Who is challenging Mike Newman for the 3rd Ward Council seat?

sign for kim

Kim Bergel

Kim Bergel is a community activist running for Eureka City Council’s 3rd Ward. As a lifelong Eureka resident Kim has a commitment to our community and would like to build on the positive attributes of our city. She will take action to make changes for the future. Kim is especially interested in transportation safety.

Some of Kim’s accomplishments:

Member, and current chair, of the City’s Transportation Safety Commission. Kim has built an excellent working relationship with the City staff through her service on this Commission. During Kim’s time on the Commission many improvements have been made to promote transportation safety, including traffic calming measures around Washington School and the Zoo and traffic light installation near Winco.

Kim and Jeff

Kim with big supporter, former 3rd ward council member, Jeff Leonard

As a founder of Redwood Coast Montessori School, Kim worked tirelessly with other parents to fill a void left by funding cuts at Eureka City Schools to create a place for their children to go to school. The school has grown from 16 students at its founding in 2009, to its Fall 2014 enrollment of over 80. Kim also works as a paraprofessional at Redwood Coast Montessori.

Serves on the Post Partum Perinatal Mood Disorder Task Force. The task force takes action to reduce stigma for new mothers. Kim has conducted educational training on this important issue for professionals.

Kim is a Zoo volunteer, member of the Six Rivers Running Club and former president of the Redwood Coast Children’s Chorus.

Kim was educated in Eureka schools and pursues higher education at CR.

Kim’s role as a wife and mother of two moves her to be further involved in the improvement of our community as a Eureka City Councilmember.

Kim’s Plans:

New leadership and true representation are what we need to rejuvenate our community and make it safe and healthy. I believe we can refresh the sense of close-knit community I remember growing up here. Join me and let’s reignite the magic.

Kim’s work for the future:   Create a master plan for H and I streets

Advocate for proactive enforcement of our City’s laws

Require operators of sober living houses to have business licenses to reduce the impact of these activities  on Eureka

Expand transportation safety measures, like those near the Zoo

Create safety for all forms of transportation: feet, wheels…

Enable niche manufacturing

Improve quality of life to attract business

Connect Eureka waterfront trail to Arcata

Support the Sequoia Park/Zoo master plan

Continue to support development of Jefferson Community Center

Build on what’s working in our City


Kim’s background:

Eureka Transportation Safety Commission

Eureka Transportation Safety Commission

Fourth-generation Humboldt resident

Chair of Eureka Transportation Safety Commission

A founder of Redwood Coast Montessori School

Literacy advocate

Wife and mother of two

Avid runner and cyclist

Local organizations and community events Kim supports.

Friends of the Dunes    http://www.friendsofthedunes.org/

Jefferson Community Center    http://jefferson-project.org/

Redwood Coast Montessori    http://www.redwoodcoastmontessori.org/

Volunteer Trail Stewards    http://humtrails.org/Trail_Stewards.html

Eureka Transportation Safety Commission    http://www.ci.eureka.ca.gov/

Postpartum Support International    http://www.postpartum.net/

The Alice Birney Ride For Reading    http://www.rideforreading.com/?page_id=1491

Peace Run    http://www.peacerun.org/us/

Six Rivers Running Club    http://www.6rrc.com/

Sequoia Park Zoo    http://www.sequoiaparkzoo.net/

Humboldt Trails Council    http://www.humtrails.org/HTC_home.html

Discovery Museum    http://www.discovery-museum.org/

Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum    http://humboldtbaymaritimemuseum.com/


Support Kim donate Here: http://www.electkimbergel.com/2014/contribute/

kim and family


11 thoughts on “Who is challenging Mike Newman for the 3rd Ward Council seat?

  1. we are lucky to have such a fine person willing to do this job.

    I happily support her and look forward to her election.

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  2. Both City Council Challengers very good people, now let’s get out the vote!

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  3. I can’t see voting for Newman, however, anyone that has read the Final Report of the 2013-14 Grand Jury, cannot in good conscious support $700K for a zoo while our distressed children/teens lack fundamental resources.

    Don’t be shocked if it’s only the same old 30% of eligible voters turning out again, or if the tens of thousands of dollars required to convince them will, once again, fail to impact the political stranglehold by our right wing, Catholic, speculators that own Eureka.


  4. Anyone have any idea what that boils down to, or why it would help Eureka? Does it mean requiring clean and sober houses to be zoned commercial? That’s a cheap shot. I think I will put this on Loco elections and see what she says. Running sobriety houses out of town is bizarre.


  5. It will help Eureka if Newman is out, we don’t need a tight-knit group of bozos running interference for each other like Newman did for the mayor to un-appoint Alex Stillman from the NCRA board.

    The republicans, like “Chet Albin”, are calling themselves democrat, so, if Kim must appeal to a few right-wingers to get elected, by sounding tough on the least among us…so be it.

    Until there’s public funding for elections, and more than a small minority of eligible voters start voting, everyone must play dirty.


    • You have a point. Tough-on-addicts plays well to many crowds. Tough-on-“crime” might not play as well due to that involving Police and Other Necessary Evils (sarcasm.) I see glimmers of NIMBY. I have met Kim and I want to want to vote for her. She has described herself as a “fourth generation Eurekan” so I expect she came up in the same milieu and probably has more interties with the right-wing-stranglehold than either side would care to mention. “The Eureka of her youth” is probably 1970s/1980s ie pre spotted owl listing or soon after. Pre-CAMP, I’m guessing here.


    • And my phone limited the screen .. Back to the rant, if she is under the wing of a former 3rd district council member and Redwood Coast Montessori parent, the. H/I corridor is a third district hot spot and si probably is the clean and sober house on I st. It doesnt have the ring of a tough-talk act. It has the ring of “throw out the bums and bring back the Eureka of my youth.” She might mean it. And to me that means a profoundly unrealistic view of crime. And she oughta know better if she really does mental health trainings. Not sure what to think here. Not opposing her but not supporting yet. If targeting that sober house is someone’s pet project I wanna know who that someone is and why the Liberal Challenger needs that particular person’s money. Hmm.


  6. The so called safe and sober houses in Eureka are mostly money making scams. Before you get too worried about a local crack down, they are protected by the State of California and locals can’t regulated them.


  7. I’ve known Kim for many years and it would not be the same old same old we’ve had in Eureka for so long. She definitely does not have the “right wing ties” mentioned. She will not be “in the pocket” of the same old folks in Eureka. I’m voting for Kim because I think she can make a change in this city!


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