What is it about Highway 36?

wreck on 36

Four killed in crash, four with major injuries


Our condolences to the families and Friends effected by this tragedy.

We wrote yesterday before this happened.

What is it about Highway 36? It seems to be a magnet for reckless and crazy drivers. This weekend we saw some old friends of ours, that live near Dinsmore they have this beautiful piece property. They’ve owned for about 40 years or more. They informed us that they’re putting it up for sale. Why on earth would you do that? We all gasp it disbelief. Highway 36 was their reply. “We’re old now and we know we have x amount of years left but we would prefer to die of natural causes, instead of dying in some horrific crash on 36.” This sparked a lively debate amongst the staff here.

We keep hearing about all these awful wrecks between Hydesville and Dinsmore, has it really gotten that bad? We decide to check in with some other folks we know out that way.

The consensus is its very bad and getting worse.



3 thoughts on “What is it about Highway 36?

  1. Narrow, winding road + aggressive and/or impaired drivers = many accidents.

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  2. My heartfelt condolences to all.
    I lived on Highway 36 from 1982-1985. Back then it was a busy road mostly with logging trucks. There were deaths back then, too. I lost a coworker to a redwood tree back then.
    The road from Hydesville to Bridgeville was an old stagecoach road before it became a highway. Along the way were stagecoach stops. Later it became a highway and maybe that is why it is so narrow and windy.
    I had friends that once owned homes near 36. When sold, the houses became grow houses and no longer residences. I found out that they had become grow houses because I read about the subsequent busts on LOCO. Certainly the character of the Highway 36 residential community has changed. No wonder your friends in Dinsmore wish to move.


  3. You should have seen what 36 was like in the 60’s… before they fixed it.

    And yet… this particular accident appears to be the one spot where there is a passing lane (used for when the lumber trucks would leave the Pacific Lumber mill to go up the hill and build up speed). It’s nice and straight; no surprises.

    I see silly behavior on 36 all the time. The road is dangerous if you don’t respect it (true for anywhere, I guess).


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