Vote for me! And I’ll give you 0% financing and performance!!!


The Newman we see

Last Thursday the guy who promised to build the Marina Center and bring Jobs Jobs Jobs to Eureka, was pleading for a second chance while standing in front of the marginally successful Fisherman’s Terminal Building (and where’s the restaurant?)

One of our staff dropped by to listen in. Here’s what she heard:

I’ve Taken steps to combine our Fire Department with Humboldt Fire District #1 to form Humboldt Bay Fire, saving the City approximately $180K per year for the last 3 years. (Questionable math, about a plan envisioned and started by the previous council.)

I’ve led the way to the opening of the Extreme Weather Winter Shelter, to care for the homeless when it get cold. (the same temporary fix every council trots out)

I helped with the consolidated several departments in City Hall to help save lots of money and make government more efficient. (Once again a hard fought battle started by the previous council)

Made it a priority bring in and retain business using the attractions that our City has, such as a deep water port(?), a beautiful waterfront and  our  historic downtown. (What city is he talking about? It must be the fanciful Victorian seaport of the Queen Mayor Fleming. When we drive through downtown all we see is wide verity of tweakers)

We hired an innovative police chief with a broad array of experience to begin solving our city’s problems. (by promoting the ol’ guard and suppressing the crime statistics to make all just look wonderful)

used cars

the Newman we hear

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Zip-A-Dee-A My oh my, what a wonderful day!

This kind of “used car salesman” honesty in politics is what suppresses the vote, which in turn helps despicable candidates like Newman win.          UG!


16 thoughts on “Vote for me! And I’ll give you 0% financing and performance!!!

  1. That shelter takes a lot of collaboration on the part of several different agencies on short notice. It is not just raising the limit at the Mission. It’s a different place that needs food and showers. They’ve used different places none of which I can think of but it isn’t free and it doesn’t drop from the sky. “Trots out?” Good thing they do trot it out.


  2. Where, indeed is the restaurant? It was put out to bid with great fanfare ( even helped publicize it on my blog), they declared that no bidders had emerged who were competent so the project reverted to a non-transparent process in which Planning Dept staff would recruit the restaurant operator. In other words the process went from transparent to secret.

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    • Not the planning department’s job. Never was. Get your facts straight. It was the economic development department who ran the request for proposals and qualifications.


      • Yes indeed and the folks in charge were Mike Knight and Judy Harrison who is now employed elsewhere. I was under the impression that ED had been combined with Planning some time ago.


  3. Interesting choice of words: “we” hired an innovative police chief…not “I” led the decision to hire the innovative police chief. A community policing fan?…innovative?
    .That just doesn’t strike me as Newman’s first go to, community policing has long been one of progressives’ better ideas.
    I wonder what the secret selection vote really was and how many other votes were there before the finally decided. (‘geez, we got this one community policing fruitcake and the rest want too much money or have convictions for torture…I suppose we gotta have the progressive fruitcake, dammit…’)

    Nice frosting…but what kind of cake is that he’s serving.

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    • Isn’t it also relevant to point out that Newman, “FIRED” an innovative police chief…by the name of Garr Nielsen or is he going to blame that on Dave Tyson.

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    • Well said anonymous. Add to that Newman hired Murl Harpham as Chief, who systematically dismantled much of the progress that Nielsen had begun to make. Putting Harpham in charge was a real statement from the council. That statement was, ‘we liked things the way the used to be before that progressive chief came and tried to bring EPD out of the 1970s’.


  4. Thank you for once again proving my point that any idiot with $400 and and excess of time on his hands can create a blog and pretend to be an accurate source of news. This website reminds me so much of Rush Limbaugh, just in the opposite direction. So many half truths, so many labels, The whole idea of who is more Democratic than who makes me laugh. Bill Clinton was a moderate Democrat but probably would be labeled as a Tea Party member by this rag. Jerry Brown would probably be chased the the local Democratic Central Committee for being a closet Republican if he wasn’t so electable I think it must appeal to those who lack a full understanding of what goes on around you. The waterfront development depended greatly on redevelopment funds that were absconded by Democrat Governor Brown to balance his budget, leaving local cities like Fortuna, Eureka and Arcata holding the bag. One city councilman has no impact on that. Newman supported the Betty Chin Center, I guess you forgot out that. Obviously, he supports transitional housing options for other homeless people. It’s really not his fault no qualified restauranter has stepped up to fill the void. Where is Linda Atkins in all this? She sits on the council, pretty much on her hands from what I’ve seen. Where is her leadership? Good thing she isn’t running because she doesn’t have a record enough to fill a shoe box.


  5. First of all DireWolf – you are a Lannister not a Stark!

    (that’s self deprecating humor – labels? Anybody? – still, it’s true)

    D – you are doing exactly what you are accusing us TE-o-philes of doing – creating type-words of half-truths.

    Here is the truth of HCDCC from one who is experiencing it. a) Read Virginia’s letter, not a hint of pressure. If pressure was there, which it probably was, then have her speak about it. One could say that she has to much grace to do so, but how fair is that to those she is leaving behind. She and you can’t have it both ways. Either she resigned with grace OR she did not want to square the circle of endorsing people she wants to.

    There is no problem with the latter and being a Democrat (as she is). The problem is that there is a rule for HCDCC members to not endorse the opponent of their choice.

    And that reminds me. Get this. Are you sitting down?

    (pause for dramatic effect)

    Virginia, through her proxy Matthew Owen did not vote against endorsing Bergel! There were no “nay” votes nor abstentions in the unanimous vote the HCDCC had to endorse Kim Bergel?!

    Talk about wanting to have your cake and eat it. Holy cow!

    All this other stuff with names dropped is so much falderal. Yes, I’m pissed at Congressman Huffman – but not because of who he is or his politics generally, but very specifically he endorsed Supervisor Sundberg and Supervisor Bass – as if he had any idea of local politics.

    This is about policy, not personality and the Planning Commission under the conservative leadership of Bass, Sundberg, Fennell and Bohn has 2 property rights advocates, 2 contractors, and now another owner/builder advocate. David Edmonds also likes to vote with the crowd and Noah will have his own troubles to focus on. There is no real

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  6. ….opposition to continued de-regulation. Build now, not in my back yard, but elsewhere and please don’t put too much thought into how or why.

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  7. @Julie Timmons

    Mike Knight is still employed by the City of Eureka.


    • Yes, indeed, in fact I believe he was the acting city manager for awhile before they brought on the new guy. This “is”on my post was a singlular verb referring to Harrison.

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  8. “Isn’t it also relevant to point out that Newman, “FIRED” an innovative police chief…by the name of Garr Nielsen or is he going to blame that on Dave Tyson.”
    This single issue is reason enough to vote this turkey out!

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    • you and anonymous are absolutely right. The firing of Garr Nielsen was the beginning of a downward spiral that is only getting worse today. It has effected the whole town but has been particularly hard on the Westside and Downtown/Old Towne businesses.

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  9. It took a lot of courage for Newman to step in for Frank Jagger and “un-elect” Alex Stillman, a well-known and respected community member that Jagger had voted onto the NCRA…but later changed his mind…


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