We’ve got a hidden mike set up for the next Eureka City Council Closed Session

Well, we wish we did.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the next Eureka City Council closed session

tax payer shake down

Tax paying Citizens of Eureka

This Tuesday, the Eureka City Council has a couple of whoppers to discuss in closed session. The first issue, the lawsuit against the City for the Apex drilling debacle. How much will this cost the taxpayers? Who knows? But surely the pipeline to Cutten has been one of the most costly projects in recent Eureka history. Luckily, the pipeline to Cutten will benefit the “Citizens of Eureka”. And by “Citizens of Eureka” we mean the local developer big wigs who get to attach their subdivisions to the taxpayer funded infrastructure. By “Citizens of Eureka” we also mean the local folks who made big bucks on the water bonds to get this project running. The rest of the rank and file type “Citizens of Eureka” didn’t make the list, because they’re stuck footing the bill.

The next closed session item is just as interesting. It’s about the prayer lawsuit brought by Carol Beaton against the City and more specifically, Frank Jager. We wonder if the deposition of Chief Mills, so vehemently fought against by the city, has taken place yet. If so, what new issues and potential lawsuits will be stemming from the Chief’s statements? Clearly, Eureka has some issues with mixing Christian religious practice with public funds. The question is, how much will it cost the taxpayer?

Of course, nothing is ever supposed to be discussed that hasn’t been put on the agenda. Given this councils standing practice of violating the Brown Act, we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a little discussion regarding Gazebo-Gate. What will be the reaction amongst the other Council Members? Will Chet continue to lie, or will he admit to his wrongdoing? More importantly, will Chet be sober?

Ohhh, to be a fly on the wall in that meeting……..


4 thoughts on “We’ve got a hidden mike set up for the next Eureka City Council Closed Session

  1. the arrogance of this Council is accurately summed up by Albin’s Gazebo folly

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  2. Surely we have enough of a pagan constituency in this town to make the next prayer breakfast extra fun. They didn’t specify which kind of prayers, it would be really fun if a couple of different denominations showed up to call their bluff. Heck, hang some prayerflags while you’re at it, even though it’s an indoor event I imagine there will be enough windbags to move them. Bonus points if halfway through some folks get out of their seats and face Mecca….

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  3. if only there was some way we could get some new people and new and better ideas on that council…


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