All we did was out Newman’s Republican Endorsers, We blame Liberal Jon.

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We recommend reading with “Sweet Virginia” by the Rolling Stones as background music

Liberal Jon Submitted on 2014/08/20 at 5:25 am

“Also, it’s a big deal if Supervisor Bass has endorsed Councilmember Newman. (See HCDCC bylaws 2.11 (d))*. Is this a current endorsement list? If it is I can’t find it. If it is, Supervisor Bass will have to ask Councilmember Newman to remove her name unless she wants to be in violation of one of her favorite Party’s local committee’s bylaws.”

* Submitted on 2014/08/20 at 7:05 am | In reply to Liberal Jon.


Liberal Jon Submitted on 2014/08/20 at 7:18 am

Thank you


Liberal Jon Submitted on 2014/08/21 at 5:21 pm
Dear members of the HCDCC,
It is with regret that I inform the membership of my decision to step down from the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee. Due to additional commitments that I have taken on, I’m finding that I am unable to fulfill the duties required of me and am having a difficult time juggling my schedule around to attend the various meetings and activities.
I would like to attend meetings when possible as a registered Democrat and make remarks as an elected official, but do not want to remain as a regular or associate member of the committee. I am still available as time allows to assist with events and mailings should an extra body come in handy, including DOTY.
 While there were certainly bumps in the road, I am thankful for the time I served on the committee. I worked with some wonderful people and made friendships that I treasure.
 Sincerely,  Virginia Bass

“A graceful departure from a graceful woman. Looking forward to continuing to hone what is a Democratic vision in the future as I get the feeling the conversation is only starting. For one, few Republicans who will stand up against the 15 point Democratic advantage are few and far between so now perhaps elections can be defined by HCDCC endorsed vs non HCDCC endorsed candidates. We’ll see.”

Old Sam Submitted on 2014/08/21 at 3:41 pm

“So Virginia just resigned from the Hum Dem Central Comm. She must have realized she truly never was a real Democrat only needed to be one during her election cycle. HOW CONVENIENT FOR HER. Such a class ACT.”


Graceful, Really! Looks to us like Liberal Jon gave her no choice but resign, Just like Marian Brady and Melinda Ciarabellini.

We say congratulations Jon and own it. It’s been a long time coming.

Now just purge the rest of the phony Democrats off the Central Committee!


23 thoughts on “All we did was out Newman’s Republican Endorsers, We blame Liberal Jon.

  1. Wow, purge, huh?


    Melinda C, for one, is a lifelong Dem, probably been one since before you were born, but then we’d never know as you throw this shit anonymously, hardly “in the spirit of Bret Hart”.


  2. Her letter sounds like the classic “i need to spend more time with my family” political retirement, right before indictment, speech.

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  3. “there were bumps in the road” Looks like this bump pitched you right off the HDCC band wagon!

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  4. Very classy. Now that Virginia secured 4 more years, she doesn’t need to bother with ‘local’ politics like the HDCC. Rob’s plans for Virginia are for higher office. She’s shown she can play dirty, and isn’t afraid to break the rules to win. She also knows how to keep her political handlers happy. She’s the Republican Robbie always wanted to buy and his wish has come through.

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  5. If it walks like a Republican, talks and lies like a Republican it’s pretty safe to call it a Republican..

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    • Unfortunately its Madame Councilperson to you. Republicans are being projected to do well in congress in November. It will be fashionable again for Virginia to acknowledge she has Republican sympathies.

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  6. The only higher office she could aspire to is sheriff. That, it seems, is who really runs this county. And I don’t think she has the qualifications. Can’t just flip a switch for that one.


  7. If it walks like a republican, (in Humboldt County) its probably a democrat. Black is white behind the redwood curtain.


  8. 2.11 Resignation and Removal: A Full or Associate Member may resign upon tendering a written notice of resignation to the Chair or Secretary or upon any notice to This Committee’s satisfaction that the Full or Associate Member no longer meets the eligibility requirements of Section 2.2 above. This Committee also
    may remove a Full, Associate or Alternate Member except an Ex Officio Member or that Member’s Alternate
    , for the following grounds:
    • (d) Publicly advocating that voters should not vote for the Democratic endorsee for any office, or publicly giving support or avowing preference for a candidate of another party or unaffiliated candidate who is opposing a candidate endorsed by the Democratic Party. However, this provision shall not apply when This Committee itself or the California Democratic Party has disavowed a Democratic candidate or nominee whose views are inimical to the basic principles and tenets of the Democratic Party. (EC §7215).

