The Times-Standard Newspaper; Going….Going…


Death Throes for the Times-Standard Newspaper????


As much of America has changed their viewing habits from newsprint to digital media, the local Times-Standard has hung on…sort of. Although the reporting is subpar, and the print edition is usually a day behind the online sources, the Times-Standard newspaper has been a tradition for many folks in Humboldt. But alas, its days may be numbered:

Digital First Media (which merged with MediaNews Group-owner of the TS) is going to be making some big changes. According to USA Today:

“Digital First Media, the media company that owns The Denver Post and San Jose Mercury News, said Friday it may sell its newspapers to steer more resources to its digital properties amid an industry-wide decline in print advertising sales.”

We can’t really speculate or predict what will happen here. It’s clear that with TS editorial control moving east, the paper has spiraled down even further than it’s previous mediocre status. Does this mean the company has been slowly cutting the strings here? Only time will tell.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.

-John F. Kennedy


6 thoughts on “The Times-Standard Newspaper; Going….Going…

  1. I was wondering the same thing as I read the TS ‘ day-old account of the Scottish election results which were available yesterday afternoon. They have to find a new niche.


  2. I’ve seen the same butterscotch recipe at least twice, and they printed a major news article twice in the same paper earlier this week. We keep the paper because we don’t want to let down our loyal deliverer. She puts it on the porch every time, the best part of the newspaper.

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  3. look no further than the extreme downsizing of the tri-city weekly.and yet, my subscription to the T-S now includes the new community entertainment magazine.


  4. It’s only a matter of time. The question is who would purchase the Times Standard?


  5. They already knew what was successful but are loath to provide it:

    “Public-interest reporting”!

    Start providing relevant information for residents.

    We still haven’t read a single report on how many local foreclosures and bankruptcies occurred during the economic collapse..or last year!

    They wait until the last minute to start covering Measure “R” that’s been in the works for 2 years and all they do is interview a few people with opposing opinions in 4 consecutive articles!? 76 years of minimum wage history with cities, counties and states raising wages and not one journalist can form an enlightened conclusion from a preponderance of positive evidence?

    Not one shred of journalistic curiosity on the Grand Jury’s Final Report??

    In a world of deceit, the truth is revolutionary and there will be no revolution on the Times Standard’s watch!

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  6. One might say that the current status of the TS, with its skeleton crew, is truly a skeletal shadow of its former self. It is a wispy few pages with hardly a bone left to satisfy those hungry for a crumb of real news. RIP

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