Hey Eureka! STFU up about the Murder on Allard ave!…..Just forget about Tommy McClain


It’s been over a week since one or more EPD Officer’s shot Tommy McClain to death, while he was standing in his front yard. Two officers are on Administrative Leave, which would lead us to suspect there were at least two shooters. We’ve been patiently waiting for more information, any information, to be released. But it appears that Mills isn’t volunteering anything and the local press isn’t pushing too hard for answers.

Except of course when Mills was caught lying about gunshots being fired into a neighbors house, which was photographed and put up on the Lost Coast Outpost. When he was caught in his lie, he offered one quote to the Outpost to try and deflect responsibility. Also, the North Coast Journal featured an article today, but there were no new details about the shooting.

What is Mill’s strategy here? Obviously, his strategy is to hide the facts and hope this murder is forgotten about. Sadly, the strategy seems to be working. Where is the outrage or the protests? In many areas, shooting a young man on their front lawn with no apparent reason to even contact the person in the first place would send people rioting in the streets!

code of silenceNot here. Copwatch, People’s Project, PARC and other local groups have been completely silent in regards to the shooting. The left has also stayed away from making any comments. Have people become so used to citizens being killed by Eureka police in suspicious circumstances that they’ve become numb to the injustice?

Where are the local journalists? The Outpost and the Journal are the only organizations that have even to do any type of journalistic investigation into this horrible event. This event should be front page news……still. The lying and withholding of information by Andy Mills deserves an above the fold story in and of itself. But instead, the local media seems to put up fluff and forget about the true purpose of journalism; the foremost value of news is as a utility to empower the informed. In this case, the local media has completely failed to keep the public informed.

Mills has pulled a fast one on Eureka. In his interview with Thaddeus Greenson, Mills said,

“In no uncertain terms, I want a complete, thorough and objective investigation.” But the devil is in the details. Under Garr Nielsens leadership, the lead investigative agency for police shootings was the California Department of Justice. Under Mills leadership, the “policies and procedures” regarding officer involved shootings is being updated and hasn’t been finalized (even though Mills has been on the job for 10 months). In other words, Mills can have this thing investigated however the hell he wants! How did he choose to have this “objective” investigation handled? By assigning it too……EPD as the lead. Can’t get much more objective than that!

Also, although Mills publicly says that he’s waiting for all information to be gathered before releasing information, it’s obvious he’s made up his mind on the shooting. Mills told the Journal that the two officers who are on Admin Leave are still doing work “in-house” at the department. As soon as they pass a psychological test, those cops will be back on the street. Very telling.

So now we know that there won’t be even a semblance of objectivity or independent review of police killings by the Eureka Police Department. Then how can we try and prevent future tragedies from happening? The answer is simple and has been spoken about before on this blog, and in other arena’s. Eureka needs a Citizens Review Board. Now is the time. When we have a Chief who seems to be even more secretive than Murl Harpham, coupled with the murder of a young man on his own property, who witnesses say was unarmed, the time has come for real change.

Now is moment in Eureka for people to organize and demand the City of Eureka get control of it’s police departcivilian reviewment. It is time for people to be informed of the goings on in the Eureka Police Department. It is time to hold the police accountable for the way that they handle citizens. It is time for a Civilian Review Board.


46 thoughts on “Hey Eureka! STFU up about the Murder on Allard ave!…..Just forget about Tommy McClain

  1. Keep trying to politicize this dumbass. Of course Mills is silent on this, he is waiting until the independent investigation is complete. He hasn’t been caught in any “lies”.

    Oh well, at least only two or three regular readers and commentators here; looks like the days of Heraldoville are over.


    • Yeah. Wait for the independent investigation done by EPD to show that there was nothing afoul. Until then, shut the hell up. Come to think of it, why do we even have police. Let the criminals independently investigate themselves! That’s a stellar strategy.

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    • I “wish”? More like I know. That you politicize this is garbage. Acting like the non release of information at this point WHEN THE INVESTIGATION IS NOT COMPLETE is a pathetic attempt to write a narrative that doesn’t exist.

      I guess you forgot the part in Thad’s balanced article where Mills says that if the officers are found to have acted inappropriately, they would be brought up on charges.

      “Amid a public clamoring for answers, Mills said he wants a “thorough, complete, forensic examination of this incident” and won’t release details until he is confident they are accurate.”

      Woops, doesn’t fit your spin.

      “When the officers involved did ultimately give formal statements, he said it was classified as an investigative interview, so they weren’t read their Miranda rights. “If at some point we got reasonable suspicion they are culpable of a crime, we would Mirandize them,” he said.”

      Oops, doesn’t fit your spin.

      Thanks for continuing to do our community a disservice through your divisive spin all for the sake of political gain.


    • whaddya:

      You seem to believe this is nothing more than an exercise in Police Baiting. Perhaps for some it is.