    TE, you deserve credit for bringing the endorsement list to light because that kind of coverage is what lead to pressure that may or may not have lead to Supervisor Bass’ resignation from the HCDCC.

    People like Richard Marks, Matthew Owen, Sid Berg, Uri Driscol, etc can lay the blame on this resignation and pressure on me or others as they inevitably will. However, “credit” must be given to those Dems who take the time to give a large portion of their discretionary time to volunteer to promote Democratic values.

    The pressure came not from the upcoming election but from June’s election. Here are notes from the e-board minutes.

    “A separate discussion was held on endorsements made during the run-up to the June 2014 primary by HCDCC Members and Associates of candidates opposing our endorsed Democrats. A motion was made and passed with Milt Boyd dissenting for the Chair to contact those HCDCC Members and Associates who had endorsed candidates opposing our endorsed Democratic candidates in the June, 2014 primary excluding Ex-Officio Members.”

    I heart and respect Milt Boyd, but pressure would not have been made (and wasn’t while Bob and Pam where in Mongolia) without Bob at the helm. Remember, those in the know, Bob narrowly won HCDCC Chairmanship tying Jim Smith (who inevitably sits next to Virginia at the meetings) 9-9 before winning significantly at the next month’s meeting.

    As an aside, we saw how Milt would have like to handle things at July’s meeting. This was his reaction to the pressure he had from me and I’m assuming some other members to address the endorsement issue from June’s election. (again from the minutes)

    “He (Milt) additionally commented on the importance of recruiting candidates for local offices prior to the filing deadline.”

    Supervisor Bass took great exception to this comment and left the room after voicing her displeasure. To be fair, I see Virginia’s point. If she would have come to the June meeting I’m sure there would have been many people, including myself congratulating her on her successful campaign – she is a Democrat and member of the HCDCC afterall.

    But she missed that meeting and a chance to not feel some measure of camaraderie. Without that she missed the point of what Milt was trying to do – protect her and others who endorsed Supervisor Sundberg and she attacked him for it. As you can tell from the excerpt from the e-board minutes – Milt was fighting for his vision of a big tent HCDCC to the end – and to his credit. I think it is a great vision of Democrats – however, the one thing Milt’s vision depends on is another significant party. There isn’t one in California, so we as Democrats, to be true to the left-of-center voters who voted for all the HCDCC members, have to filter leadership in our Democratic party based on the endorsement process. It’s the one way we have of defining what is and isn’t “Democratic values”.

    It’s the one tool we have to return politics to the people and remove the apparent and obvious corruption that can lead from one party rule – even when that party is the Democratic Party.

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    • The committee didn’t endorse Bass. Good grief. Its job is to endorse among other things and they didn’t pick her for the June election. I would have waited a polite interval and left too. And claiming the committee wasn’t dissing her sounds either naive or dishonest.


    • And if filing deadline isn’t about Talvi Fried getting in too late for the city council election, I’ll eat my hat.


    • And. Why aren’t the socalled left of center Dems joining the Green Party? So they can split the Democrats too. It would do Humboldt more good to build a stronger Green party, but, Jon, you’re not after that, and who has state and national aspiration if not Kerrigan? I think you moved to Humboldt a few years ago with a point to prove, and you’re bangin your drum all right. The HDCC might make a very effective national machine, but I think Healdsburg has you beat there and I hope it stays that way.


    • How unfair of you Jonny boy making Princess Bass obey the rules, don’t you realize that she’s above the rules.


  9. wwyd – read her letter again. She and her supporters can’t have it both ways. Either resign gracefully or begin the conversation that often starts with “so called”.

    ” Why aren’t the so called left of center Dems joining the Green Party?”

    There are two parties in this country wwyd – and there has been since 1860. A divided left is exactly what conservatives want and have had since 1980. We’ve learned our lessons – every vote counts – 2000 proved that.

