Linda Atkins finally has had enough; takes on the Crazy Train advocates.

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the Arkley inspired Land Bridge Alliance

After Larry Henderson’s presentation on behalf of the Humboldt Bay Working Group to the Eureka City Council, Council person Linda Atkins could no longer be silent. While lauding them for their community involvement she took them took task for their futile, myopic agenda.

we have all of our elected bodies that have been elected by the people to direct, like the Harbor District has to directs the development of the harbor” (this clearly upsets the Crazy Train advocates because the Harbor District isn’t including rail development in their plans in fact they paid for a pre feasibility study that shows it’s virtually impossible) Linda pointed out “I think so far the studies we’ve had have indicated that’s not a feasible thing, that we don’t have the freight going through here, nor would we particularly want to have the number of box cars going through downtown Eureka that it would require in order to make the rail feasible”

Linda really dug in on the Crazy Train advocates constant attempts to belittle and marginalize the popularly elected Harbor Commission “Harbor District has … been working on the “Mariculture” and developing their area and developing the roanythings possibleads so the trucks can go in and out of harbor and also developing the piers and the Harbor itself so they can bring in ship in order to be able to ship things in and out of here and I’m not sure what (your) the problem is?””They have a strategic plan and they have a master plan that the City worked on with the Harbor District some years ago.”

Linda boldly threw down on the Choo Choo coocoo’s and challenged them to run for office.

begar train“well if you really want to solve that problem put your feet out there put your money out there get on these boards and commissions and really work and get elected and get the people to support you then we can get past all the political will thing” (the Crazy Train)

for Linda’s knockout punch, she finished with:

“there’s a small group of people that keeps comin’ back, your small and your vocal and that’s good and we keep hearin’ from ya, ya know, and that’s good, and (but) it becomes somehow a proven method to improve our area.”

“I hear ya on, we’ve had lots of studies, but those studies should lead us to do things that they say are possible to do, I do believe in science and I do believe in studies and I do believe we should follow those studies to areas where we can make and improvement in our economy and so let’s get together and do the things we can do together and if we have disagreement on a few other things (Rail) then lets worry about those at some other time lets still head towards getting jobs here, getting our development going. Getting things coordinated that’s a very good idea.”

happy choo choo

“or lose funding for anymore studies that say it can’t be done”


8 thoughts on “Linda Atkins finally has had enough; takes on the Crazy Train advocates.

  1. We NEED this train to export the oil from all the new developments, the trains have new cars that don’t explode anywhere near as often as they used to, plus think of all the redevelopment that could happen when one blows up Old Town: jobs,jobs,jobs.
    Think of how fresh and new that crappy little town in Quebec will look like once they clean that all up and bury everyone.
    If they find them.

    And coal trains shedding tons of dust: don’t believe the Nancy Negatives those new coal cars don’t derail and shed dust anywhere near as much as they used to, and if we used both oil and coal cars we could really clean this place up! It would be like an oil BOOM!

    New stuff!!!!

    And consider how much of the money spent on the politics of the train studies get spent locally! Some of that money comes from investors who might have spent it in Redding or some place no where near as deserving as here!!!!

    Think of that why don’t you!!

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  2. Good for Linda. She speaks the truth and stands up for rationality. By the way, I could help you with spelling and punctuation. I’m glad you’re doing what you’re doing, but your spelling and punctuation is pretty bad.

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  3. Those were all TE’s spelling and grammatical errors? And here I thought it was just the quaint colloquial speech patterns of Ms Atkins.

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  4. Crazy Linda. Yep, that sounds right.


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