Eureka don’t believe your lyin’ eyes! Nothin’ to see here. Police Chief says there’s no Crimewave

There's no Crimewave in Eureka

Crime rate in Eureka drops???

Guess what citizens of Eureka….you are all WRONG!

You believed that a quarter of cars and houses in your neighborhood being burglarized meant property crime was going up. WRONG!!!

You thought that the numerous articles about violent crimes and murders was a sign that violent crime was going up. WRONG!!!

You thought that driving down Broadway seeing the hordes of apparent Drug Zombies under the influence of meth and heroin was a sign that there were more criminals in the city. WRONG!!!

You thought that the “catch and release” program which currently allows criminals selling pounds of meth out on the street with the same ticket (promise to appear) as speeding violators was a sign that the local justice system was falling apart. WRONG!!!

How is possible that you could be so WRONG? Because Police Chief Mills says so.

According to his press release yesterday:

“Overall there is a slight downward trend since January 2013. The second quarter of 2014 shows an 8.5% decrease in property crime compared to the second quarter of 2013. Violent crime totals include reports of murder, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. There is a steady downward trend in violent crime reports since January 2013. There is a 23% decrease in violent crime when comparing the second quarters of 2013 and 2014.”

Well readers, there you have it. The crime rate has gone down.

Chief Mills weekly Creditably rating

Chief Mills weekly Creditably rating

…..But, wait a second….there was that line that says “crime reports”. Ahhh, that’s the trick. You see, the amount of actual “crime reports” taken is the way in which they gauge the crime rate. And EPD has gotten very good at harkening back to the good old days of not taking reports. Here is an example of how a call was handled from one of our staff:

     “I parked my car in Old Town and went to a book store. I was only gone for about 30 minutes. When I got back, I saw that my back passenger window was broken out. I had a bag on my backseat, containing several plates I had purchased earlier in the day. I called EPD. 45 minutes later, an officer responded. I told him what happened. He briefly looked at my car and said there weren’t any “usable latent prints” on the door or window. I asked if he was going to put on some fingerprint powder, and he told me that there wasn’t any point. He said that there wasn’t any way to even compare latent prints from these type of petty crimes, so it was a waste of time. I asked about a report number, and he told me he was giving me a “CAD documentation” number, since no serialized property was stolen. As far as I’m concerned, it was a waste of time calling EPD.”

The Examiner did some checking and found out that many “calls for service” never actually generate a “crime report”. Crime reports are what get entered into the national database for the FBI and local agencies to generate statistics. EPD, under Murl and Mills (Murl jr.) have been using the age old tactic of lowering the crime rate; don’t take a report. Many of you out there might have had a similar experience. If the cop told you he would “document” the crime or he/she gave you a “CAD number” (Computer assisted Dispatch), that means the crime won’t be included in local statistics. Apparently EPD is taking a page out of the City Finance Department’s old play book, we like to call the “Shell game”, originally perfected by former Finance Director and long time City Manager David Tyson.

A few unintended consequences seem to come up from this tactic, though. First, on the graphs provided by EPD the city’s crime index for June of 2013 was 176. June of 2014 was 201. That’s an increase! What isn’t included in the graphs is the amount of calls for service, along with a comparison of “CAD (Computer assisted Dispatch) Documentation” vs. “Crime Reports Taken” from 2013 to 2014. That might shed some light into the shady accounting practices at EPD.

Also, since EPD is claiming that crime is going down along with EPD’s staffing, doesn’t it stand to reason that LESS funding for EPD would also mean a lower crime rate? The answer is, yes. The fewer officers there are at EPD would also mean the less crime reports that are taken and written. That means that the crime rate goes down. It doesn’t matter that the city is more violent, people are victims of theft more often and the quality of life is getting worse and worse. The fact is that EPD is taking fewer reports, so the statistics will show that the crime rate is getting lower.

Thank you for your legacy Murl Harpham, and the rest of the Old Guard. Your failure to address problems and take reports has the intended consequence of making Eureka less safe, with statistics that don’t paint the real picture. Instead of a crime-ridden cesspool, the legacy of Murl and his heir is a lower amount of reported crime, therefore making Eureka the next Mayberry (unless you live in Eureka).

The Examiner wonders if this Klown Council will try and take credit for lowering crimerate. “see, we diverted measure O money from public safety and spent it on salaries and the Zoo and the Crime is Down!”

red panda

This town needs more Red Pandas


14 thoughts on “Eureka don’t believe your lyin’ eyes! Nothin’ to see here. Police Chief says there’s no Crimewave

  1. That’s the problem with stats. They’re only as good as the data coming in.

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    • There is an old Joke:

      A business man puts an ad in the paper for an accountant, and three people apply.

      The business man asks the first candidate, “How much is 2+2?”

      The first candidate replies, “Four.”

      The next candidate walks in, is asked the same question and gets the same answer.

      The third candidate enters the office, the business man asks, “How much is 2+2?”

      The third candidate immediatly checks to see no one is listening at the door, looks behind pictures for bugs then comes within an inch of the business man’s ear and whispers:

      “How much do you want it to be?”

      I used to be a fan of statistics… like photos they never lie.

      Until I learned that like photos… statistics do lie. Often.

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  2. Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force:
    “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.”
    – Mark Twain

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  3. Perhaps the Tulu-squat “staff” needs to be part of the solution instead of sitting on the sidelines making anonymous, rude, nasty comments about the Chief.

    Help make the city safer…volunteer, join a neighborhood watch, write a column on safety/crime prevention…do anything..but DO something constructive…

    Seriously, do you think people take this site seriously?


  4. So, crime is down, but things are so bad crimewise that if we don’t extend the sales tax that doesn’t go towards first responders anyway the city will collapse?

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  5. Violent crime in Eureka must be down, we’ve only had 3 murders this year.
    (so far)

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  6. It has been known forever that crime and poverty are closely linked.

    If local media routinely reported on the public costs and extent of Eureka families working full-time in poverty, there’d be a lot more outrage outside of this rural blog.

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  7. Pretty amazing that there’s so few comments on this post. I guess apathy has really set in. Doesn’t bode well for a cage in November…..


  8. Perhaps JP folks don’t believe what the “staff” here is slinging.


  9. What more needs to be said? We all know that cooking the stats by not filing reports is the reason the stats appear to show crime is decreasing when we all know it’s been increasing. The people who matter are more concerned about property values than property crimes. They’ve got insurance to cover property loss but not real estate value loss.

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  10. I think CHEIF Mills relies on some kind of info source to much
    He needs to view it, ready it, investigate it! And not be afraid to get his hands dirty. He needs to Understand what’s happing get his facts straight before he stands up to make a press confrence. (Sounding all good) but walking away with egg on his face


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