No bridge for you! Clam beach destroyers.

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The Mad River Union is reporting that the California Coastal Commission is forcing the County to adhere to the process and obey the law to the letter. What a bummer for the County, who apparently went behind the public’s back in a probable Brown Act violation and secretly sent in an application to install a 90 foot railcar style bridge. A bridge that would have allowed easy vehicle access to Clam beach.

Well the Coastal Commission said sorry Rex, Ryan, Virginia and Estelle you actually have to complete Environmental studies before we can consider your request. We all know what those environmental studies would show!  So it looks like they are going to avoid that embarrassment and just say they can’t afford to do them. Boo hoo!

So rest easy snowy plovers and regular beach goers you’re safe for now thanks to the California Coastal Commission




12 thoughts on “No bridge for you! Clam beach destroyers.

  1. did you mean ‘can not afford’
    “So it looks like they are going to avoid that embarrassment and just say they can afford to do them. ”

    I know, I’m being a pendant again :>


  2. Don’t you mean that the 4 Horsepersons of the Apocalypse are NOT going to do the EIR?

    Say, that railcar bridge wouldn’t be the terminus of that Magic Choo-Choo Line that will be built from Eureka to some place east? Or north? Or south? Someday. Soon. Maybe. If we can get some one (other than the proponents) to actually pay for it.


    • Magic choochoo line? Yeah about as believeble as that tweeker bay trail that will just sink in 40 years due to climate change. Keep smoking dude.


    • I think you’re confused, Milt. The East-West rail pipe dream, uh I mean proposal, envisions a rail line running from Eureka through Arcata, through Blue Lake, and east from there. Nowhere near Clam Beach. Not all bad ideas are related.


    • So the East-West RailRoad, as Sparky calls it, will actually go north to Arcata first. Well, hey then, I’m on board. I’ll be able to visit with my friend Prez MacK on the plaza, roll us a fat boy and count the coal slag cars rolling by. Too bad they won’t be bringing back the steam engine. Or will they? Would be a nice touch and a flashback to my younger days, but, we’ll be thinking of you anyway, Fred. Toot! Toot!

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  3. You obviously have no idea how the permitting process works. You must first submit an application to a regulatory agency and in return they will tell you what studies should and need to be done. This is always the case with the Coastal Commission. Did you ever think that perhaps the County submitted the permit due to the pressure it was receiving but knew wholeheartedly that the Coastal Commission would come back with dozens of conditions and recommended studies? By just submitting the permit application, the County received what they wanted to hear — no way a bridge is being constructed due to the impacts to wetlands and sensitive dunes.

    Believe me, I know exactly what I am talking about. All you did was spew out misinformation. You are the one that should be embarrassed!


    • at what open public meeting did the supervisors decide to apply for a permit “clueless”? What misinformation was spewed out? the only misinformation I read here is your mis-characterization of what this post says.

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  4. This group does not seem to think they need to make their decisions based on rules or laws . We saw that when they stacked the Planning Commission with two contractors and two CPR members. If they had their way they would “appoint” a commission for this with a group of 4×4 club members to make their “unbiased” recommendations for how to use Clam Beach.
    These four supervisors are all very conservative and know where the money came from that helped to put them into office. Their allegiance is to the circle of money at the Ingomar Club before us as voters or to the environment.
    Old School Red Neck. We see how that thinking has run us into wall after wall historically .

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  5. It depresses me that every time I read about a vote by the BOS about almost anything, Estelle is on the opposite side of where I expected her to be when I voted for her. Wont make that mistake twice.

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  6. “…the County received what they wanted to hear…” (Clueless and Unashamed).

    No, the county let the small minority of folks they represent know who’s side they’re on.

    The resulting waste of staff time and the thousands of public dollars spent on subterfuge is relegated to the blogs instead of front-page outrage.

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  7. I predicted the Coastal Commission would put the kibosh on the bridge, but didn’t think it would be this easy. Anyway, I don’t think we’re heard the end of the push for trucks on the beach. Sundberg still has political chits to pay off.


    • still a win for the Old School Rednecks, in that they can blame the outsiders, the Big Gubbmint, and Gov Brown, up for re-election.

      And the BOS get credit from their conservative money backers for trying…when in effect it is using their office for political gain, donations to The Cause etcetcetc.

      This was almost a setup to do just that, get the conservative locals all het up about the Big Gubbmint politicians, yay State of Jefferson! (ah say, that’s a joke, son.)

      …expect more of such transparent ‘favors called in’ maneuvers….after all, you’re/we’re paying the BOS to do it.

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