“A storm is threat’ning…..My very life today…..If I don’t get some shelter………..”

In a recent post on this blog “Move the bums along in Arkleyville – MOLA:42’s Guide to the Search for Elsewhere” a regular commenter “re:pete” wrote:There really needs to be several campsites set up in different parts of the County funded by DHHS. They should offer Shelter, Counseling, Mental Health and screenings and bus tickets back home (voluntary). I’ve heard all thomeless camphe excuses why not, but what they’re doing now is a miserable failure on every level and has been for decades.

Then another commenter “oldplainjane” added:

I recently saw an article about a guy who is building VERY tiny “houses” out of scraps for the homeless. They are large enough to sleep in, have some overhead storage space and the door can be locked to keep their belongings secure when the occupant is away. A campground of these along with a community kitchen, laundry and restroom facilities (as well as the services Re:pete mentioned above, including regular mobile medicine visits) on the lines of the government camps which helped so many during the depression might work. Maybe a local church or civic group could manage it with volunteers. Giving the homeless secure camping facilities with basic amenities would give them a springboard back into a job and a regular home.

This really got the discussion going around the Examiner headquarters.
homeless camp 2The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) makes up the majority of the Counties budget. Where are the results of all that spending? We look around and see very meager attempts at addressing the ballooning houseless population and the stress it’s putting on the whole community. We think the supervisors need to step up and address this problem. Re:pete is right; there needs to be strategically place campsites around the County to deal with the problem.We believe “oldplainjane” is correct.  What’s needed are small secure structures coupled with kitchen, laundry, restroom facilities and on site services provided by DHHS along with Mobile Medical visits. This would be a game changer in this county. This could put an end to the decade’s long series of failed attempts by DHHS to do anything. There would be no excuse or reason for squatting in the greenways and living in the bushes.

The old system of dealing with the houseless is a proven failure.  If we claimed that there aren’t allowed houseless zones in the county, we would be lying.  The most blatant area, which is basically allowed anarchy

Eureka own "Devil's Playground

Eureka’s “Devil’s Playground

of houselessness is located in the city of Eureka.  Just take a walk behind the Bayshore Mall.  The “Devils Playground” has been Eureka’s answer to the houseless problem for years. This area is a free-for-all of illegal activities. Since it is one of the few places people without a home can set up a tent, there is a large population of Eureka citizens living in this swamp (ahem..marshland). Rapes, violent assaults, robberies and rampant drug activity are prevalent throughout the area from the foot of Del Norte Street to the Foot of Truesdale (just take a look at the press releases for ‘REPORTED’ crimes back there and it’s shocking).

This area of the city isn’t a fluke, it is by design.  The “Devils Playground” is aptly named, and this is the type of solution offered so far by our County/City leaders.  Can’t we do better than that?


11 thoughts on ““A storm is threat’ning…..My very life today…..If I don’t get some shelter………..”

  1. DHHS grew under the reign of Supervisors before 2010.

    But TE wants the elected officials now to solve the problem.

    Government bureaucracy is what regressives want. Maybe we need to do something more than just provide temporary shelter to stay out of a storm.

    Jobs so people can afford to live in an apartment or house. Oh yeah and developers to build those houses.


    • DoubleStandards:

      Okay, then, crank them good jobs out. You got them under your sleeve?

      Isn’t that kind of the problem?

      If people aren’t working or working a few hours on the minimum wage (of course EVERYBODY knows only teenagers work the minimum wage) then they aren’t going to buy the houses for your developer buddies to build for them.

      As for your point about wanting our representatives to solve the problems… You ain’t whistling Dixie, brother! That’s what they are supposed to do; that’s why we vote them in and pay them the big bucks.

      I think the point you also missed was that we “PROGRESSIVES” are none too happy with the job our bureaucracy is doing on this front. Thus, all the words.

      And for the record, we aren’t Regressives here, we are for the most part, Progressives (a version of “pointy-headed-liberals” I do believe). A Regressive is the exact opposite (the position you hold), but welcome to the show anyway.

