Hey Sundberg! No Motorized Vechicles on Clam Beach!

catchiing air

trucks up the wazoo

Looking for Clams, right?

The last thing that should be on our beaches is motorized vehicles. Nothing creates more instant fear and anger than being on our beautiful coast line with your small children and/or that special someone and having some big ass jacked up truck with tractor tires on it, come screeching down the water’s edge, chuffing black diesel smoke, sounding like a passing jet, and headed right for you!

ALL MOTORIZED VEHICLES off the beach now! Supervisors are you listening?

From TS 8-9-14

An open letter to Supervisor Ryan Sundberg

Dear Mr. Sundberg: Do you really favor re-open­ing the entrance at Clam Beach to motorized vehicles?

Clam Beach is safe and pleasant for families, small children, dogs, and horses. It is a good place to have a picnic, go beach­combing or simply get away from things.

Clam Beach was not always like this. Prior to 2010, it was open to motorized vehicles. Big noisy trucks would tear down the beach, making it unsafe and unpleasant for everybody except for those few drivers get­ting their jollies.

Clam Beach adjoins Little River State Beach. No barriers separate the two parks. The endangered snowy plover nests on Little River State Beach. The State Parks Department spent large sums of money improving the habitat for the snowy plover. All this taxpayer-funded ef­fort will be wasted if the beach is open to motorized vehicles, which drive over plover nests.

You say that clam-mers need access to the beach. They already have it. Drivers can park in the day-use parking lot at the north end of Clam Beach, and walk down a short trail to the beach. Anybody who is physi­cally fit enough to dig clams out of the beach is capable of making this short walk. They do not need vehicle access.

Please keep the entire public in mind, and not just a few off­roaders.

—Elaine Weinreb, Westhaven

not right

This is just fucked up


28 thoughts on “Hey Sundberg! No Motorized Vechicles on Clam Beach!

  1. I would like to commend Supervisor Sundberg for his persistence and commitment to making sure that our elders and less able are able to participate in beach activities like clamming at Clam Beach. By reestablishing a legal access for vehicles on a limited basis he is making that possible.
    While I won’t say I miss the vehicles on the beach I will always support responsible access. An added benefit to establishing this bridge will be to provide a safe approach to the beach. Since the beavers have taken hold and altered Strawberry Creek it has caused this access to become flooded, narrow and problematic for the public. The Counties temporary response by placing pallets as a walkway is unacceptable as a long term solution. This new bridge will provide a safe, reliable access for those with dogs, horses and baby strollers also.
    While some folks may be concerned with the effects to snowy plover nests it should be notes that in the 5 or 6 years since vehicles other than State Park or County trucks have been on the beach, plover nest successes have not increased. Once this years report comes out we may see that those successes have actually decreased.
    So thank you Mr. Sundberg for stepping up. This may not be popular with everyone but it is obviously the right thing to do.


    • Another good letter by Uri Driscoll.


    • “…responsible access” Seriously? Have you ever met any of these giant truck drivers? They could not care less for the damage they do nor do they give a thought they might run over someone sitting behind a dune.
      I’m sorry, but with 4 MILLION miles of paved road is not enough?
      BAD decision Mr. Sundberg. Keeping HumCo backward!

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    • You see, Uri, by remaining calm and stating the bigger picture your comments are knowledgeable and keep the entire public in mind. It’s typical of the writers of this blog to attempt to sway opinion by using use outlandish photographs from somewhere else, foul language and the equivolent of yelling to scare up support. So very tiring and easy to ignore.


  2. Elaine Weinreb,You’re a stick in the mud. Hey Ryan, while you’re at it make new regulations for leaving animal waste on the beach. Make sure that those that bring their dogs to the beach clean up the poop. Also, Make those that choose to ride horses on the beach clean up their poop as well. Do this by applying stiff fines for those that do not comply.


    • Also make sure you apply stiff fine to those to are not driving safe when we finally get to drive on the beach.


    • You’re silly pictures negate the whole statement Elaine.


    • Brian, seriously? how can you compare animal waste to the destruction
      ,noise, and noxious fumes that these vehicles cause on our pristine beaches. I agree with the above comment. you have thousands of miles of pavement that you are free to enjoy.

