Eureka’s own Teflon Don

gotti and Mills

John Gotti the Original Teflon Don and Eureka’s Teflon Police Chief

Chief Andy Mills must have a protective shield around him (the City Council most likely). It seems that with his silver tongue and lack of ever taking responsibility, he can get away with almost anything!

Yesterday, the Times Standard reported that the Lawsuit regarding city sponsored prayer breakfasts was settled. There was a lot of bluster from city officials in the article, but the last sentence was the most important. It said that Mills was scheduled for a deposition regarding his prayer breakfast (as opposed to Mayor Jagers), but that the deposition never took place because the case settled.

Take note folks….Mills seems to have skated again. Unless there’s any astute Eureka residents reading this blog who might want to seek legal counsel and sue the city for Mill’s misuse of public funds (hint hint).

Obviously Mills is used to skating the issue’s of responsibility. Recently, a young man was shot to death by EPD on his own property. The police hadn’t been called there, and the issue of whether or not he was armed is far from settled. What does the ‘Teflon Chief’ do? Has his department investigate itself!!! John Gotti couldn’t have done better!!! Guess how this investigation is going to turn out???? You got it….EPD was justified so STFU.

Of course, all of us should have seen this coming. He has been practicing his deceit game for quite a while. The first time it boiled to the surface was in the aftermath of the Father Freed murder. EPD had contacted the suspect in front of the rectory where Father Freed was murdered shortly thereafter. EPD failed to address the situation then and an innocent man was murdered because of it.

But the Teflon “Chief” would have none of that. He changed the conversation completely. Instead of anyone asking tough questions about the interaction the suspect had with EPD, Mills threw down the jails “midnight release” policy. The conversation turned, and hasn’t ever gone back to what EPD should have done differently. Like water off a ducks back, the failures of Mills EPD just disappear.

Obviously Mills is a practiced con man. The timing of the prayer lawsuit deposition, and then the potentially unjustified murder by police couldn’t have been worse. After all, the Chiefs one year contract is about done and a new one should be coming up for discussion in the weeks to come. Might look pretty bad if he doesn’t get rid of any controversy. And that just what the ‘Teflon Chief will do. Sweep his dirt right under the rug. Truth be damned, this man wants to stay in power.

"Meet the new Boss.....same as the old Boss"

What were they praying for at this breakfast?

If anyone is thinking; How did this guy get so good at deflecting responsibility? The answer is that he’s had lots and lots of practice. If you feel like he doesn’t address problems, but instead provides excuses, then you are spot on! Here’s a portion of an article from San Diego. The Teflon “Chief” was questioned about the lack of police response to burglaries (sound familiar Eureka). Well Andy couldn’t let that complaint stand. Time to distract…distract. He just reached right in his pocket and pulled out a ready made excuse (filled with potentially misleading data):

A woman told Mills that no one responded to her 911 call about a suspicious car parked in front of her vacationing neighbor’s house. He apologized, saying, “It’s not an excuse, but we’re dealing with an increase in suicides and attempted suicides. One was when an officer was driving on Friars Road and someone dropped off 805.”

Whats the saying about a leopard never changing it’s spots……..



22 thoughts on “Eureka’s own Teflon Don

  1. He’s not the only practiced deflector in Eureka city govt. Just one of many…..


  2. The City clearly is worried what Mills would say under oath.


  3. C’mon TE, he has to change the entrenched ideas and the webs of the good old boys, your criticisms are spot on if he had been here for a few years but I think it’s too soon to be harshing on him like this…otoh expecting more from the office holder of the chief of police is something that can’t wait either……these are not easy issues, especially to be slammed with so soon in his tenure..I just still have hopes for him

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    • He’s been here almost a year and doesn’t have a policy for investigating officer involved shootings! I would claim that he’s incompetent, but he seems like a very bright fellow. No policy by design is my thought.

      Coming in and almost immediately conducting on duty prayer breakfasts doesn’t seem like something an outsider with an eye for change would do. Quite the opposite in fact.


    • Yogi Beara:

      I had hopes for him too… until his handling of this shooting became an issue.

      The truth is there are few marks in the “plus” column for him, and a mounting number of marks in the “negative” column.

      It’s been less than a year but I think I see a pattern developing here.

      I don’t think Chief Mills has the strength of character to go against “the Old Guard” and perhaps lacks the vision to see the necessity for doing that.