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  2. Nice deflection MOLA. Regressives spout off never answer. Why don’t you ask Cliffy Clenenden or Bon Bon, who was on the Board for 24 years where the jobs are?

    Problems were created by you regressives who support bureaucrats like the Coastal Commission. Why don’t those fat cats develop some jobs?

    How many jobs did Chris Kerrigan or Larry Glass create?


    • Deflections? I thought I took you on point by point.

      I don’t have any jobs for gift… I’m not running for office.

      To the best of my knowledge neither Cliff Clendenon nor Bonnie Neely ran on platforms where they promised to create jobs. And I don’t use the word “promise” as loosely as some other more recent candidates have chosen to do.

      They pose as poor examples for you anyway since I don’t believe either Mr. Clendenon or Ms. Neely could be considered a progressive (or a “lefty” since you choose to not to use the correct term).

      What’s your beef with the Coastal Commission? If you’re referring to the the Balloon Tract fiasco, all I can say is Mr. Arkley shot himself in the foot on that one without anyone else’s help… including the Coastal Commission.

      The discussion has now drifted well away from the topic of solutions to dealing with homeless individuals. I invite you to return to the point at hand.

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  3. MOLA correct me, if I am wrong, but you mentioned on this blog, that you moved or got involved in this community few years ago.

    The topic is at hand. Who tells you what platform who ran. Research for yourself. None of the current Supervisors said they would personally create jobs. That is not their job.

    Bon Bon and Cliffy who did whatever Loveless told him did claim smart growth, and that the County is the largest employer. DHHS and Crandall’s power grew under Bon Bon’s leadership and Supervisors before 2010.

    Did I mention Arkley? No. This blog is obsessed with him and Heraldo themes.

    It is the progressives who want government jobs. Not private industry. So, if you want to keep repeating the proggie mantra, there is no discussion.

    There is none because you cannot refute the connection between Bon Bon, Loveless and a failed government bureaucracy.

    No point in commenting because majority of your readership wants to put the blame on elected officials who did not cause this mess.


    • You don’t listen well… I was born and raised in this county… in Eureka to be exact.

      I really don’t care where the jobs come from as long as they are composed of meaningful work, dignity and a wage a person with a family could life on.

      But you are correct on one point, there is no point in commenting. You are not here to debate.

      Good bye.

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  4. In trying to pin a little responsibility on liberals for the local economy you have to go out of town to the Ca. Coastal Commission…because the right wing development industry has been in charge of this county and its cities (except Arcata and Trinidad) forever.

    Just last month the Smithsonian Magazine featured safe, convenient, comfortable and affordable houses being built in other cities that cost $20,000 each, affordable to average disability/social security recipients to finance.

    Oh, but….”that won’t work in Eureka”!

    “It just won’t”!

    Neither will an adequate infrastructure, public safety, a higher minimum wage, fully funded public schools, holding polluting industries accountable on our bay, walkable streets, tree planting, traffic calming, quality of life, planning, green jobs, Smart Growth, industrial parks, manufacturing incubators, and on and on…

    And if the majority of eligible residents continue not to vote, the development industry will keep it that way.

    “It just won’t work in Eureka”!

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  5. You showed your true colors MOLA, just as all regressives. When you don’t have facts to refute, just say goodbye! Regressives froth at the mouth, blame everything on one group of people but never do anything constructive to have a dialogue or help in the community.

    Talk is cheap. And after this, I fully expect TE to block me because dialog that is contrary is not the intent of this blog.


  6. “Doublestandards’ doubles down on demagoguery.
    Every thing you are saying about MOLA more accurately describes you!
    You sound like Mathew Owen when he’s ranting about “Regressives”.
    I especially like your crazy claim that no sitting supervisors never promised to personally create jobs. I remember clearly in Virginia’s 2010 campaign “Jobs jobs jobs” against Bonnie, that’s exactly what she did.
    You sir are full of it.

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