This weeks – Hubris and Drug induced – Dumb Ass award goes to……….

angry eastwood

Get off my Gazebo!

Quite an article in the Lost Coast Outpost yesterday. Turns out Chet Albin had a drug induced rage-fest at Arts Alive:

Is it surprising that Albin went off on a local artist because he felt entitled to campaign on a certain portion of the Gazebo? Not at all. This is just what one would expect from an appointed Crony who feels entitled to his position. The hubris would be astounding in many places, but not in Eureka. In Eureka, the Mayor and Police Chief can conduct Christian Prayer breakfasts using public funds.

According to the story, “Fritz remains upset by this series of events, which he sees as highly political. “They were playing the arrogant authority,” he said. “They really did hurt my feelings and do owe me a public apology.”

Good luck with that! Albin lied to Fritz by telling Fritz he would be making a public apology. Albin lied to the public when he claimed to be a democrat (he is a die-hard tea party republican). Albin lied to the Lost Coast Outpost; “Reached by phone this morning, Albin denied agreeing to make a public apology. “Absolutely not,” he said. “That is not true.” On top of that, if you can’t get the entire council to agree on apologizing for the massacre of the indigenous Wiyot in Eureka, how could a single member of the Klown Council be expected to apologize to an “asshole” who was bold enough to stay in a spot that Albin claimed belonged to the City Council.

Apparently, in Eureka, a council member facing re-election who’s part of the Crony Crew doesn’t have to worry about putting on pretenses. Albin certainly didn’t. First off, he went to the Gazebo to campaign while under the influence and out of control. “He was on too many drugs, he told us numerous times,” Fritz said. “He knew he shouldn’t have been there. He knew that he was out of control and in the wrong.” Fritz’s account of Albin’s statements was corroborated by Pearcy, Bourque and McDonald.” Secondly, knowing that there were independent witnesses who could tell the truth of the meeting and confrontation, Albin went ahead and lied to the Outpost. LIED. Makes one wonder what he lies about when there’s no way to disprove him on his Council seat.

According to Fritz, “Chet, after me asking nicely for a them [Albin & Newman] to move, Albin comes over to me, gets two-and-a-half inches from me, starts calling me an asshole, tells me Eureka City Council doesn’t need people like me in their town and he’s going to have me arrested.”old man yells at cloud

Chet, you’re so wrong. You’re either Intoxicated with power, just plain intoxicated or both, either way the real truth is the Eureka City Council and the Citizens don’t need a jerk like you.



31 thoughts on “This weeks – Hubris and Drug induced – Dumb Ass award goes to……….

  1. Chet, Chet, Chet Who do you think you are Arkley and Newman is Randy G. ? No Chet you just showed a lot of people the type of person you are. Vicodin and Larazapam for a cut ??? Getting all geetered up and hitting Old Town with Newman and Brady to set up shop as representing Eureka . This is Jerry Springer quality show material. Vicodin and Larazapam for a cut hand. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. In my opinion, this Gazebo area on Arts Alive should strictly be shared by Artists ONLY! No matter what political group wishes to use that area. Hopefully this confrontation, will result in some major adjustments and rules for using that area. I also find it frustrating, that the staff at Tuluwat continues to use childish insults and name calling. I enjoy your humor in many of your articles, but once you resort to the name calling, it just gets a bit trashy.


    • I bet you’d be more frustrated if Chet was yelling insults in your face! Talk about trashy!!!

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    • JP, you are not even getting the point I was attempting to make. The headline was fine….the Dumb Ass reflecting very artistically , the actual incident….where it bugs me, is the petty insults, like “Crony Council” “Klown Council” “appointed Crony” etc. I I find those insults, very juvenile and remind me of tabloid media.


    • Oh. Well as long as you agree that jerk is appropriate then we can have some middle ground.

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  3. I love your choice of pictures for this article. The made me really laugh out loud.

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  4. Yet another good reason for Albin to be soundly defeated in the upcoming city council elections.

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    • Not to mention that Natilie seems to be really smart, has good ideas that I like and it’s going to be a real pleasure to vote FOR someone instead of holding my nose and trying to decide which one is the least objectionable.

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  5. The picture of Homer Simpson’s dad is spot on for this story.

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  6. Just keep on talking Chet, I bet Ms. Arroyo doesn’t mind….

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  7. “starts calling me an asshole, tells me Eureka City Council doesn’t need people like me in their town and he’s going to have me arrested.”

    I’d still like to know what kind of people he does want in this town.

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  8. I’m still voting for the Chiv.
    His newest piece about criminals using every loophole available to beat the system, while ignoring all the Tax loopholes that capitalist corporations use to avoid paying their fair share.
    This guy is the biggest tool in Humboldt,consistently

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  9. When Chet’s hand pain goes away (guaranteed to leave a stigmata), I hope he kicks his drug habit and re-finds Jesus. After temporarily misplacing Him.

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    • Jesus’ biggest selling point and worst flaw (for mankind) is how easy it is to get your “get out of hell free card” replaced when you offend. There might be fewer assholes if it was hard work to get your membership in good standing back.

