Un-elect Mike Newman!


time to press delete

About 4 years ago Eureka voters made a horrible mistake electing Brady and Newman. While sadly Brady gets another 4 years to continue getting nothing positive accomplished, voters can fix half of their foolish mistake. That’s right citizens, you can un-elect Mike Newman! This is not just about right verses left or even right versus wrong. This universally disliked guy has no redeeming value. He doesn’t even have any allies amongst his current Klown council members.

Besides being a genuinely unlikable human being; here’s partial list of his good ol’ boy – corrupt – crony – endorsers that should have you gagging by the time you get half way through it.

Bill          Barnum

Virginia Bass

Rex        Bohn

John       Chiv

Tina       Christensen

Linda     Disiere

Mike      Downey

John       Fullerton

Suzy       Gaxiola

Bill          Honsal

Billy       Honsal

David     Hull

Dennis   Hunter

Frank     Jager

Kurt        Kramer

Jeff        Lamoree

Mike      Losey

Sue         Long

Dennis   Mayo

Rob        McBeth

Loretta  Nickolaus

Dave      Parris

Greg      Pierson

Jeff        Ragan

Steve     Strombeck

Ryan      Sundberg

David     Tyson

Lee         Ulansey

Jim         Worthen

(no this isn’t a casting call list for the sequel to Despicable Me 2)

Un-elect Mike Newman!


21 thoughts on “Un-elect Mike Newman!

  1. No one ever liked Newwwwwwwwman.

    Funny how this Newman has most of his signs up on an empty churches chicken building. Highlighting the jobs he’s brought?


  2. Worthen? Convicted as a council member for Conflict of Interest.


    • The guy that was convicted was from Santa Barbara. Too bad you can’t read.


    • Like this:

      WORTHEN, JAMES, SI-93/74 (1997)
      87100 – Three (3) counts
      87203 – Five (5) counts
      $9,000 fine

      James Worthen, a Eureka City Councilman, violated the
      conflict of interest provisions by participating in two
      decisions of the Eureka Redevelopment Agency which
      indirectly affected a source of income to him and further
      attempted to influence a governmental decision in which
      he had a financial interest in 1992. Worthen further failed
      to report payments received for travel reimbursements
      from a business in which he had a financial interest on his
      1991 through 1994 Statements of Economic Interests and
      failed to disclose income received from this business on
      his 1994 Statement of Economic Interests.


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    • OK, finally found it. You are right and I apologize. The guy from SB must have been a different year.

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  3. Dennis Mayo?!? Dennis, Dennis, Dennis, what the hell happened?!?Billy Honsal?!? Manomanoman…..heavy sigh……


  4. Wow what a list of people. Tells a lot who you run with and who you need to repay. We need like a Bat-phone or Bat spot light, I just passed the Gazebo in Old Town and the “Council member Corner” had SQUATTERS on it !!!! We need to be able to alert Chet and his two amigos so they can go clean up the a-holes that the City Council doesn’t want in their town. Yep a real class act we have as a majority on our current Council. HELP TO VOTE THEM OUT.

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  5. Wow, a rogue’s gallery of Eureka. Just reading that list makes me feel dirty. Dan Hauser is missing, but he’s a Arcata rogue.

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  6. Dear Mr HumCo Political Manners:

    Is it smart to say this? This is not just about right verses left or even right versus wrong. This universally disliked guy has no redeeming value.

    Confused in HumCo

    Dear Confused,

    I don’t think it is. I mean it depends on who your audience is and what your goals are.

    If your goal is to unelect Mike Newman, I’d focus on the reasons outside of the personal why you’d like to unseat Mike. Even better, focus on what his opponent will bring to the seat that Councilman Newman hasn’t.

    One bullet point I would bring up is Mike’s involvement in the outrageous unseating of Alex Stillman from the NCRA board was it?

    Confused, you know Eureka issues better than I do, you should have a ready 5 to 10 bullet point list of why voters should voted against Mike Newman. Stating things that you disprove in the remainder of your post (universally disliked, list of endorsers????) is NOT going to help your side’s chances in November.

    Mr. HumCo Political Manners


  7. Also, it’s a big deal if Supervisor Bass has endorsed Councilmember Newman. (See HCDCC bylaws 2.11 (d))*. Is this a current endorsement list? If it is I can’t find it. If it is, Supervisor Bass will have to ask Councilmember Newman to remove her name unless she wants to be in violation of one of her favorite Party’s local committee’s bylaws.

    * http://www.humboldtdemocrats.org/sites/default/files/HCDCCByLaws031314.pdf

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  8. this is the who’s who of corruption and cronyism in Eureka only Rob Arkley’s name is missing.

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  9. So Virginia just resigned from the Hum Dem Central Comm. She must have realized she truly never was a real Democrat only needed to be one during her election cycle. HOW CONVENIENT FOR HER. Such a class ACT.

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  10. http://samoasoftball.blogspot.com/2014/08/virginia-bass-resigns-from-humboldt.html

    A graceful departure from a graceful woman. Looking forward to continuing to hone what is a Democratic vision in the future as I get the feeling the conversation is only starting. For one, few Republicans who will stand up against the 15 point Democratic advantage are few and far between so now perhaps elections can be defined by HCDCC endorsed vs non HCDCC endorsed candidates. We’ll see.

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  11. Pingback: Tuluwat Examiner | All we did was out Newman’s Republican Endorsers, We blame Liberal Jon.

  12. If it walks like a Republican, talks and lies like a Republican , It’s probably pretty safe to call it a Republican..

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