The candidates whose names shall not be mentioned

Kim Walford-Bergel and Natalie Arroyo

Kim Bergel and Natalie Arroyo “the City Council  candidates whose names shall not be mentioned!”

The large scale polling that been that has been taking in place in Eureka over the last few weeks is either sponsored by the Council members and Mayor up for election this fall, or their big supporters. The Examiner has received numerous reports from Eureka residents contacted by an out of the area polling firm. Based on these anecdotal reports, we are concluding that the Polling is not being done is a strictly scientific manner. The questioners seem to want to influence the participants into supporting the incumbents and Measure Q. Sort of a “gentle push” poll, if you will.

Callers ask if a candidates’ support of the popular Measure R will influence your vote. That’s right, the Klowns who wouldn’t support this measure at any time in the past are now wondering if that stance will cost them votes. IT WILL!

The participants who sound completely opposed to the incumbents receive a shorter version of the call. If they sound somewhat undecided then the subtle pushing begins. The known opponents Kim Bergel and Natalie Arroyo names are never mentioned, nor are any of the names of other potential candidates. Obviously, the pollsters are trying to figure out how to pull the wool over the eyes of Eureka residents who are politically “in the middle”. Will these current Klowns change their public stance and support Measure R? Probably not, unless they find that the only way to win the election is to go against their right leaning “principles”.

The polling seems to be trying to gauge whether the Mayor has any coat tails that can help the three Council Members. By basically doing nothing of substance, Jager might be just the boost that the other Klowns need. That’s a sad state of affairs in Eureka politics.

The pollsters also seem to imply that this Council has in some way “beautified” the city streets? If, by beautification, they mean vagrants on every other corner, bloodstains on sidewalks, and 25% of vehicles with broken out windows from being robbed, then we would agree that the Council has “beautified” the city streets.

The current City Council has plenty to worry about though. They have managed to train wreck the City’s finances even with the addition of millions in measure O money. Even with all that extra money through this next fiscal year; Police and Fire are still being forced into 10% cuts. The Zoo continues to be a large black hole where money disappears.

There has been a lot of turnover at 531 K St, so a certain amount of chaos is to be expected. But observers are pointing to what looks like a complete panic and melt down over there.

There seems to a wide belief the Measure Q must pass to save the City from ruin. The Examiner question is; Would you trust these incumbents to do any better with “Q” than they’ve done with “O”?


What’s that saying about doing the same thing over again and expecting a different outcome?




11 thoughts on “The candidates whose names shall not be mentioned

  1. sounds like the Chamber is worried about Measure R and their clowns

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    • If by Chamber, you mean the city funded lobbying organization known an the Eureka Chamber of Commerce, then I think you’re right. Funny how a taxpayer funded lobby group can get away with that stuff. But in Eureka politics, nothing is too surprising…

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  2. I’ll bet they’re worried now after Virginia actually lost at the polling places in the City limits of Eureka.

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    • Hopefully Arkley can come through with some funds. Given that he was/is delinquent on property taxes, he should have a little extra cash for his council of minions!

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  3. The Circle of money from the Ingomar Club may be a tad bit worried about the scary liberals and the investment they have already made for the incumbents .Should be interesting to see how low they will stoop to protect their investment and future profit.

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  4. There’s a pretty strong “throw the bums out” mood in Eureka right now. There needs to be a alternative to Brady to make it a clean sweep. Some one needs to step up. She’s the weakest candidate of the bunch.

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  5. Don’t be misled by an opposition that has never lost control.


    With only one liberal in the last election to worry about (Atkins) they funded and nearly won Bon Bon. No problem, his appointment to the county planning commission will pad his resume for his next win.

    That’s how corruption has always worked here.

    Nothing has changed, most eligible voters abstain, and the next round of losses awaits November’s rains.



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