Quit your bitchin’, you’re better off being poor….

matt and rex

OMG Rex! First they want more money, then they’ll actually want a say in how we run things! (photo NCJ)

At least according to folks that don’t have to worry about money!! Matthew Owen, “Home Mortgage Consultant” for Mega Bank Wells Fargo, is pretty clear on his position: Earning minimum wage is the best path for success. “Matthew in the Middle” recently trumpeted in a bunch of ads about how raising the minimum wage in Eureka (Measure R) would ruin the chances for poor people to better themselves. It’s amazing how folks who have plenty of money speak as if all it takes is “pulling yourself up by your bootstraps”. Somehow that’s the way to a better standard of living, even if you can’t pay your PG&E bill.

Matthew was right with part of his letter. Measure R will pass. Why? Because raising the minimum wage is needed and is the right thing to do. Corporate Big boxes like Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Kohls, etc., etc., can easily afford to pay for this increase. Matthew was also right that this increase will probably be taken to court, and potentially ruled unenforceable. Why? Because Wal-Mart, Kmart, Target, Kohls, etc., etc., will pay Mega bucks for attorneys to fight this ordinance. Legal defense of the ordinance will be up to the “very competent” Eureka City Attorney (ug!). Who will fight for Measure R? No…It will come down to those “minimum wage” folks, who barely can afford a pot to piss in, to fight for the enforcement of this ordinance.

This ordinance may pass handily. Sadly and just as handily, rich power elite will ensure it is never enforced. We urge you to Vote for Measure R and at least send the message.

This Big Corporate money dominated Democracy is a bitch, isn’t it?


15 thoughts on “Quit your bitchin’, you’re better off being poor….

  1. You are right big box stores can afford to pay more by raising prices, dropping hours of employees,dropping benifits to employees. Careful what you wish for. You support this raise so when the above ways they can pay more are implemented then you must also own the ramification of people loosing benifits,hours worked and price increases.


    • 4 members of the Walton family (Walmart) are worth $30,000,000,000 each! And you think they really have to raise prices to cover this measly amount in Eureka???????

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    • It doesn’t make sense to expect that when workers have more money to spend to think the businesses where they would be spending that additional money would need fewer workers to meet the increased demand. Walmart could have given raises high enough to take every one of their employees off public benefits for less than they saved in taxes by taking their 2013 dividends in December 2013 instead of in January as was usual due to changes in tax laws in January of 2014.

      Is it unthinkable that an incredibly profitable company whose labor costs are massively subsidized by the taxpayers every year might increase wages without increasing prices, especially since a large percentage of the increased wages would end up back in their pockets?

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  2. The consumer pays for everything. As a consumer I will gladly pay a bit more so folks can afford to feed their families. Wal-Mart and other Big Boxes are already subsidized by our government and work their employees just enough to not get insurance and benefits. Little Mattie ought to worry about keeping an eye on his personal situation and stop trying to fuck the little guy. If you have ever talked to him, his attitude is trying to cover up his personal short comings.

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  3. Interesting the usual suspects squeaking up for the usual owner class, using the usual arguments..but hey, it’s a job, too, right?

    And I just found Liberal Jon’s shortest comment ever: two words :))….maybe, he might have said ‘yep’ or ‘nope’ sometime, I don’t remember it…

    MitM is sure helping people by standing up and volunterring to be pied and dropped in the ice water, thanks Matthew for your sacrifices..now we all know the ‘Middle’ is the Middle Class, not the political middle….some of us, cough, are slo learners. I want soo to believe people.

    Nice picture and caption up there…excellent TE, keep at it.

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    • I understand that on election day Virginia Bass was paying people more that minimum wage to wave her signs at intersections to motivate voters. That doesn’t sound like skilled labor so why not minimum wage? In my opinion, you’d have to be a little dense to take that job.


  4. Maybe the basic problem is our tax system. Tax laws which allow fabulously rich people to accumulate enormous trusts tax free for generations unborn while they put their workers on welfare may not be in the best interest of the country; i.e. our economy, national defense, social stability or democracy.

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    • The commons are the fabric of any society. Taxes support the commons. You should reimburse the commons for what wealth they have allowed you to generate.


  5. Matt and his posse won’t ceed their financial boot on our necks without a massive effort


  6. Tell me Jonesy, tell me exactly how Matt has his “financial boot” on your neck. Be specific please.

    Real examples other than the fact you don’t like the guy.


  7. Yogi, clearly that was an imposter. A damnable, concise-point-making imposter. Why use only two words when ten will do?

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  8. If your business model requires that you must pay your employees less than a living wage, you should close your business and get a job.

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    • Or, if you want to keep all of the money your workers make, then you should work alone, and do it without using the taxpayer funded infrastructure.


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