Is the City of Eureka trying to pull some sneaky SHNt?

Mo’ Money Mo’ Money Mo’ Money Mo’ Money Mo’ Money

Regular readers of this blog are well aware of our low tolerance for the “tom foolery” that is “business as usual” at the City of Eureka. Even the most ardent defenders of their “chicanery” are having a hard time explaining away the blatant attempt to hide pertinent information from the tax payers.

Although you wouldn’t know it from the Times-Standard reporting, this Tuesday’s Eureka City Council meeting includes 2 agenda Items for some more big ticket spending on the Martin Slough Interceptor.

Item 8 on the agenda is there on line for the public to read and study. Item 8 purposes to allocate $225,000 more dollars for consulting on phase 2C of the Martin Slough Interceptor project. The very thing the City refused to do for Apex Drilling.

Oh but wait, Item 16 reads; “Authorize additional expenditure of Waste-water Bond funds needed to complete the force main project, ready for use in transporting waste-water collected within the Martin Slough Interceptor basin; and Authorize staff to negotiate and execute a Contract Change Orders(s) with Wahlund Construction to cover the final construction work and extended construction time..”

dede wilson

Pam Powell, City Clerk…….oopies! We accidentally put up a picture of the City Clerk’s sister De De from 2005 it’s an easy mistake to make, right?

You might be wondering why we’re not lambasting the millions more they’ll be handing to Wahlund Construction. The answer is simple: the City accidentally (on purpose?) put up a document from 2005 under the title of Item 16 on their website, and that document has nothing to do with the pipeline!!! As Dana Carvey’s Church Lady would say “How con-VEEN-ient!”

So our guess is another 7 figures will go into Wahlund Constructions coffers. But who really cares? It’s not like the City of Eureka is in such dire financial straits that they need to raise taxes or terminate police officer positions…..oh wait….that’s exactly what’s happening.

We’re sure some commenter will point out that the money for Dave Tyson’s “Cutten Crap Express” pipeline comes from waste-water bonds and not the general fund. But here’s the rub; some of the money to pay off those bonds does come from the general fund, and from the ratepayers in Eureka. Money spent by City of Eureka comes from taxpayers, make no mistake about it.

Paid your water bill lately?

item 16 summary
Now here’s what appeared all weekend when you clicked on item 16 for the details:

16 wrong!
Editor’s note: we expect that shortly after we post this story the City will fix its online agenda pack (item 16). The point is that agenda is put out on the Friday before Tuesday night’s Council meeting leaving a narrow window to study an issue and make informed comment. We are now less than 48 hours away from the meeting.

Update: Well as we predicted it’s been fixed as of 11:30am Wow! check it out $1,640,000!!!!!!

update item 16


6 thoughts on “Is the City of Eureka trying to pull some sneaky SHNt?

  1. As of 10:13 AM, the agenda hasn’t been changed from the 2005 info. But who cares? There’s nothing to see here folks, keep it moving…..

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  2. Just’a good ol’ boys
    Never meanin’ no harm.
    Beats all you never saw
    Been in trouble with the law
    Since the day they was born

    Staightnin’ the curves
    Flatnin the hills
    Someday the mountain might get ’em
    But the law never will


  3. This all started I think, when the City refused a change order request from Apex. Looks like fiscally irresponsible move now in retrospect. oh Well, they fatten up their buddies at Wahlund Construction and benefits they taxpayers how?

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  4. Typical BS from this Council. Their stewardship of Eureka’s tax dollars has been abysmal. Yet they want us to approve an extension of the Measure O tax.

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  5. Just like a lie, the truth must be repeated to be believed.

    Keep up the good work.

    Remember, explain the issue as if you’re writing to a 9 year old!

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  6. $1.64 million dollars is a pretty good-sized chunk of change, even for a project of this magnitude. And I assume there will be a similar figure for Humboldt Community Services District, which is Eureka’s partner in this project. If so, that would bring the cost of this drilling snafu well above $3 million.

    The City document notes that they’re hoping to recover this money from Apex Drilling (the original outfit that got their drill bit stuck and abandoned the project). But that is likely to drag on for years in court. And if the City (and HCSD) loses the case, yes, it will be Eureka ratepayers, along with Humboldt Community Services District ratepayers, who will end up paying more to cover the extra costs caused by the drilling snafu.

    All that being said, the project does need to be completed, and the City and HCSD can’t wait around for the Apex lawsuit to be resolved. You don’t half-build a sewer system and then just stop. I mean you could, but then you’d have the worst of both worlds — having already paid high costs, and then getting no benefit. And it does appear that there will be significant benefits to folks in Eureka once the project is complete, including fewer sewage overflows and spills, fewer odor issues, etc. If you live in a part of the city or its suburbs where you rarely if ever smell overflowing or leaking sewers, you probably won’t notice much difference, but the failure of the current system is quite apparent in some neighborhoods, as anyone with a functioning olfactory system can attest.

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