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  3. We all know this elderly access ploy is a ruse. So the choice is to either play along and show its ridiculous or confront the proposers as being disingenuous. The outcome will be determined by politics anyway, not by the various lame justifications offered up. I suppose the best strategy is to pretend concern for the many frail people who go clamming

    I believe the Coastal Commission has the final say, I hope they’ll uphold their charter which is to ensure access and maintain beaches as ecosystems. I’m sure in previous times locally, the beaver dam would have been demolished long ago and the beavers stuffed and put on display in demonstration of appreciation of nature.

    If the true purpose of advocates of easier access to the beach is for elderly and frail, other solutions would be equally good and less contentious, such as a pedestrian bridge that would give people in mobility carts access, or a ramp to an elevated structure from where they can view the beach. Yes, its unsafe for people who have trouble walking to stand or move on loose sand, let along dig for clams….

    If the goal is to make access for people who nearly immobile and can only lie down in a car seat, that’s unreasonable.

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  4. I for one am happy that there will be 4×4 access to clam beach. There is not enough places in humboldt county to enjoy off road vehicles. We only have 5 acres at samoa that is officialy set aside for off road vehicles. That is not enough. We should allow access for 4×4 on all of humboldts beaches. And the BLM / National Forest land. Thanks sundberg for a good decision. Also the beaches are not ruined, its just a pile of sand. people dont ruin anything plus clam beach is so large you cannot enjoy the entire thing on foot.


  5. Not everybody that drives on the beach are in big lifted trucks and drive recklessly.There is a speed limit for the beach and designated areas for vehicles to run on and there was and should be park rangers available to patrol the beach and write tickets when necessary.They have already roped off the dunes so vehicles can not legally drive over them anymore.Its already been proved that the Snowy Plover are not being harmed by humans.Its been confirmed and caught on camera that the Crows,which is a scavenger and will eat anything,is responsible for eating eggs out of Plover nests.So to those that are still using the Plovers,which is a bird that isn’t even native to our beaches,as a excuse to shut down our beaches try educating yourselves more on a topic you are trying to brainwash the community with it might help you more.Bring back responsible vehicle access to Clam Beach.


    • But it is a beach, not a road. Plenty of things live on it and in it, including people who go to a beach for beauty, not to watch at trucks drive in the surf zone.

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    • I believe your assertion the Snowy Plover is ‘not a native’ is wrong.

      For just one of all the bird resource books available, and they all agree, try ‘Birds of Northern California’ by David Fix and Andy Bezener:
      “Snowy Plovers were at one time found along much of the northern california coastline, but human development now restricts this threatened species to a few undisturbed protected areas.”

      Who has proven that humans haven’t hurt Plovers?

      That sounds like denying climate change or chemtrail nonsense, or more likely oil and gas industry propaganda.

      Maybe you should get together and sue the Plover and the federal government for this illegal ‘taking’ of your beach, or better yet, vote to divide the state, Jefferson, BooYaa!!…and we would immediately become one of the poorest and most dependent on federal welfare states.

      I would urge you to attempt expand your protest and walk on the federally protected beaches at VAFB and then tell all that you said here to the judge in your defense after you are cuffed and stuffed by the military police who patrol it there…as different than the exasperated volunteer docents attempting to reason with surfers and self entitled drunks. Mostly people cooperate but don’t even begin to say there is not a problem with intruders and damage to Plovers.

      I am familiar with other Plover preserves along the coast and people continually tromp across them and let their dogs loose, there was even a horse ridden thru one last week.
      Recently I witnessed a couple shuffling thru an active nesting area at night despite then having to pass by and step over all the signs and ropes. By and large people are cooperative, and like everything it is the idiots that ruin it, just like trucks on beaches.

      But ruin it they shall.


      • You are right that the plover is native to here but it is also native to many other areas in the US and Mexico.  It is not endangered in any area but here on the west coast, for some reason. The 13 years of annual plover reports from our area indicate that human activity (including dogs,horses and vehicles) is the least of the monitored problems for nesting plovers. I am pretty sure it is  still below tidal over wash. Predation causes the most, by a lot. The area that has been bulldozed and roped off has not produced any fledged chicks in 7 years. Prior to that and when vehicles were common that area had produced quite a few chicks. So it is pretty hard to say either vehicles or tearing apart our dunes has done the plovers any favors at all in our area. I can’t speak to other regions as they have much different issues but I have looked into the Recovery Unit 2 (our area) quite extensively. Frankly the plover management here has been an embarrassment. Researchers have admitted that they lead ravens to nests. Considering the intelligence of ravens it does not surprise me.