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    • Sorry OPJ. As offensive as the TE gets, throwing jabs at Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, God, etc., etc., doesn’t help with civil discourse. I haven’t seen this blog go there, and I would hope you’re above making fun of folks for their heartfelt beliefs. This article is about Chet being an ass, not about anyone’s religion.


    • Milt……way to troll. 3 cheers to you!!!


    • Who exactly is bringing Jesus into the political arena by conducting “prayer breakfasts” on the tax-payers dime ? While I could be wrong, I seriously doubt that they praying to Muhammad or Buddah while downing those jelly doughnuts.
      I would agree; let’s keep Jesus out of the political arena. Unfortunately, there is a particular political element that makes their personal, professed Christian belief a permanent plank in their platform and by doing so makes it fair game especially when they act in an un-Christian manner.

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  10. Sorry if you found my heartfelt beliefs about a flaw in Christianity so offensive, JP. I’m an equal opportunity jabber because it is my heartfelt belief that relying on magic to fix our problems and excuse our personal failings is just as harmful to humanity, if not more so, as corrupt political systems. Controlling people through fear is bad whether it is done in the name of gods or the police state.

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  11. Dislike. Click. The left will never win by outdoing the right’s tactics.

    Here is what is wrong with this article and this local “news” story.

    a) Deflate the b.s. This is a story about where to put up a stand at a one day fair. The basis of this story has no real meaning.

    b) Personal and medical issues are involved in this story. Just stay away from these stories. We need to avoid this baloney of making politics about the personal. There is nothing more personal than a person’s medical issues. Even if Chet brought them up himself, it is crass to repeat it. The standard bar should be what would you repeat in public about a friend or family member who you happened to fundamentally disagree with on matters of policy and civics.

    I do hold us on the left to a higher standard only because I believe we are better than this and I know we can meet that standard. When we do, the elections will follow, because I believe it’s this arbitrary back and forth personal bs that really keeps people away from the polls.

    Let’s make politics about the policy not the personal. It’s a change each one of us has the power to make, that’s powerful, and I think the effects on local politics would be just as powerful.

    Save the anger and righteous indignation for things that matter – in my case, it’s the guiding principles of the GPU, a $12 minimum wage, among many other things. What are the things that matter to you?

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    • I respectfully disagree, LJ. A politician’s character is revealed by such events. A politician who would bully a citizen for a table site, excuse his behavior by claiming he took too many drugs (abuse of prescription medications) and then renege on his promise to apologize is unsuited for a position of public trust. The people have a right to know and the press a duty to report.

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    • I know Chet and he’s just using “Medical Issues” as an excuse for being a jackass. You might find his actions as no big deal but I disagree, if that’s how he’s going to treat people in public then he’s no more than a Bully and it needs to be brought to the public’s attention.
      Considering he wasn’t even elected to the seat he holds I think he’s got a lot of gall acting like he’s some kind of “Big Shot” anyway but that’s the kind of guy he is.

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  12. I just cringe at the “character” metric. This is one conservatives always use – to begin campaigns.

    Hypothetically, if John Edwards won the 2008 primary and we found out about his dasterdly private life after he won the nomination. I’d still vote for him and campaign for him. The policies are more important than the man or woman.

    I’d work hard behind the scenes to make sure he stepped down in 2012 and we had a new candidate to run, but policies trump the personal to me.

    These are good people, people with whom we disagree on ethics. I wouldn’t have handled this the same way as Chet or Mike, but I also wouldn’t have handled it the way Fritz did. The reason I’m not voting for Chet or Mike won’t have anything to do with this incident.

    Check out the lost coast thread on this. What you’ll find is a “damn the pols” attitude. That’s where this type of story leads – it leads to a fundamentally conservative meme – all polls are corrupt and thus government is corrupt.

    I agree that the press have a duty to report, but it should be in the gossip section, not the news section. Sadly, the internet doesn’t have that kind of filter. In this new age of media, the burden (or is it opportunity?) is on us to do much of the heavy lifting including figuring out how to react to these “news” stories.

    Yes, Jane, on this we will disagree, and I feel more wrong than right when I disagree with you! – Respect returned in droves.

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    • There are some character flaws more pertinent to a political campaign than others. If a person cheated on their spouse, that may or may not be pertinent to a voter depending on their own standards. The same is true if someone abused their authority by bullying a private citizen. We are capable of filtering news about public figures through our own value systems. Some people think reporting extramarital affairs is gossip and some think reporting bribe taking and bullying is gossip, Some people think none/either/both are fatal flaws. Media should report the facts and let us do our own filtering. We aren’t forced to watch, read or comment on anything we don’t wish to, yet.

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    • “I just cringe at the “character” metric.”

      If Character doesn’t matter what does? If Chet in his role as a City Councilman feels entitled to treat people that way in public what’s he going to be doing when the public isn’t watching?

      What’s wrong with the way that Fritz handled it?
      He was publicly embarrassed by a Bully who thought he was somehow entitled to elbow him aside when he had a perfect right to be where he was and had some jerk get in your face rude about it, IMO he deserved a public apology and from what I understand never got any kind of apology at all at least from Chet. There were actually 3 people involved too, 2 elected and 1 appointed and all of them felt like they somehow deserved the prime spot at an Arts Fair when for everyone else it’s “First Come, First Served.

