You’re More Likely to be a Crime Victim right here in Eureka, Than Any other city in California

broken car window

Here at this blog since it started last February, we have been trying to draw attention to the steadily growing crime wave here in Humboldt County and more specifically the city of Eureka. We’ve been trying to bring attention to this fact by attempting to pressure the Police Dept and elected officials to acknowledge it, and take action to stem the rising tide of crime.

This fact is indisputable; we have more property crime victims per capita than any other city in the state!

Now that’s just the statistics.  What is news is that the fact that people are more likely to be victims of crime in Eureka, than in Los Angeles, or Long Beach, or San Diego, or Richmond and the local media ignores it.  Now that’s a story.  The local media seems to feel that property crime isn’t worth reporting on.
Who cares about their quality of life anyway? Just because a stranger breaks into your trashed househouse and steals your property, doesn’t mean you should feel unsafe, right?  And having your car broken into repeatedly, even after you started leaving the doors unlocked shouldn’t cause any concern, right? Coming home from a family outing and finding broken glass everywhere and your home trashed, no worries!
Wrong!  Ryan Burns of The Lost Coast Outpost was mocking Eureka’s plight by putting up a post poking fun at an alarm company for saying that Eureka is the second most dangerous city in California, just behind Oakland.  What’s hilarious is that the advertising is for a product that would be absolutely essential if you choose to live in this crime-ridden city; a Security System.
Burns, sounding less like the reporter he used to be and more like a LoCO commenter,  went on to downplay Eureka’s violent crime rate in comparison with other cities, and found that Eureka’s was less than many other cities.
Of course, that doesn’t take into account the 3 murders that have already taken place in Eureka this year!  As we wrote before, based on the stats, you’re more likely to be murdered in Eureka than in L.A.
how they break inBut instead of going off on that long rabbit trail, let’s stick with the common knowledge of living in Eureka.  If you don’t have an alarm on your house, you’re possessions will get burglarized.  If you leave valuables in your car, your valuables will get burglarized.  If you own a store, merchandise will get stolen.  If you accept checks, merchandise will get purchased with stolen checks.  If you own a gas station, gas will get purchased with proceeds from valuables stolen in burglaries.  If you leave your bike unlocked, your bike will be gone.  Etc. Etc. Etc.
Eureka has become an unpleasant place to live.  Chief Mills seems more focused on promoting Measure Q and going after bicyclists, instead of addressing the problem of crime going out of control.  The local media rarely criticizes the City for failing to protect citizens, and dismisses property crimes as not being “real crime”.
Guess what, getting your house broken into is a horrible experience.  Families that have experienced it deal with the emotional damage for years.  Theft, robbery, and vandalism are not “victimless”.
If you believe that Eureka doesn’t have a crime problem, then try this challenge:  Ask 5 people who’ve livedbreaking in in Eureka for over 5 years if they’ve been a victim of a crime, then figure out the stats for yourself.  The Examiner staff took the challenge today.  The results were frightening…..100% of those residents had been victims of crime (almost all related to theft).  Even more startling, more than half of those asked didn’t report the crime because they believed nothing would be done……
And why should they.  Based on the news coverage and law enforcement response, it seems that no one gives a damn that “Eureka is the California city where you’re most likely to be a victim of property crime.”
Pretty pathetic for Humboldt County’s unique “Victorian Seaport” and “County Seat”!



5 thoughts on “You’re More Likely to be a Crime Victim right here in Eureka, Than Any other city in California

  1. After having my windows smashed so many times, even with nothing in my car, I leave the doors unlocked now. Pretty sad.

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  2. when I arrived a few years ago I had several willing ‘friends’ ready to help unload. we unloaded New York style, my cousin and I, the whole pile moved a little at a time.

    I left for the store a few hours later and someone kicked in the back door and rifled my crummy stuff…missing two bottles of prescription pain meds sitting right in the open…the scary part was he may have still been inside when I walked in.

    How THAT could have gone had I seen him is anybody’s guess, but somebody would certainly have been hurt, the survivor having to live with it ever since.

    And you are right, the violation is still with me, it wasn’t the crummy stuff he took, but the fact that I had been assaulted this way…it’s not the stuff that would get someone killed…and I was very lucky he was gone or slipped back out when I came in.

    This dismissal of property crimes is sooo stupid, it’s a very dangerous situation to ignore, I would have fought him with all the deadly force I would need…If one thinks about it, here’s the logic for the response, maybe….

    a…if he submits to capture he will likely or could come back. Do I watch for him always, to make some payback?

    b. he hurts me..I will always look for him and what I do if I find him, or just think I have found him, is again anybody’s guess.

    c, I hurt him..and arrest him….so now he is really pissed and even more likely to inflict some payback..and I have to be alert for that?

    d. he kills me..well, no more problems me except he has to watch for my family looking for payback…

    e. I kill him…do I report it, get drug thru a devastating legal morass and end up on the street?

    f. I kill him, his buddies or his family report me to the police, I am back at e.

    g. I kill him, I dispose of him and watch for the knock on the door forever, and watch for his family forever…and have to trey to not have nightmares after having killed someone, even in legitimate self defense.

    Few of these involve the police to ‘solve’ the problem, but deal with the realities of the on the spot homeowner v burglar.

    Those are the logic paths that small govt, tax cheating,non enforcement and revolving jail doors and easy probation and RoR have got us.

    It took three days before the police finally got tired of making excuses and sent a patrol officer to take my report..for whatever good that did….while writing that report up they weren’t patrolling either…

    This is a big problem living anywhere but certainly exists in Eureka.


  3. “Eureka has become an unpleasant place to live.”

    No it hasn’t. I’m not saying I disagree with the seriousness of crime though. My neighbors suffered a horrible break-in only this month – at noon.

    So you are right to take security in Eureka seriously, here are a couple of thoughts I have as liberals try to address crime to a base that isn’t used to addressing these issues.

    One – don’t be afraid of working with conservatives on this. Security should largely be apolitical – however we do need to be careful not to criminalize based on type. Crime happens by people and solutions are not going to be solved only by taking a conservative or liberal tact – solutions need to be holistic.

    Two – get involved with local activism such as neighborhood watches, etc. Give that activism a liberal slant understanding that we are not to fear strangers or the other. I am proud to live in a neighborhood with a few drug rehab homes for example.

    Let’s help those among us that are trying to make a go of it make a go of it. Sentences and punishment are not to be scarlet letters that stay with people forever. We have the religious and secular tradition in this country to make sure that people are forgiven for their crimes and not punished in cruel and unusual ways – ie stereotyping the homeless etc.

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  4. I’ve lived in a bunch of places and here now for the past 10 years. Eureka is by far the most crime ridden place I’ve ever lived. Friends and I have spent hours debating why this is; why there are so many scumbags here; why this is a magnet for the homeless and destitute it seems. No real answers seem to exist. Drugs? These exist in all areas. To many free services for the poor? Most of the down and out don’t seem like they’re enjoying living on the govt tit. Dreams of the MJ gold rush? Doubtful. Just makes no sense. One thing I do know that would help is having the $$$ spent on busting hinterland grows expended providing sheriff patrols of the unincorporated areas around Eureka. The way to stop crime is for the police to advertise their prescence and enforcing those silly municipal codes. Ignoring quality of life issues is like giving the green light to criminals and losers that it is OK to fuck things up. Just tired of the crap around here.


  5. If local media did its job, the links between poverty and crime would be common knowledge and Eureka would have elected public-interest representatives long ago that would have simply enacted Measure “R” without delay.

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