Take the law into your own hands; not much choice with the great job Sheriff Downers Doin’

The Sheriff’s Department, by its own admission, got the initial call at 9:15 on Saturday morning that escaped inmate Ronald Sanchez Jr. was on someone’s property and it took the HCSO 2hrs and 45 minutes to respond. This member of the “Sanchez Family Gang” had recently been involved in ripping-off and attempting to rip off other houses in the Dinsmore/Buck Mt vicinity.  He and his gang were in the area that day to continue his crime spree, but attentive neighbors saw them in the area and knew that meant trouble.

The neighbors, many of whom are long time locals, had to band together and try to protect themselves anvigilanted their property from these known Eureka based criminals (headquarters at 2505 Garland Street, Eureka). As it turned out, they wound up having to hold them at gun point for at least TWO hours waiting for the Sherriff’s Dept. to show up. When the criminal’s leader, Ronald Sanchez Jr., decided to run saying “shoot me in the back…I’m not going back to jail”, the citizens wisely chose not to fire.  We all know what would have happened if they had. Unlike the hundreds of criminals openly operating with impunity in Eureka and Humboldt, these citizens would have been arrested and charged with murder or attempted murder and held without out bail. Then, they would be forced to spend lots of money defending themselves for months and months as the case dragged through the system.

The other two of Ronald Sanchez jr. sidekicks who were arrested are already out and back chillin’ at their main base of operations 2505 Garland Street, Eureka, right in EPD’s face.  This is the same residence that Ronald Sanchez Jr. was picked up at yesterday and same residence that Silverio Sanchez was arrested up at. Interesting to note Walter and Silverio Shanchez have amazingly not been released, oh ya that’s because they’re locked up in Trinity County Jail were dangerous criminals are not just routinely released.

Kinda’ makes you wonder…..these criminals were wanted and continued to go back to their base of operations in Eureka.  EPD was aware that the house on Garland was where they stay.  Why hasn’t EPD been arresting these guys?  The HCSO is notified that the wanted criminal is being held at gunpoint by the citizens.  Why does it take them over two hours to respond?  The answer is pretty simple; Chief Mills (AKA Murl Harpham II) and Sheriff Downer are shitty leaders who haven’t made the necessary changes to ensure that citizens can depend on Law Enforcement to respond or do their jobs.

Good luck Humboldt. It looks like it’s up to the citizens to make sure their lives and property are safe….



13 thoughts on “Take the law into your own hands; not much choice with the great job Sheriff Downers Doin’

  1. Not to mention the latest murder in alder point was made possible by the Humboldt county sheriff department. They were told where the skinhead Matt brown was located and did nothing but patrol..so the citizens of alder point took it upon themselves to rout him out and now there is another dead human being because of it.

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  2. The article has well stated the case that there is a problem with our public safety that needs immediate and proactive attention.

    But… (there’s always a “But” in my world, sorry) you also gave a good reason why going the “do it yourself” law enforcement route is also potentially a bad idea… that a citizen trying to fill in for the police might wind up in jail.

    There’s another reason: Last night evidently a citizen was killed trying to defend himself from or apprehend a known murder suspect in the Rancho Sequoia area (details are still sketchy).

    The police have the training and they have the equipment; one might remember the deputy who was shot in the chest serving a routine eviction notice survived due to his bullet resistant vest.

    Which makes the point of the article even more urgent… the regular citizens of this county are stuck between a rock and a hard place: Duck and cover or take the law into our own hands.

    Neither option is acceptable.

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    • Because the situation is getting worse by the day, it’s just a matter of time before there’s a whole series of tragedies. Too think of it this guy ran unopposed for sheriff and they had a great chief in Eureka who was bringing the crime rate down and they fired him. What a County!

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    • Absolutely highrolla. As the crime rate continues to rise more and more people will become victims. The excuse that budgets or staffing is the cause of everything wrong with law enforcement is a false argument. The last Eureka police chief had a smaller budget, and a similar amount of personnel. He managed to make sure there were plenty of ‘boots on the street’ and the crime rate went down. How did he do it? Better leadership and resource allocation.

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  3. Back in the late 70’s when there was a similar financial crunch in San Joaquin County the Sheriff reacted to the problem in a creative way. In order to have more patrol officers on the street he abolished almost all of the special non-uniformed assignments and reassigned those officers to patrol. He assigned the non violent crime detectives to patrol leaving only the crimes against persons unit. Patrol deputies investigated property crimes from beginning to end. He trimmed the court services unit and sent them to patrol. He wasn’t popular with the officers that had to leave their offices for a patrol car but he sure was popular with the citizenry who re-elected him for three more terms before he passed away. In the end the crisis resolved itself and after two years all was back to normal. Something for our sheriff to think about.

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  4. Unlike. Click. . Fix our sheriffs and police departments. Give them more support, but don’t take the law into your own hands. Let’s bring back civilization. I don’t know how, but I do know the wrong direction to go. Vigilantism and a citizen’s arms race against criminals is upping the ante. Let’s demand better and more effective policing and not succomb to the temptation of tabloid journalism.

    There is a difference between smart proactive actions like neighborhood watches, etc. But this gets really dangerous really fast, especially with publishing addresses etc. I don’t think this article is in the spirit of Brett Harte.

    There is a justice system. If it’s broken, its up to us to find a way to fix it. Not to take the law into our own hands.

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    • The HCSO published the address in their press release. This post seems to call for effective law enforcement, and points out that the leaders of the two largest departments in the county are failing to provide that. What’s left when there’s no response to crime, people figuring out how to do it themselves. That leads to tragedy all too often.

      Tabloid, LJ? I don’t see the post that way. In fact, it seems like a sobering take on just one aspect of the lawlessness that has taken over this county with the lack of effective policing.

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  5. JP. With tabloid I was referring to LoCO and/or watchpaul and even the TS with the outsized focus on crime and punishment.

    Their implied solutions of white hats over black hats that worries me. Oh, it’s those tweakers ,or the homeless, or the “cartels”. Crime is crime we have to keep it in perspective and not let fear consume us. If we do, then many liberal causes will be lost in that fight for safety.

    Freedom from want and freedom from fear. As FDR might say.

    I’m not saying ignore the problem and I appreciate that people sometimes need to protect themselves, especially in rural areas. But it’s going to be dangerous if we promoting vigilantism.

    I think the strategy would be to do what the right has done. Find left-leaning police leadership. I think Downey ran unopposed didn’t he?.Again, I don’t have solutions, just not on board with advocating for “taking the law into your own hands”. If you need to do it – do it, but don’t advocate for it. At least not from a liberal perspective because conservatives already have cornered that market.

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  6. If it really takes local law enforcement two hours to respond to an address in or near Eureka after being notified that someone is being held at gunpoint (whether a criminal or anyone else), then people in law enforcement should be fired, impeached, and/or arrested, and the state should take over operation of both EPD and HCSO.

    I don’t know if the situation is as described by the TE, but if it is, it’s impossible for me to imagine a suitable excuse. How many higher priorities can there be than a report that someone is being held at gunpoint? This wasn’t in a remote part of the county. Were one or more officers from EPD, CHP, HCSO, FPD, APD, HSU PD, or homeland security or the park police on-duty or on-call during this emergency? How could they not respond?

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  7. Mitch is full of it, as usual


  8. What’s Mitch’s malfunction? The story is in the press release.


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