        Uri Driscoll HumboldtHorse@yahoo.com



  6. It would sure be nice if things could be like they use to be. Everything has restrictions now. The reason most roads and trails are on the beaches is because of motorized vehicles.


  7. Entirely cutting off access to the beach was never the proper solution.
    Yes, some people drove irresponsibly on the beach. Punish them.

    I have a 4-wheel drive f-150 and I used to drive out on the beach to have lunch with my wife and fly my kites. I like to drive far away from the parking lot so I would not disturb others with my kite and so that my leashed dog would not get attacked by all the unleashed dogs by the parking area.

    I always drove slowly on the beach and was very considerate of both people and wildlife. Please don’t paint everyone with the same brush and only punish those who are actually the problem.


    • our beaches are not for vehicles. They are fragile with all kinds of life trying to exist in the sand. Visiting the ocean is a place to enjoy in peace and quiet. Please go somewhere else to enjoy driving your vehicles where nature isn’t negatively affected. That would be paved roads, which is why they are there.

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  8. This article is a joke. As people have stated there is very little space to take vehicles on the beach in this area. I think it would be a great idea to open clam beach back up for vehicle access. Punish those who drive unsafe but don’t sit here and say that every one who drives lifted trucks on the beach is dangerous and damaging. You are a fucking loser for even writing this article the way you did. What a joke…


  9. First of all there are going to be restrictions. Most likely access will be during certain tides.
    Second it is currently legal to drive on Clam Beach but access has been through Strawberry Creek which got to deep.
    There is not going to be the free for all that had gotten out of hand in years past.
    The fact that we spent over a million dollars bulldozing the dunes to “help” the plovers is just plain ridiculous.
    I would much rather see some of our old timers and less able be allowed to enjoy our beaches than see bulldozers tearing up habitat that ironically used to produce more plovers than it has since the bulldozers arrived.
    The people that told us that beach goers were responsible for the plovers problems should be in jail.
    Oh wait! one of their ring leaders (LaValley) is.


    • You write that the situation had gotten out of hand. If it wasn’t for nature preventing access, it would still be out of hand, wouldn’t it? So if access is restored, why should I believe it won’t go back to being just like before? The county never has the funds for maintenance and enforcement and everyone knows that. So people just do whatever pleases them and here that means acting like ignorant uncouth hicks.

      There’s a drag strip in Samoa for people who like to race around in cars and lots of private properties where people ride their ATV’s.


      • This is public land that has a legal mandate to provide for vehicle access. Until the beavers altered the Strawberry creek access I felt that the best access would have been through the north parking lot. But that access has been reserved for State park and county trucks.
        State Parks also created another access just north of that when they had the bull dozers out to tear up the dunes.
        The south access bridge will also help the rest of us get out to the beach in a safer way. Watching dogs and horses and baby strollers try to navigate about 400 feet of old crappy pallets is ridiculous.
        It will be open to vehicles only part of the time and there will likely be a permit system in place. That in itself will ensure people behave themselves. And with everyone with a cell phone with video capabilities there is a self enforcement capability that did not exist before.


    • “This is public land that has a legal mandate to provide for vehicle access.” this doesn’t mean trucks and quads on the beach.

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      • Actually vehicle access does mean street legal vehicles. I don’t believe quads would be a part of that.
        Although State Parks does use quads sometimes. I am not sure how they get around that.


    • Self Enforcement with a cell phone camera?…oh geez, great, there you are on a remote beach, you’re ‘old and frail’ (as if….and gee thanks for your concern) or young and fit and someone who is driving unsafely and endangering people will just say ‘thank you mam’ for the reminder to behave?
      That’s idiotic, a person with a cell phone seen videotaping an offender could well have ‘an accident’ and no one would ever know, or would help them.

      This idea is a crock: no money for enforcement of laws in the towns and paved roads as it is and you think this won’t add to that misery?

      How about driving the zillion miles of dirt roads already in Humboldy County…and take your cell phone, you might need it.


    • There is no legislative mandate for motorized vehicles on any beach. Show me the statute or shut up. But it can be permitted. Vehicles have been on Clam Beach and most other beaches around here simply by public squatting that predated the California Coastal Act. Since then the County adopted a policy that permitted vehicle access only at a few beaches, consistent with the Coastal Act’s intent to preserve access and prevent excess disturbance. But its not an entitlement, its discretionary.

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  10. GEEZ, what about the Razorback Clams! When I was a kid we would get limits at high tide. Sure, it got fish pretty hard but driving on them is a lousy idea.


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