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  4. My family and I are grieving over the death of Tommy McClain he was shot down in my sone’s front yard There is a witness to the shooting. The officer is saying that Tommy was arguing with some he appeared to have a gun. Tommy was one his phone commenting to a post on his facebook page. At the same time the officer is saying he was in a argument with some one. Never in the middle of argument has any stopped and turnd there attention to something else. NO ONE. And the initial officer that called for back up should have reported suspect with a firearm, but the only thing that we called in was
    ONE AT GUN POINT … Knowing that he had a firearm contradicts the other officer yelling out HES GOT A GUN. Look at the crime sense photos. There are gun casting every were and not one of the bullets came from the supposed gun Tommy had and
    Officer Mills has not released the name of the officer is because he is not sure witch officer fired the fatal shot But all of them fired but the one to the head killed him
    Does this make any sense to you

    Sent from my iPad


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    • If the EPD found a gun it was not found on Tommy. Other wise. Officer Mills wouldn’t stated the gun was found later in the after noon. Tommy was shot some time around 12:32 and they found the gun that after noon,

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    • @ Jamiy balwin,

      If that’s accurate that the gun was found many hours later, that’s a pretty big deal. Was that in the news coverage? I didn’t see that detail, at least in the article I read it just said Mills claimed a gun was found, but wouldn’t say anything more about it. If it’s true that the gun in question wasn’t found until much later, that does imply it must not have been anywhere near Tommy, because if it was they obviously would have found it right away. Anyway, if you can direct me to the source of your info on when they found the gun, I’d appreciate it.

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  5. Oh Jamie, shame on you for blogging this crap. There were witnesses that saw the oppostie of the crap you are trying to pedal here… not everyone is stuid enough to believe what is posted on this “anonymous” blog. There was a gun. IT will be released soon enough.

    Look at the crime scene photos? Seriously? What you have seen those..oh your are talking about the photos taken by the media.. not crime scene photos…

    Of course they know who what officer shot. He is not making a statement UNTIL ALL THE FACTS ARE IN.. something you have no clue about.

    Just because there are no shell casings other than the officers you think that means there was no gun.. such a neaieve young girl. Officers dont wait for the gun to be fired before they shoot..otherwise there would be alot of dead officers out there…

    Go out and get your attorney so you can make some money off your family member’s death.. Oh that’s right, the barrister is already hired.. Yeck!

    YOU are what does not make sense.


    • YOU don’t hold on to anything but lies and bullshit! You are not a member of this family. YOU have no idea what they are feeling! I would love to meet an IDIOT like you and tell YOU off in person! Want to meet for coffee?

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    • I bet truth be told is a local blogger/le asslicker/court reporter


    • The time on this post second from the bottom saids 11:23
      His could Tommy MCClain be see by the officer arguing with someone at 11:00Tommy is no longer with us and has no voice of his own
      So keep supporting justice for Tommy and
      justice will be served
      help them not to loose faith
      keep posting
      Justice for Tommy
      Tommy was loved by many
      He has many cousins who were very close to him
      And now hurt because he’s gone
      All because of the EPD can’t get their depth perception right
      Between a gun and a phone
      Smh ….. Justice


    • the truth will come out you will see Linfoot. is a PRESSURE CASE and unfit to be a cop he killed that kid (POINT BLANK) and you are even more so a fool then the pro-cop witness


  6. Jamie thanks for sharing with the rest of us. Don’t pay much attention to that EPD troll. There scrambling around trying to devert attention from this heinous crime

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  7. If the cops were in the right why are they waiting to come out with the facts
    Ok just for argument sake the officer seen a gun. ….right ….
    That’s when he called for back up …..right …..
    He would have said a suspect with a firearm ….man armed with a gun….. Right
    Well then tell me how come when back up came… One officer yeld HE HAS A GUN ………..then why


  8. Allso let me add if the EPD gathered enough evidence to prove the shooting by the officer was justified. Why would they go in to the house. Search Tommy’s room and remove his belonging… For what reason would the EPD to that
    If they found evidence out side were hi was shot ??????????? Can you answer . Truth be hold


  9. I believe that Police Chief Mill’s… will be left with egg on his face… He has sat so long silent…that many of us in Eureka have lost faith in his humanity. He just looks like he is covering his legal ass. Shame on him. Justice for Tommy McClain!

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  10. Reblogged this on gypsywp42 and commented:
    My thought are that the EPD. Mills are drowning in victims blood if Mills had the evidence. To clear his Dep. Of any wrong doing . They why is he taken so much negative comments from the people both near and far Justice for Tommy has gon viral. The people

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    • Look at the time second from the bottom 11:23 the officer said that he see Tommy aruging with some one at 11:00

      Sent from my iPad



  11. Tommy posted twice that I can se off my self one at 11:23 making a comment to someone he was bowling with. When the officer said he seen Tomm arguing with someone at 11:00 and the other everyone know didn’t match up to what the officer said. And if you are saying that there a crime scene photo Showing a gun then how come officer Mills didn’t show it to Tommys mother when she was up the, That trigger happy cop killed my nephew and all the other cops that shot were accomplishes to the killing of Tommy MCclain


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