Measure Q Campaign kick-off today. Will it be contested?

Breaking news (sort of)….

Albin and Newman are "all in" on Measure Q

Albin and Newman are “all in” on Measure Q

The “Yes on Eureka Q” Committee will officially kick off its campaign to sup­port the city’s (so called) public safety tax, Measure Q, Tues­day at noon in front of Hum­boldt Bay Fire Station 3, at the corner of Henderson Street and Ocean Avenue.

The Examiner has been pretty rough on the City for their handling of Measure ‘O’ funds. We have complained about the lack of accounting, transparency, community involvement, and failure of this council to address the waste of funds in various pet projects (ahem…Zoo, Retirement Perks, pipeline to Cutten, etc.).

But the fact is that probably most, if not all of the city council candidates (silence so far from the challengers) don’t want to face a Eureka that’s spigot with $4 Million in tax dollars pouring out every year suddenly turned off.

We’re nothing, if not realists. So why shouldn’t we just jump on the bandwagon and sing the Measure Q praises?

Simple. It isn’t so much a tax or the rhetoric about the tax being for public safety that bothers us. It’s the lies. This humble little blog’s continued questioning was the only reason the city ever put out information to the public about how (they claim) the money has been spent:

We would love to hear from all the city council candidates about how they are going to ensure real transparency, fiscal accountability, and independent auditing. So far, we haven’t seen much in the way of debate over the way this $20+ Million will be spent over the next 5 years. The current clowns just smirk and tell us that any legitimate concern about where the money goes is just foolishness. We’ve heard from Mike and Chet how they feel about the city’s excellent and “transparent” handling of the tax, from their time on the council.

So……where do Natalie and Kim stand on the (mis)management of Measure ‘O’, and the upcoming Measure ‘Q’? Even if the candidates don’t want to make this a campaign issue, too bad… already is with the voters!


11 thoughts on “Measure Q Campaign kick-off today. Will it be contested?

  1. I support Measure Q. I would like to find progressive ways to fund local government and we should hold conservative politicians accountable for voting on the most regressive taxes possible. This sales-tax funding of Eureka is admittedly band-aid but people I trust like Councilwoman Atkins have told me a needed one. We need people like Kim and Natalie and Linda to find ways to fund government appropriately. Let’s not run government as Grover and many other conservatives would like – kill government any way possible including impossible budgets.

    But yes, as far as transparency – total agreement. We won’t make better in revenues or outlays until we have more transparency.


    • Jon, Maybe you can tell us what Linda Atkins has done to curb the ridiculous excesses in the Fire Department. 7 Assistant Chiefs in white, all with cars to drive, a ladder truck responding to medical aids and salaries exceeding $150K. Excuse me if I don’t trust Atkins to right the ship, and if she hasn’t done anything yet except ask for more money, why would I think Natalie or Kim will rock the boat and speak up? I don’t like the incumbents, but I hardly see your folks as a solution. I’ll e interested to hear if they say anything about this.


    • Kim was at the Measure Q campaign kick off at the fire department yesterday. Looks like she might be all for the ‘status quo’.


  2. The City, whoever is in charge, needs to stop the smoke and mirrors accounting that Dave Tyson instituted. It’s possible that with Linda having two honest allies like Natalie and Kim that they could force full disclosure. If they are really honest with all of us upfront on how the money is going to be spent and then have and independent audit to prove how it actually was. I think we could all be supportive then.


  3. This is a regressive tax.

    Forget certification, and reduce the zoo to displaying our diverse local species only.

    Cancel the Chamber of Commerce $100,000 annual subsidy.

    Lobby the county to (finally) provide our cities with a Mobile Response Team that frees police from their untrained, dangerous and unwanted responses to countless non-violent incidents in addressing distressed homeless, addicts, mentally ill, children and teens “acting out”. What does it cost for untrained police responses and the injuries, lawsuits and needless incarcerations that result?

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  4. You know there was no city council meeting last night – Tuluwat – the reason is that the whole City Council and many overpaid staff including the finance director and others flew down on a junket to Los Angeles .

    this is OUTRAGEOUS – at the same time they asked the police and fire departments to make CUTS they are flying off on a taxpayer funded boondoggle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. I remember 20 years ago when Eureka appealed for, and received, costly computer conferencing equipment promising to drastically reduce travel expenses.

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