      I’m curious who would have gotten arrested if Chet would have actually been allowed to call the Cops and they noticed he was on Drugs, assuming he was. Would he have been treated the same way as any other drug abuser causing a public disturbance?

      “What you’ll find is a “damn the pols” attitude.”

      When they act like this they deserve it too, no excuses and it absolutely needs to be brought to the public’s attention, it’s not “Gossip” and if they’re putting out an image that “all polls are corrupt and thus government is corrupt” in this case maybe if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

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  13. Jim – This is gossip. “but that’s the kind of guy he is.” This is what it looks like when the shoe is on the other foot.*

    “If character doesn’t matter, what does?” Policy!

    People running for office have made it through society’s most significant character filters. This is of course not always true as all citizens will have different metrics for character. But what we on the Left need to focus on is policy. We are right on policy and one of the Right’s tricks is to avoid talking about policy by focusing on what seem like nebulous character issues to us on the left (but are concrete to conservatives). Thing is, that’s an argument which favors conservatives because their base is more homogenous and they more readily agree on what makes “good” character. (God fearing may be one example)



    • It takes good character to write and enforce good policies. We’ve all seen how the lack of character in our elected officials has led to lack of enforcement of policies for the well connected and hyper enforcement of policies for the not. What is good policy is a more contentious issue for debate than the definition of character.

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    • “But what we on the Left need to focus on is policy.”

      You sound like you’d condone any kind of behavior as long as you got your particular policies enacted and IMAO that makes you just as bad as the Righties and also in my opinion is a strategy that will ultimately fail.

      What we on the “Left” need to do is find Candidates that not only support the Policies we like but also have Character that will stand up to public scrutiny, that’s how we can show that we’re better than the Righties by actually being better than they are. You say we need to hold our side to a higher standard, that’s the way to do it, if we do maybe we can get people off their rears and Voting for our Candidates which is another thing our side needs to do.
      I believe people don’t vote because they’re tired of holding their nose and voting for people who don’t pass the “Character” test even if they might like their policies.

      “People running for office have made it through society’s most significant character filters.”

      Maybe so, I disagree and I don’t see how this applies to Chet anyway seeing as he never ran for the seat he’s holding, he was appointed, he’s yet to go thru any kind of societal “Character Filter” other than the being part of the local “Good Ole Boy, Entitled Fat Cat” character filter.
      Running for Office is a significant “Character Filter” one that he’s never been through although that seems to be the reason they were there at the plaza, they were campaigning for office using their City Official status (and city funding) as a Bully Pulpit, in this case literally.

      I guess this is one the reasons I’ve never fit in with the “Liberal” crowd and I sure don’t fit in with Conservatives.
      What does that make me?

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    • there’s a lot to wrangle with here Jon, I appreciate the nice people who are Democrats, but to suggest that all Democrat voters can’t speak roughly or actually punch back is also a serious problem.

      When one side owns the police and the media non violence is a good strategy, but even dedicated non-violent people can punch back with words or deeds.
      Non violence like ‘nice’ is among many things, a strategy, not a religion.

      The miners and factory workers certainly fought back , sometimes with guns, rocks, and clubs.and after all the nice things are said, this why we have a government system is supposed to be fair and transparent: because people are not universally ‘nice’, fair, thoughtful, smart, and non violent.
      Why am I thinking of Karl Rove right now?….hmmm.

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  14. The response from the carriage driver said a lot. That they show up and hog a big part of the corner. And that was standard practice for them. We have to vote this mind set out. This is truly the tip of the iceberg for how these Council people think, act and conduct themselves.

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    • That’s it in a nutshell, they feel that they don’t have to go by the same rules as everyone else at the Art Fair where it’s “First Come, First Served” they’re somehow entitled to the best spot, they have the right to elbow all the lil folks aside and if those lil folks don’t like it, too bad.
      Kinda sounds like the policies they like to push and the way they conduct themselves in office, it’s a part of their “Character.”

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  15. Yogi – what is the plural noun most people would use to follow union?

    I favor dissent, protests, but I don’t favor violence nor do I favor tabloid journalism when it happens to favor the left. Like Jane said “We are capable of filtering news about public figures through our own value systems.”

    I would not only are we capable of this, we do this necessarily do this. This is an example of confirmation bias. Let’s not be judge and juries of Chet’s behavior, let’s let judges and juries do that – if Fritz chooses to take it to that level.

    We will hopefully allow Chet to take an extended vacation from his City Council job this November and replace him with a special civic-minded individual. Let’s base that change on things like how to manage a policy force and a city, whether or not Eureka’s voting system is Constitutional, neighborhood safety, etc.

    I don’t want good people like Natalie and Kim to win just November’s elections, it is about re-framing the political dialog to focus on policy so we can, as the left should, win the majority of elections going forward.

    Why should the left win? As long as we are the ones paying attention to reality and actually don’t “hate” government we must win. (See NCJ’s cover story on how Supervisor Bohn “hates” government)


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