Very Clueless Supervisors

I’d just like to reiterate how strange it is,” Sundberg said. “Out on the street everyryan s 1one thinks [campaign finance reform] is something that should happen. It seems unanimous.” But when the item came up on today’s agenda, Sundberg noted, there was exactly one member of the public present, along with three reporters.

“There is so much talk about it and so little action,” 2nd District Supervisor Estelle Fennell said. “I’m actually extremely proud of this board that we’re moving forward and we are moving towards campaign finance reform.”

Could these Supervisors be any more oblivious to their public image and reality?

Let’s break it down for these disconnected Supervisors. First of all your backers and supporters from the “development at any price community” are not going to show up, because they already have you in a super majority position. So they’re very happy with current fix.

estelleThe rest of the public who has watched you in action during the whole general plan fiasco and can clearly see that you are so bought and paid for that their input is completely disregarded!

The truth is that what most of us want campaign spending limits! Sadly that has been preempted by the Supreme Court ruling that money is speech.


9 thoughts on “Very Clueless Supervisors

  1. Facebook (social networking) has commenting. For instance…

    John Fullerton Isn’t $1,500 better than nothing at all? In past campaigns a couple of individuals & organizations were giving tens of thousands of dollars for just one race.
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    Mark Lovelace John, $1,500 conspicuously matches a very clear and coordinated pattern of bundled donations which have essentially delivered a lump sum of $20K to $30K to specific candidates, the same ones who have seized upon $1,500 as an apparent magic number, when there has been absolutely no call whatsoever from the public for such a high supposed limit.
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    The four that voted for this want to stop the kickstarter campaign donations of the Tribe/Casino and Pierson.

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  2. “Clueless supervisors”!?

    It was mentioned somewhere, might have even been here in a previous post, that the Supes meet during working hours. That might take a toll on public participation too. At any rate, I think it’s……..

    Rex Bohn . In the foyer. With a baseball bat.

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  3. Incumbents should not be reforming anything about elections. Their idea of reform is to institutionalize whatever works for them.

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  4. Claiming “they will never listen” and delivering zero public input ought to be embarrassing. Public participation means telling them what you think regardless of whether *you think* they will agree with you. I think many people in this country take that approach, but office holders are not mind readers. “You ought to know what I think” might count in a failing marriage but it does not count as political participation.


  5. Here’s what I would support: A $100 limit on contributions, disclosure on all contributions over $10.

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  6. Tune in to Thursday Night Talk on KHSU tonight at 7. Mark Lovelace will be on the air live to answer any and all questions on campaign finance reform. 90.5


  7. Sundburg and his 3 accomplices are fortunate that the Tuluwat is the only local media willing to take a critical look at what voters bought, in essence, 4 dullards eager to blame “members of the public” for shitty, decisions that, once implemented, will have negligible impact on their own bloated campaigns…(with the self-serving audacity to call it “reform”!???).

    If we had good community media, we would be reminded that just a few years their predecessors, instead, took leadership responsibility by adequately publicizing numerous hearings, study groups and workshops that motivate and encouraged participation. This is how representatives that care about public input reach their decisions.

    But this group hasn’t made that “mistake” again, Hell, it has taken them many months just trying to undo the decisions that came out of the extensive public input on the General Plan Update, Elements, and Guiding Principles.

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  8. The gang of 4 passed their ordinance today. It was just reported on the local TV news.


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