Measure Q terror campaign pulls no punches


Who the hell is putting out the publicity for the “Yes on Q” campaign?

On the propaganda site for Measure Q in Eureka, we’ve noticed some strange ways of pushing the campaign for taxes forward.  Such as this picture next to the question: “What does the public stand to lose if Measure Q doesn’t pass?”


Vote for Measure Q or more Mentally ill women will die?

Some Examiner readers might not recognize the picture.  However, this is a picture from the scene of the murder of Cheri Moore.  The tall man in the suit is David Douglas, former Chief of EPD indicted for manslaughter.  The shorter man on the far right is Captain Antonio Zanotti, formerly an EPD Lieutenant who was also indicted for manslaughter.  Their decision to send in the EPD SWAT team into the apartment of Cheri Moore lead to her murder at the hands of police.  So what’s the message?

Here’s another photo on the site:

murder scene

Vote for Measure Q or more beloved citizens will be murdered?

This picture was taken in front of the rectory where Father Freed was murdered. It was next to the question: “How can we be sure that the city will use the Measure Q funds appropriately to sustain Public Safety and not just end up spending the money elsewhere?” What is the correlation with the heinous crime and that question?


16 thoughts on “Measure Q terror campaign pulls no punches

  1. well for starters, measure q was in effect when pastor got murdered,as well as 10,000 cars broke into. a few large quanity meth bust that were felon and non citizens who were booked and released. so moral to the story is, vote no on Q, because spending more money to book and release more people to commit more crime is just retarded.. Vote no till they release detailed account of where the last tax increase was spent


  2. I knew this council had jumped on the CRAZY TRAIN but this even beyond their usual insanity


  3. It’s pretty obvious that the new City Manager is panicking. No Finance Director and the previous Finance Directors have left an inexplicable mess.
    Why is Linda Atkins silent on this malfeasance?


  4. There is one Measure ‘Q’ blurb from 8-14-14, and a new one just loaded onto the City’s website. Different graphics/pie charts.

    On the 8-8 file: ‘Funds Since Inception’ = Approx. 16.6 million; police @ 30%; fire @ 41%; deficit backfill @ 24%; maintenance @ 1%; preservation of essential services @ 3%; and community support @ 1%.

    On the current file: ‘Funds Since Inception’ = Approx. 11.6 million; (new) public safety @ 74%; reserves @ 9%; maintenance @ 4%; (new) neighborhood wellness @ 8%; essential svs @ 5%.

    While I understand there may be “updated information”, I have a hard time understanding a 30% difference “since inception”.


    • In fact all the info they have released is allways being changed with no reasonable explaination. Numbers are numbers and spin is the name of the game. Step right up suckas!


  5. Glad I dont live in Eureka, but now this madness is going county wide. Be very afraid. They take your $ and give you nothing but endlessly revised bullcrap. Law enforcement in Humboldt is a very bad joke and will not improve without serious transparency and accountability…which are unlikely with our current elected officials.


  6. The county dept. of human services has the largest budget for dealing with mental illness and look what their record. Non of the tax money in Eureka goes to the county. Council is throwing up a smoke screen. Pretty low, even for them.


  7. I’m curious as to whether any of the city council candidates has publicly stated that they are opposed to Measure Q. I’m assuming Newman, Brady, Atkins and Ciarabellini are all in support. What about Atkins and the challengers Kim Bergel and Natalie Arroyo?

    If both Bergel and Arroyo win (and my sense is that there’s a decent chance of that happening) , then the new council majority would be Atkins-Bergel-Arroyo, and if Measure Q does not pass then they’ll have to deal with the budgetary fallout of not having the millions in revenue that Measure O brought in. Not the most welcome thing to have to deal with as a new city council majority.

    So if Bergel and Arroyo do win, I suspect they’ll be relieved if Measure Q has also passed. Otherwise they’ll be in the unenviable position of trying to figure out what to cut elsewhere in the budget in order to maintain public safety and other important public services. The two things mentioned most frequently here on the TE are the zoo and the visitors center. But even if the city zeroed out its budget for both those items, that would still leave them looking for millions more to cut. It’s not clear to me where those cuts would come from without cutting spending on public safety, street repair, park maintenance, etc.

    Maybe there’s millions in unnecessary spending that can easily be cut without hurting the city, but I’d like to hear Measure Q opponents identify specifically what they would cut (aside from the zoo and the visitors center) to make up for the revenue loss Measure Q’s defeat would bring.


  8. Hmmm.This scenario smells strangely familiar. Kinda like that TARP program that’s ironically in the news again of late: Created during a certain administration (which shall not be named) to deal with wholesale ineptitude and corruption in the financial sector and left to the next administration to implement and catch all the flack.

    Can the expected election losers multitask painting while flacking?

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  9. Cruised by Arts Alive today and did not see any City Council members working a tent on “their”corner. Did I just miss them ???


  10. The Measure Q campaign site took down those ridiculous scare photos. Good job TE!


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