    I don’t understand the reference to Healdsburg.

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  10. LJ, by your own admission, you have said that you are good with Greens in name only being part of the HCDCC because they fit what your vision of the Democratic party should be.

    Your hypocrisy is stunning. You’ve also dismissed the ethical shortcomings of electeds, and those hoping to be elected as long as they espoused your political beliefs.

    You are a rabid idealogue.

    Thankfully, the rabid shit throwers such as yourself and the “staff” lol of this blog aren’t getting much traction these days,


    • hm:

      –Thankfully, the rabid shit throwers such as yourself and the “staff” lol of this blog aren’t getting much traction these days,–

      The above sounds a tad rabid to me.

      LJ has refrained from name calling and using crude language. He’s stated his case in detail, which of course has provided you with ammunition since you can pull out the minutia that suits you and ignore the rest.

      Sorry hm: compared to LJ you are without class.

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    • (rabid shit throwers such as yourself and the “staff”) Wow looks like the TEx and Mola have pissed off Matt’s Minions again. Oh well they seem to flame out quickly on this blog.

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    • yeah, one person throwing rabid shit here, it’s you bro.

      You should save up and use it in your garden, makes the tomatoes better for throwing, more impact.

      Jon is the antithesis of any kind of poo throwing, unlike many of the rest of us, he’s nice.

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  11. hm –

    Here is the way I see it – there is a left and a right. Often these are not clearly defined policy-by-policy, but on the big issues that matter, that elections can change there are clear divisions.

    The reason a Google search comes up with no discourse using “Green in name only” is because it is ridiculous if one understands rudimentary politics. If anything the Greens represent today’s left’s base. This is not always true, but if you asked any Republican or conservative drawing maps if they wanted a hypothetical group of Greens drawn inside or outside their district of concern – they would choose outside.

    -Or- perhaps a simpler way of looking at this is, if a Green was ever to be elected to Congress – they would caucus with the Democrats.

    But that brings up the most important point. Greens are not a political party of significance. I wish they were, I’d consider changes to our Constitution making us a parliamentary system which would be required for the Greens to have any real influence.

    So why focus on who is a Green when the question should be – for all of us – Dems, Republicans and DTS, liberals, conservatives and independents – what happened to California’s conservatives? How do we pull them away from the rabid right and toward the center the people are voting for?

    That will be up to them. They can continue to listen to Rush, Drudge, Rose Welsh et. al., or they can start to make some real changes that might encourage people like Chet, Mike, Marian, Virginia, Matthew, Richard, Sid, Uri and even Bonnie N. who apparently was a huge Reagan fan, to affiliate themselves with them.

    We need a grown up second party to emerge somehow instead of the traveling circus of – I’m sorry – state-wide inevitable losers – we have now.*

    The rhetoric and ideas that the right needed to dismantle FDR’s America have reached their inevitable end. (In California they did as far back as 1988) Republicans will have to right their ship on their own. It’s not the Democrat’s job to marginalize themselves so conservatives who run as DTS, or Democrat can vie for, or stay in, power. It’s the conservative’s job to organize a winning party structure. Common conservatives, pull yourselves up by the bootstraps already.


    I’ll even given them some free advice –

    a) understand that climate change is real and find a way to educate your base on this too.

    b) stay away from negative, personality-based campaigning.

    c) concern yourself with America’s real national security problem – inequality.

    (bonus!) begin (c) this week by choosing a venue other than a country club to introduce your state leaders to rural counties.

    In short hm – this isn’t about “D” or “R” or “G” or liberal or conservative as one’s identity – this is about one’s policy ideas and the politics that earns them the right to enact them.


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  12. “So why focus on who is a Green”

    Because clearly Jon, you are focusing on lifelong dems like Melinda Ciarabellini, and not deeming them worthy of being in the party because they don’t fit your idea of what a Dem should be, but you have no problems with Greenocrats, because THEY do.

    I had/have a problem with Albin, who clearly went from Tea Party to Dem in a pathetic attempt to secure votes, but I don’t have a problem with Bass, who has clearly stated that many of her views have changed over time – just like Neely.


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