The Chiv’d award this Week goes to………………………

A REAL dumb ass

A REAL dumb ass

Mr. Jon Chiv’d, local court reporter, and sometimes political ranter has done it again. Last night, instead of keeping to his very informative crime reporting, he went off on what could only be described a crazy rant about being asked to leave the HDCC meeting. Jon Chiv’d is a registered republican, and the rules state only registered democrats can attend. End of story. Not for Mr. Chiv’d….he decided to make it into a personal attack post on Linda Atkins.

What we found interesting was one his claims about Linda. He wrote, “I am more Democratic than you. (Except I’m a republican) Unlike you, I am not afraid of diversity and I do not box people into labels I define and approve.”

Really Mr. Chiv’d?!? Is that why you won’t allow anyone except your close friends post comments on your blog? That seems to be completely opposite from what you stated above. In fact, it is clear that diversity is exactly what you’re afraid of.

You attack the local media for being left leaning, yet put up links to FOX news on your blog. Your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

It is obvious that you have a need to feel like part of a group. It’s very nice that local conservatives have acted accepting of you, even though many of them would privately make jokes about how you choose to live.

When someone offends you, sometimes just based on the fact that they are liberal, you throw your sucker in the mud and act like a 4 year old throwing a tantrum. You demand apologies from people who you’ve criticized or, as you would put it, “attacked”. You justify your meanness toward those in public office because they are “Public Figures”.

Guess what Mr. Chiv’d….you are a public figure as well. You have a political blog and put yourself out there as a member of the media. As a public figure, you may be criticized the same as anyone else. For instance, you claim to be accepting but you are terribly small minded and in many ways a complete bigot!

Your court reporting is the best we have. But when Matthew Owen gives you his talking points to write about you show that you are a complete minion of the local conservatives. They smile and say, “Hi Jon.” They ask you to be present at their campaigns so that they can show how “diverse” they are. Then, when they meet up for drinks at the Ingomar club, are you ever there?

There you go Mr. Chiv’d! Now throw your lollypop in the mud and write a disjointed post about the left-wing attack blog known as the Tuluwat Examiner.



11 thoughts on “The Chiv’d award this Week goes to………………………

  1. I basically agree with MOLA:42’s comment which MOLA made on Jon Yalcinka’s blog:

    “I think Mr. Chiv would have been better served if he had waited a day before writing his response concerning the local Democrat Central Committee and Ms. Atkins.

    Ms. Atkins was defending “turf”; not that I approve of the behavior but I understand it. It don’t think Mr. Chiv does.

    And it’s not like Mr. Chiv was an “enemy” who would be exposed to “secret and sensitive” information… we have a pack of DINO’s that are already a bigger threat to “security”.

    I don’t think anyone comes off well in this. I would like the Democratic Party to mellow out a bit and I would like to see Mr. Chiv see the larger issues involved. And Jon did goof at failing to get his ducks in a row to prevent a pointless confrontation. But his heart was in the right place (that counts for a great deal, in my book).

    Declaring war on Ms. Atkins through his hastily written article on his blog was no more a constructive move than Ms. Atkins behavior at the meeting that kicked Mr. Chiv out.”

    Jon Y and John C both acted foolishly (Jon Y by inviting John C to a meeting where he wouldn’t be allowed to attend, John C by overreacting when he was not allowed to attend). I wasn’t there, maybe Linda acted foolishly too. Either way, none of the foolish acts justifies the others.

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  2. John Chiv, is a douche-bag, he is a laugh to the local conservatives. John they’re never gonna give you any money.


  3. So. Long story short:. Mr Chiv’d really was the elephant in the room last night.

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  4. How do the John’s (pun intended) make a living? Hope it isn’t via blogging!


  5. You have got to be kidding me. The TE, which makes a habit of smearing their political opponents throws a hissy fit because Chiv does the same?

    I don’t agree with either blog attacking, but your, ummmm, outrage, lol, that’s just priceless.


  6. The net is such a megaphone sometimes. Little people can make noise and feel significant regardless of reality.


  7. ohhhh, TE, I wish you hadn’t done this so personally..just a straight reporting would have got the point across.
    Let Chiv be who and how he is, no point in behaving like him….on this I sorta agree with Liberal Jon whose attempt here at reaching across the aisles brought the whole shit show to a very predictable result.

    remember the adage about mud wrestling pigs…

    If it were my blog I’d take it down and apologize the chiv, it would freak him right out to do so.

    just my opinion…

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