The more things don’t change the more they stay excruciatingly the same


The City Council to the newly hired Police Chief Nov 2013

The City Council to the newly hired Police Chief Nov 2013

Chief Mills visited Talkshop yesterday, for another one of his lively and enlightening talks.  As expected by the Examiner, “Murl Jr.” has made a very important decision in his effort to modernize the Department.  Instead of opening up testing for Captain positions statewide, as he had spoken about so many months ago, he has made the decision (meaning his bosses have directed him) to keep the 3 promotions in house.

According Mills, he’s “got the talent” within EPD.  Even the normally complacent Papstein couldn’t believe it.  He asked in a surprised tone, “There’s that kind of talent in-house????”  The Examiner calls bullshit on that statement.  Don’t be surprised if the next EPD Captains have the kind of talent that old Murl’s EPD always espoused; “Martial Talent”(we’re EPD and we kickass).  Which of the “bread and butter” former SWAT members will finally get the promotion that oiling their assault weapons should prepare them for?  Only time will tell.

So following in the footsteps of his EPD forefathers, Chief Mills is going to change the department for the better by………not changing anything.  We guess that makes about as much sense as so many decisions made by the City.  It also makes about as much sense as his stance to keep the public informed on the community by having the department release less information in the form of press releases and suppressing crime stats.

The bizarro world of Eureka city politics and the continuation of Murl Harpham’s policies will be interesting at the very least, and increasingly dangerous in the long run.


9 thoughts on “The more things don’t change the more they stay excruciatingly the same

  1. So sad, post Garr we are seeing once again a very slow response from EPD at our business. It is like it was before Garr for sure. Still shocks me that Garr was fired by Dave tyson and that whole mess that was a part of EPD. Tyson has left way too many negative situations in his history here in Eureka. We will be paying for his bad management decisions on a lot of levels for a lot of years………

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  2. Someone in Eureka voted your beloved councilmembers into office. They are the people responsible for Harpham and Mills. Why don’t you address your invective on them?


  3. I heard that talkshop yesterday, Mills said that panhandlers would go to jail (thought it was full), dogs would go to doggy jail, and shopping carts would go to shopping cart jail(???). Is there a stroller jail too because I have noticed many more homeless using those instead of carts. So much for Mike Newmans plan of running them out of town by increasing shopping cart theft fines. I see that going the same way as removing the benches from Old Town.

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  4. Mills may have come up here with visions of what EPD could be, but he made a huge mistake strategically. Strategically, he went “all in” by purchasing an expensive house and transplanting his life from SoCal. He thought that might buy him credibility. However, he is an “at-will” employee on a short term contract. In order to survive, he has to keep the current council and manager happy. Changing the department culture or ways of doing business isn’t what this council wants. If he was courageous, he would do what is in the best interests of the citizens and let the chips fall where they may with the council. He isn’t courageous and he doesn’t want to take the chance of facing the consequences that might happen with doing the right thing.

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  5. In this town the axiom stated above is sadly more true than it has ever been. I sure wish the reverse was true. The more Eureka doesn’t change, the less it remains the same. If only it was so..Eurekans deserve so much better, even the ones that voted this council in.

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  6. ”Eurekans deserve so much better, even the ones that voted this council in.”
    WHY? They got what they wanted and now we all must live with it. The VOTERS are the ones responsible, YOU, you are responsible, YOU are accountable. That’s the way it works in a Democracy.


  7. Oh yes, we are all accountable and those of the voters who elected this crazy crew are reaping their harvest, poor as it may be. But I still contend they deserve better. Hopefully it is dawning on them now. If they continue to be blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other, then we will continue to see the blind leading the blind at city hall.

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    • Watchman, that takes us back to my original question. Why not write about that? What about that Mola? Writing about the “effect” is symptomatic of why the problem is never rectified. It’s been my experience that all the invective directed at the symptoms are just a smokescreen whereas the writer is really supporting the status quo. I don’t see anything different here.


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