The Word and The World according to Robin P. Arkley with commentary: Episode #2 Fire

sugar bowl fire

Robin Arkley talking with Brian Papstein about Sugar Bowl Fire:


for fire reference –


I’ve never seen firefighters up close and I’ve never really seen fires all that close.

Those firefighters are brave.

Sounds like he never came out to see Humboldt Bay fight the numerous fires at his derelict and recently demolished Broadway property.

It was one of 8 started in the area, so I don’t think it was nature caused. They threw a flare and got the fire started nicely.

Probably Arkley fan club members in the Willow Creek area who are as fond of him as we are on the coast. Also arson sounds similar to what happen at 320 Broadway. Was that Randy’s last job before he fired him?

He was asked if his orchard burned and Rob said that it had not, but it wouldn’t have mattered because the bears ate the orchard anyways. Papstein joked, well if it had burned, you would have had a heck of a BBQ. Rob replied; That would have been great. We would have done a very happy dance over a bear (if it burned to death on the property).

God forbid those “vagrant” bears would eat any of the thousands of apples that yearly fall on the ground at the ranch.

Fire is getting very political, as to who pays for what and things like that. I mean you have a highway going through your property, which we do, and someone throws a flare. And bang you’ve got a fire. Well, that’s a difficult decision. Happily, we border government land too, so they needed to do the thing.

Rob is worried that Cal-fire might bill him for suppression costs, but he is surrounded by Six Rivers National Forest and the forest service does not charge for defending in-holder’s property. So now Rob the “conservative” is glad that he didn’t have to pay for a very expensive government service.

I live in fear of fire.


We can understand your fear of eternal fire after the local clergy’s reaction to your attacks on the poor and houseless.


8 thoughts on “The Word and The World according to Robin P. Arkley with commentary: Episode #2 Fire

  1. Poor Rob is hounded moochers. I wonder which he hates most, bears eating windfall apples that go to waste or people soaking up taxes he doesn’t pay.

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  2. poor robbie, life’s tough and then you die.

    and then your estate has to pay to haul your carcass away.

    so unfair.

    the moocher tax payers should pay for it after all he’s done for them.

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  3. You should have mentioned him “burning” through other people’s money, if the banks foreclosing on his property are to be believed.

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  4. Obsession: a state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly or frequently especially in a way that is not normal. A compulsive preoccupation with an idea or an unwanted feeling or emotion, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety. A compulsive, often unreasonable idea or emotion.

    You, my dear, are in an unhealthy relationship with Rob Arkley. Perhaps if you focused your intense hatred energies toward a more loving composition elsewhere, your blog posts would inspire great ideas for our commmunity.


    • “You, my dear, are in an unhealthy relationship with Rob Arkley.” You sigh…. are in denial with your head deep in the sand.

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    • I hope Randy received a nice parting gift before torching the property on Broadway


    • When someone inserts themselves into the local media and political scene as much as Mr. Arkley does, methinks he wants the attention. If he doesn’t, maybe he should shut his yap and go back to Louisiana…..or at leadt stop with the somewhines for humboldt series and onair petting with Mr Papstein.

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