      But communication between the police and the community it is sworn to protect is essential.

      Common police procedure in such matters is to announce developments in their investigation as they happen. It helps a community understand what has happened and gives more confidence that the investigation will be seen through to the end no matter what.

      For instance… did the victim have a gun? Sounds pretty basic; you look at the cadaver and see if there is a gun near it.

      Were the officers facing a life threatening situation? Well, if the gun is in the victims hand or near it then yes. If the gun (IF one exists) is still in a pocket or waist band… then no.

      As for the “thorough investigation.” What does that mean? It could mean until every possible fact is known, i.e.: Forever.

      Or maybe the investigation becomes “thorough” after the heat dies down and their are no repercussions due to the evidence gathered.

      Finally; in a community such as Eureka with the police/community divide that exists there… an investigation solely by the EPD is not a good idea. The question the community would have is, “How trustworthy are the results of this investigation?”

      A reasonable answer: If the shooters are exonerated, then not very trustworthy at all.

      Which kicks a really stinky can down the road and does absolutely no good for the EPD itself in the long run.

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  2. Oh, but they do a ptretty good job of policing themselves right so there you go…… Any more questions than that and you just must hate the police….just like if you don’t buy the East West railroad debacle you hate progress and if you have an issue with a plagarizing school board member you are jealous of his success …. we have narcissists running so many aspects of our community, and that’s putting it nicely.

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  3. foxes investigating the foxes, with a chicken hanging from their mouth, running from the hen house, you gotta love Eureka.

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  4. I though it was a stretch when this blog called Mills, “Murl Jr.” but this is beyond even Murl’s low standards

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  5. We need an independent Police Review Board with power to penalize. This should be a campaign issue for Kim and Natalie.

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    • re:pete:

      Which, unfortunately, so far it isn’t.

      I understand the hesitancy on Ms Arroyo’s and Ms Bergel’s part to politicize a personal tragedy… but this has gone far beyond that now.

      As Richard Nixon once said to Eisenhower, “Shit or get off the pot.”

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    • That would be silly, all they have to do is present themselves as the reasonable practical community minded capable people they are, as different than the gold old boy , very conservative in the ‘can’t do that’ sense, the failed same old same old ideas their opponents represent.

      They do not need to pretend to be some progressive visionaries. Their opponents would love for them to go there…they will claim that anyway, but we don’t need Kim and Natalie to help them spin and lie.

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  6. (1) No police agency should be allowed to call the shots in an investigation of their own officers for fatally shooting a civilian. That’s just crazy.

    (2) I think we need to seriously consider dash board cams and body cams for all police. Why? Because seeing is believing:


    Officer asks driver for license, driver reaches for license, officer opens fire because driver reached for something. Any guesses on whether that officer would still have been fired, and facing felony charges, if there was no video footage showing the sequence of events?

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  7. Why should we trust an anonymous blog? Your political leanings are obvious. A better name for your blog would be Heraldoville or Verbena’s rants.


    • I’m glad Chief Mills is getting some action after all that has transpired. Randy Gans can loan you his knee pads, he no longer needs them.

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    • Why should we care what an anonymous commenter says on an anonymous blog? Or an anonymous commenters comments on the comments of an anonymous commenter on an anonymous blog for that matter?

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  8. This crap’s been going on a long time in this town. Andy knows what the report will say, because he’s going to make sure it’s written the way he wants. The fact that the officer’s who shot the guy to death are going to be on the streets as soon as the “fit for duty” tests are done, tells me that this chief has already gotten his ducks in a row.

    Obviously, he couldn’t have another tragedy under his watch. Father Freed’s murder was a big deal, but he successfully diverted attention away from his departments inaction to the Sheriffs office being at fault. He couldn’t do that in this case, or risk a scandal when his contract is almost up, so he’s sweeping this one under the rug.

    We need an independent citizens review committee now.

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    • In 2013 weren’t the EPD under investigation of officer misconduct.
      2011 the EPD was found liable for wrongful death
      They have a investagtion unit its call the milit-task-unit
      Look in to that one and you will find out they are investigating them selfs, because the unit is made up of
      The humbolt sherif dep. The Arcata police
      Fortuna police. Humboldt DA’s office and the EPD
      The police are policing the police,
      well they do now 😉 STFU


    • Yah his ducks are in a row alright
      There the lier followed the coward, after him comes the
      by standing officer “says nothing does nothing”
      The comes the city council members. Ether there week and can’t stand up for what’s right. Or there to stupid because they can’t see for there selfs what’s going one. Or there one of the Chiefs ducks


  9. wait, didn’t Mills say he ‘wanted an outside investigation’?

