The Glyphosate – Autism Connection

Yet another good reason to support Measure P

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, predicts that by the year 2025 that half the children born will be diagnosed with Autism. Today, Food Integrity Now, talked with Dr. Seneff about the reasons why she believes that aluminum accumulation in the brain, synergistically promoted by Glyphosate (RoundUp), is the principal cause of Round upAutism in the U.S.

Dr. Seneff shared her research as to the biological effects of Glyphosate in combination with aluminum and mercury and how these combinations affect the body and more importantly the brain. Aluminum is an adjuvant in vaccines that makes the vaccine more powerful. Mercury is used in about 50% of the flu vaccines. When combined with Glyphosate in the body, the results are staggeringly toxic. Glyposate the active ingredient in RoundUP is not only used heavilty on GMO crops but also on many convential crops like wheat, barley and sorghum, to name a few. Her scientific findings as to how Glyphosate, the most widely used herbicide in the world, works in conjunctions with these heavy metals is conclusive. These findings points to causation of many of the neurological diseases that are increasing in this country like Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson, Autism, Schizophrenia, and others.

She shared how Glyphosate works in our gut and how this mineral chelator binds some of our most important minerals that are needed for healthy gut bacteria. Dr. Seneff spoke about how vitamin D is depleted by Glyphosate and how this also correlates as to causation in Autism. She has written many peer-reviewed papers and are available here for your review.(

Dr. Seneff has devoted many years to studying Autism and the environmental causes and has found that Glyphosate, which has been used since 1975, but is now more widely used, is a key factor in the rise of Autism in this country.

September 30, 2014 by Carol Grieve’

Stephanie Seneff

Stephanie Seneff is a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She received the B.S. degree in Biophysics in 1968, the M.S. and E.E. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1980, and the Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in 1985, all from MIT. For over three decades, her research interests have always been at the intersection of biology and computation – developing a computational model for the human auditory system, understanding human language so as to develop algorithms and systems for human computer interactions, as well as applying natural language processing (NLP) techniques to gene predictions. She has published over 170 refereed articles on these subjects, and has been invited to give keynote speeches at several international conferences. She has also supervised numerous Master’s and PhD theses at MIT. In 2012, Dr. Seneff was elected Fellow of the International Speech and Communication Association (ISCA).

In recent years, Dr. Seneff has focused her research interests back towards biology. She is concentrating mainly on the relationship between nutrition and health. Since 2011, she has written 10 papers (7 as first author) in various medical and health-related journals on topics such as modern day diseases (e.g., Alzheimer, autism, cardiovascular diseases), analysis and search of databases of drug side effects using NLP techniques, and the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health.

Contact Information

Stephanie Seneff

Rm G-438 MIT Stata Center

32 Vassar Street

Cambridge, MA 02139 USA


16 thoughts on “The Glyphosate – Autism Connection

  1. Vote however you wish on measure P, but please don’t let this nonsense sway your vote. Dr. Seneff is a computer scientist that doesn’t do any research; she just makes things up and then pays to have it published in for-profit journals not used by practicing scientists. She has no research group, does no experiments, has no funding, and makes no sense. But, when she says something anti-GMO people like, the anti-GMO people spread it far and wide, completely without thought or analysis – “finally, the scientific evidence to prove my superstitions”. For example, the extrapolation that half of children will have autism…if we follow the line still further then 200% of the children will have autism. The antis are reduced to repeating this kind of nonsense because science is against them – the American Medical Association, the World Health organization, etc., all say that GMOs are safe.

    More on Seneff:


    • And MIT lets her get away with this kind of thing without internal review? For shame.


    • That’s more or less as I suspected. It’s remarkable how many engineers and physicists “publish” outside of their fields on topics they don’t comprehend, and in the process leave all of the basic tenets of science behind.


  2. I appreciate the info thanks


  3. Wow, so someone’s actually managed to combine anti-vax hysteria with anti-GMO non-science and come up with the CT to end all? How are chemtrails involved, pray tell?


  4. Thanks for posting this TE and thanks Elf&Guy for the lame rebuttals


  5. I don’t necessarily believe everything I read, but I’m horrified by anything that kills weeds for a year with just one application.

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  6. Saw it on the TV. A commmercial for roundup 365. Use it once and no weeds for a year. Shudder.


  7. I’m always suspicious when new posters pop in to discredit stories unfavorable to big corporations.

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  8. Babies born with phenylketonuria, (PKU) a genetic disorder that renders them unable to metabolize the amino acid phenylalanine, develop mental retardation and other medical problems if they consume phenylalanine. It doesn’t seem like a huge leap in logic to suspect that pesticide and herbicide residues in our food killing the bacteria in our guts required to metabolize other nutrients could be causing autism.

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  9. The report was headed by Dr M. Antoniou, Head Gene Expression and Therapy Group, from the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics at King’s College London School of Medicine, UK. Dr. Antoniou was joined by 6 other doctors who have a similar biography. The report provides a comprehensive review of the peer-reviewed scientific literature documenting the serious health hazards posed by glyphosate and Roundup herbicide formulations.

    “Our examination of the evidence leads us to the conclusion that the current approval of glyphosate and Roundup is deeply flawed and unreliable. In this report, we examine the industry studies and regulatory documents that led to the approval of glyphosate. We show that industry and regulators knew as long ago as the 1980s and 1990s that glyphosate causes malformation – but that this information was not made public. We demonstrate how EU regulators reasoned their way from clear evidence of glyphosate’s teratogenicity in industry’s own studies to a conclusion that minimized these findings in the EU Commission’s final review report”

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