Gallagher’s Irish Pub calls out the “Klowncil” over cuts to Public Safety

The City of EuGallagher'sreka must be getting very nervous about the prospects of the Measure ‘O’ tax extension (Measure Q) passing this November. They should be.

Examiner staff has been hearing from numerous citizens that they felt duped by the city when Measure ‘O’ was originally passed. We’ve continued to receive feedback from readers along the same lines.

Recently, we received a tip from a reader that a very popular business, Gallagher’s Irish Pub was prominently displaying a flier about the idiotic City Council (Klowncil) and Measure ‘O’. We researched the tip, and found that there was indeed a flier displayed right when you walk in, and it appeared the flier was none other than Leo Sears “Call to Action” from June.

no cuts to public safety

Here’s a portion of the flier:

I don’t believe that we passed measure O for it to be spread as an equal layer over the entire budget. The council’s commitment was to give public safety the very highest of priorities, and I don’t know of one piece of O’s publicity that didn’t say “vote to support public safety.”

I can’t get my head around the simplicity – perhaps I should simply call it laziness – of this approach to budgeting without weighing priorities. But I think maybe Councilman Newman summed it up by saying that to give public safety a priority they would have to cut more from other areas.

Well Duh! Weren’t they elected to look at the city’s needs and prioritize them in the city’s budget?

What about their commitment that went along with measure O?

And to top it all off, they’re putting measure Q on the November ballot to extend measure O.

When they won’t keep the commitments that were made when they asked us to “Vote O Yes to support Public Safety”, what kind of dummies do they think we are?

I hope you will be with me Tuesday, to say your piece or so support those of us who do. There is strength in numbers, and packing city hall is what it is going to take to have them change course.

Please. Please. Join us. The last thing we want or deserve are cuts to public safety.

Well, even with the call to action, and an outpouring of support for fully funding public safety, the Klowns went ahead and cut the public safety budget. We are thankful that Gallagher’s has kept up this flier and hope that voters remember the broken promises when voting this November


9 thoughts on “Gallagher’s Irish Pub calls out the “Klowncil” over cuts to Public Safety

  1. Nice to see a local business that will be affected by the lack of public safety speak up. Good job Gallaghers! It’s been a while so I will have to stop by for your awesome fish-n-chips.


  2. Let’s see how the city tries to roll out Measure Q. With Measure O, the police and fire unions went public as big backers. They also put out a lot of money for advertising and cops were going door to door beating the Measure O drum. So far, we haven’t heard a peep about Measure Q from the cops or firemen (minus the agency heads spewing the talking points provided to them). Buyers remorse from the officer or fireman on the street, maybe?

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    • “Buyers remorse from the officer or fireman on the street, maybe?

      No. I suspect they know that a large part of the funding shortfalls are due to public safety salaries and retirement obligations. They don’t want to bring attention to that. That might bring more people to start asking for some sort of remediation to the retirement dillema.


    • Fred, I don’t usually feel this way….but you might be correct. I guess we found some middle ground. Thanks.


  3. Rest of the county pay attention! How do you think any money raised by the sales tax increase proposed county wide will be spent barring binding language in the ballot measure? It will get spread thin via the general fund.
    If the money is not legally required to be spent on public safety….it will get pissed away and we will be lucky to see any deputy hired or fire protection district supported.
    Demand binding language in any tax increase measure.


  4. Measure “R”, the $12 minimum wage, would provide Eureka with higher sales tax revenue, working families will be able to go out to eat once in a while instead of spending hours filing out forms and waiting in line for food stamps, housing aid, medi-cal, and other social services they qualify for under poverty wages.

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  5. My business in Old Town of over twenty years was constantly having problems with broken windows, petty theft, break ins, drunks, drug sales out in the open, visitors saying our town had a real bad street problem and they wouldn’t be back, Remember, tourism is a significant chunk of Old Town’s business.

    Then came “O” and we thought an increased police presence would start to turn things around and we could create a positive business environment. It actually helped for a while and a lot of that was because Garr Nielson had become police chief and changed priorities. He didn’t get much more money for new officers however, but still he gave our district the attention it needed. Then the city manager fired him and it was back to normal and the old guard was back in power and we were left to fight our own battles again. The “O” money was used to other things and so it went. Now the KLOWNS at city hall want to screw us again. Don’t let it happen!!! They will take us to the cleaners again if we are not careful. If you let it happen all over again, the results are on your shoulders and literally on your door step.

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  6. Good thing we have two new faces we should elect….so there’s some hope to push back against the good old daze.


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