    Pretty sure that was the same loco article he was interviewed in, the holes in the walls, etc…


  10. If there were a gun with the victim it would have been all over the media by now, just as they have photographed and published the weapons involved in other crimes and murders fro years. When they murdered the mentally ill woman they even fired her flare gun into a piece of wood for public consumption. We saw photos of the bludgeoning weapon used against the priest, etc.

    This is about the higher standards we must hold our police to for everyone’s sake. Even most officers will agree.

    Similar cases are happening all over the nation with our new militarized police forces:

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  11. When Mills used some phony excuse on why the autopsy was not going to be preformed until September 27th…..i just about fell out of my chair. You know if this victim was a well known member of our community….Mills would have arranged to either transport the body to Sacramento…(as he could have with Tommy)…or he could have arranged for the specialist to drive/fly here from Sacramento. Instead he chose to keep this 22 year kid’s lifeless body….on ice for 10 days…as McClain’s family mourns. Shame on him alone for this decision. Second..he has been extremely tight lipped on an incident that deserved at least a more compassionate press release…..assuring the family and the public that Justice will be Served with truth and honesty. LOCO had nearly 800 posts relating to this tragedy….one can see that MANY of us are indeed frustrated with this tragic shooting, and possible moved to more anger as we hear more information. Mr. Mills? Step up to the plate and release some information to not only the family…but the public….because we are losing our patience with your lack of action. I sure wish I could have heard those words at least coming from ONE public official. The vigil for Tommy McClain that was held here in Eureka and held last night in Fresno…appears to be a very sincere effort on the part of this family to share their grieve with all of us. I support their effort in their demand for Justice for Tommy….and will do all I can as a resident of Eureka to support their continued demand for information and honesty from our Police.

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  12. Please. An independent investigation. Dept. Of Justice.
    And create a citizen review board before this happens again.
    Dash cams & body cams asap.

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  13. People need to bombard the media, AGs office, the Grand Jury, city council & candidates – all these outlets in order to get to the truth of this matter and to get transparency throughout the investigative process.

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  14. You peeps must really miss Heraldo.

    List partial facts and propaganda at it’s best.

    Here are some facts from the LoCo follow up story that the TE intentionally left out.

    On Tuesday, she had taken the two men out for her husband’s birthday. She explained during an interview Thursday that Josh Mottern, her husband and McClain’s cousin, was inebriated so he went upstairs to bed in their two-story townhouse. (inebriated is drunk beyond drunk)

    A neighbor who wishes to remain anonymous disagreed. In an interview today the individual said, “I did see an object in his hand.” The individual did not want to describe the situation further except to say, “I feel that the level of force used was justified. It was a clear threat to the officer’s life.

    Mills did confirm that “there was a gun recovered”.


    • So the victims cousin was drunk…..wow. Is that what you believe justifies the shooting?

      “Object in his hand”. Huh? What was the object? If it was his cell phone, does that justify the shooting in your mind?

      A recovered gun. From where? Just answering that one question might have stopped a lot of skeptism up front. If he was holding a gun, as oppossed to an object, I’m pretty sure Mills would have thrown that out as his STFU card.

      Good try WJ

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    • Inebriated simply means drunk without regard to how drunk. You are entitled to your own opinion but not your own definitions for words. There are many objects which a person can hold in their hand which are not guns and the neighbor’s opinion as to whether the level of force was justified is irrelevant. A gun being recovered, if one was, of course, doesn’t mean the shooting victim was the one who dropped it. This wouldn’t be the first time a cop dropped a gun at a scene to cover his ass.

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    • The witness that wanted to remain anonymous is much of a lier as the cop that shot Tommy ans the ones that stood there and watched


  15. I think it’s still to soon. This type of tragedy should not change an election, but we also should never, ever forget this. What is up with such a long time before the autopsy? Is that normal? This is where a real, independent, public-minded, investigative, and fair press is going to be critical. *crosses fingers*

    Cover-up is so much worse than a potential accident or happy trigger finger – even when the latter resulted in death. Why? Because it would only serve to further erode the necessary public trust in our peace officers. If we lose that trust, then this divide just keeps getting worse.

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  16. Was the so called “recovered gun” a pellet gun? Recovered from where? in the house? Who is this neighbor that nobody on Allard seems to know?


    • The neighbor that nobody seems to know is the one one the corner I think her name is Maranda Schmit. something like that supposably she recounted her story and said she was sorry


    • It was said they recovered it from Tommy but then why did they return with a warrant the next day to find one and take electronics of Tommys, the reason…to find away to prove he had one and to bash the person they thought he was

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  18. LINFOOT was only on the scene 2sc. If LINFOOT felt that threatened. To shoot that kid Tommy like a dog then he should have stayed his punk a** in the alley. Sgt Stephen must have gotten the promotion For keeping his mouth shut.
    While Chief Mills maken up the lamest excuse, justifying the shooting because Tommy reached for a unloded BB gun.

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