated it to the point of forcing an armed confrontation. But it happened in a poor area on the westside, so the police can act with brute/unnecessary force and be supported by their chief.

      You’re wrong Joe. Very wrong.

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    • That would mean more to the family then filing a civle claim im sure


  3. Yay, more selective postings from an article. How about the other expert who is quoted thusly:

    Richard Lichten, a former lieutenant with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, declined to comment specifically on McClain’s case, but briefed on the basic underlying facts said it sounds like officers acted appropriately.

    “It’s irrelevant that (the gun) turns out to be fake,” Lichten said. “It looks real. The objective evidence is that the man is reaching for a weapon. … What do you expect an officer to do?””

    Even more biased is the headline by TE – let’s complete it, shall we?

    “”It’s a bad shooting, period,” Feliciano said. “But is it a justifiable shooting? The answer is probably yes. … But the word is causation. What caused the incident?””

    So the shooting is described as being most likely JUSTIFIABLE. Guess the TE just must not have saw that little tidbit.

    There isn’t anyone who doesn’t think this wasn’t a tragic incident, but the TE in its pathetic attempt to smear does the entire community a disservice.


    • “What caused the incident?” Sgt. Stephens, former SWAT member. That’s the simple answer. His horrible tactics in escalating the situation forced an officer into shooting McClain, if everything from Mills is to be believed.

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    • JP, I absolutely agree with you. Anyone who focuses too much on the tiny details of exactly how McClain’s hands were moving is simply distracting from why this happened. That’s like saying the last person to strike out is responsible for losing the baseball game.

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  4. Lack of training. We are in danger, from mostly the police. It happened to me and three of my friends. Several officers yelling different commands. It was unbelievable !!!


  5. Is it coincidence that the only times cops abuse their authority is when they are being recorded? .

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    • It’s going to take a civil suit and discovery to get the video and/or audio recordings, if EPD hasn’t destroyed them already.

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    • That’s a big ‘if’. According to Mills there’s no footage. So, two cop cars with video responding to an “armed and dangerous” suspect, yet they didn’t turn the cameras on or point them toward the front yard?

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  6. As the shirts I see people in St.Louis area are saying. Demilitarize the Police!!!!!!

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  7. Murderers will always lie to cover their ass, cops are no different. The police chief sees it as his job to cover for his men. The whole system is set up so that all the officials’ responses, whether the police chief or the city council or the DA, will be to legally cover their butts by trying to lie their way out, mostly to minimize the settlement they will eventually have to pay the family.

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  9. We need a coroners inquest. Then the cops have to testify in public with no immunity.

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  10. We need an outside forensic pathologist to do the autopsy. Ex-cop Dave Parris is not impartial.

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