Crime and Punishment in Eureka – Lots of Crime No punishment

On September 16, 2014 we posted: You’re More Likely to be a Crime Victim right here in Eureka, Than Any other city in California

Here’s a perfect example of why we’re subject to such a high amount of crime:

RONALD SNYDER SANCHEZ Jr. was released on 10-1-14ronald sanchez

Remember this dude? The brother of Silverio Sanchez, now facing charges of attempted murder of a peace officer, stalking, and the list of felonies just goes on and on. Ron Jr. was the brother who escaped custody of the Humboldt County Jail while serving a 3 month sentence.  Ron Jr. escapes, they have a big manhunt for him, they finally catch him and he serves less than 3 months and now he’s back on the streets.

Oh well, this guy was just another non-violent offender in Humboldt, right?  Wrong.  From the Lost Coast Outpost stories on this manhunt:
On 06-04-2014, at approximately 10:00 a.m., Ronald Snyder Sanchez Jr., 26 years old, walked away from a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office work crew. Sanchez was being held in custody for 120 days on a California State Parole Violation. The originating charge was burglary.

A Humboldt County Correctional Officer was supervising Sanchez and nine other inmates at the time Sanchez left the work crew. The inmates were working on the side of US 101 at Sunset Blvd, Arcata. When other inmates were interviewed, they told the Correctional Officer that Sanchez suddenly dropped his equipment and fled the work crew. A be-on-the-lookout to all law enforcement has been issued for Sanchez who is now wanted for escape, besides the originating charge. 

Deputy US Marshal Palmer warned that Ronald Sanchez, Jr., the son of Ronald Sanchez, Sr. who escaped from a work party today in Arcata is dangerous. He asked people who spot the man to quickly call 911. “Do not attempt to approach him,” Palmer warned.

Of course, when he was finally captured it was obvious that the Ron Jr. was just another victim of the local system of justice.  What was it he was doing when captured?  Visiting his children….helping to feed the homeless….trying to get his life back together?  Nope.  He was out ripping off the rural folks in Humboldt.  From the LOCO:

Sanchez Escapee Captured/ Three Others Arrested

Kym Kemp / Monday, July 21 @ 2:57 p.m. /

On 07-19-2014, at approximately 9:15 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call regarding three suspects observed trying to break into a neighbor’s cabin in the Burr Valley area. The citizen told the dispatcher there were two males and a female involved, and they were in a black BMW. The citizen believed one of the suspects may be Ronald Snider Sanchez, 26 years old, who was wanted on an escape from custody charge, and violation of parole. Sheriff’s dispatch ran a DMV registration check and determined the black BMW was registered to Sanchez.

As the deputies were responding, the citizens in the area began calling neighbors and alerting them as to what was occurring. Another citizen called 911, and reported he heard the suspects may have been at his cabin trying to break in. At approximately 10:30 a.m., the Sheriff’s Office received a third 911 call, with the caller advising a citizen had the suspects’ black 2001 BMW blocked in with vehicles and stopped. A neighbor was now holding the suspects at gunpoint.

Deputies responded and met with the citizens at approximately 12:00 noon. When the deputies interviewed the witnesses, they told the deputies they had been warned by other neighbors about a black BMW driving in the area acting suspicious. When a 48 year old female witness saw the BMW near the Four Corners area of Burr Valley Road, she watched it. She saw the BMW drive to her neighbor’s cabin which was not occupied. She watched the two male occupants of the BMW, one being Sanchez, exit the BMW, cover their heads with Hoodies and walk towards the cabin. When they saw she was watching them from a hill top nearby, they immediately left the area. As they were driving down Buck Mountain Road, she called the Sheriff’s Office and notified other neighbors, including the unoccupied cabin owner who resides in McKinleyville. She followed the BMW until she and another neighbor met up with it in the roadway and blocked it in with their cars. The other neighbor, a 30 year old male, then brandished a firearm at the suspects and told them he was holding them until law enforcement arrived.

The citizens told the deputy one of the suspects fled after being held at gunpoint for about twenty minutes. The suspect who fled told the citizen with the gun, he was Ronald Sanchez, and was wanted by law enforcement. He told the citizen would have to shoot him in the back if he was going to hold him any longer, because Sanchez did not want to return to jail. Sanchez ran off on foot.

This is obviously just another example of how broken the local justice system is, and why you’re living in one of the most crime ridden areas in the state.  Escape from jail, your punishment is….exactly what it was to begin with.  Lesson of the day; crime may not always pay, but in Humboldt you won’t generally have to pay for your crime!


3 thoughts on “Crime and Punishment in Eureka – Lots of Crime No punishment

  1. Why the hell was he released?!?!? Why spend all of the time/money/resources to catch him in the first place?!?!?

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  2. Deputy US Marshal Palmer warned that Ronald Sanchez, Jr., the son of Ronald Sanchez, Sr. who escaped from a work party today in Arcata is dangerous. He asked people who spot the man to quickly call 911. “Do not attempt to approach him,”

    Right… lets just turn him loose let the the regular citizens have to deal with him.

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  3. Is this common? Do other rural counties have this problem or is it unique to Humboldt? If this is the only place, or if it is unusual, we need to find a way to hold our public “servants” accountable. This is a real dilemma since our sheriff ran unopposed and will annoint his successor and our judges hold no one responsible for their crimes. If, on the other hand, this is common and business as usual, we need reform at the state level. Anyone who doesnt vote AND raise a little hell on this issue ought not comment. IMO

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