No officer appointed by the City Council or elected city official shall appear before the city and attempt to influence either appointed or elected city officials on any matter of policy or administration as a paid or compensated representative of or consultant to a private entity for a period of twelve (12) months after leaving office.

(Added by election on November 5, 1991)

King of the Cronys ex-ruler of Eureka

Tyson the “Playa’s” “Playa”

One of our readers asserts that with-in five months Tyson was acting as a lobbyist for Land Bridge Alliance. The non-profit 501 c4 that was started as away to handle anonymous private contributions and assist the public organizations who must reveal all of their sources of money.

Acting the way he did would be a violation of SECTION 1105.  REVOLVING DOOR PROHIBITION.

While potentially illegal and certainly unethical it’s right in line with the behavior we’ve come to expect from Mr. Tyson. Tyson is, by the way, now applying is dubious skill set at the Humboldt Community Services District.

Any where else the District Attorney or the Grand Jury would move on this but in Humboldt, we won’t hold our breath.



Here’s Ryan Burns 2013 story on some of Tyson’s shenanigans:

Tyson’s Back: Eureka Re-Hires Former City Manager as Temp

Posted by Ryan Burns on Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 11:49 AM

Former Eureka City Manager David Tyson, who retired last December after 12 years in the position, has been temporarily rehired to help Interim City Manager Mike Knight.

With the abrupt exit of Tyson’s successor, Bill Panos, who resigned on Oct. 4 after less than a year on the job, Knight said Tyson has been brought out of retirement “to assist me with implementing some of council’s visioning policies because we’re short-staffed.”

Since his retirement, Tyson has been working with the Land Bridge Alliance, one of a handful of regional groups bent on establishing an east-west railroad connection from Humboldt Bay to the national rail system.

While Tyson hasn’t been given an official title or specified duties, Knight said he’s being paid as an assistant city manager, a position with a starting salary of $53.41 per hour, or $9,257 per month.

The terms of his resumed employment are still being negotiated. The city has retained recruiting firm Peckham & McKenney to search for Panos’ successor, but Knight said the firm isn’t planning to start interviewing until after the holididays’


4 thoughts on “REVOLVING DOOR PROHIBITION? Tyson doesn’t care

  1. Hey, maybe Arnie Klein, Crusader For Justice when he doesn’t like a particular action/inaction from the incumbent DA, could step up to the plate…


  2. Tyson got dirt on everybody. No one is going to want deal with this.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Eureka politics as usual. I would be surprised if Tyson WASN’T breaking the rules. Now that would be news worthy.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tyson is a complete douche-bag..I would trust him about as much as I would trust Charles Manson.They speak in a circle the same way.


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