“Oh, the grass, weeds….that’s so easy to fix. I don’t get it.” Robin P. Arkley

From Rob Arkley’s Talkshop interview on 06-30-14:

When talking about the first impressions being back in town, Rob complained about people not cleaning their gutters or mowing lawns. He also complained about unkempt sidewalks in front of businesses:

“Oh, the grass, weeds, wow wow wow. And, you know, that’s so easy to fix. I don’t get it.”

“Listen. I had a partner, who I co-owned a building with and he wouldn’t take care of ’em (weeds). I finally did it and, uh, you know people just don’t see this stuff and it looks just awful!”

Why should anyone care about these blustering quotes? Because Arkley’s hypocrisy is so thick that not even a chainsaw could cut through it.

Building on fire 4th and broadway

a convenient and suspicious fire on 6-2-14

Item 13 on tonight’s Eureka City Council agenda is “Receive the report of a request for an Emergency Coastal Development Permit for Demolition of 320 Broadway; APN 003-031-012; CDP-14-0005, issued July 2, 2014.”

Knowledgeable sources have led us to conclude that this property is in a strip of land not subject to the Coastal Act. We’re not sure why the City has forgotten that it exempted this strip of land when it submitted it local coastal program years ago. Maybe Eureka Senior Planner Kristen M. Goetz should have given County Planning Director Kevin Hamblin a call (her old boss in Eureka and author of the Eureka’s Local Coastal plan).

The real question here is why has CUE IV (Rob Arkley) been allowed to let this low life magnet and drug dealing headquarters stand there for so long. Don’t try and blame the Coastal Commission Rob. And while the City of Eureka has gone after low income property owners for “public nuisance” properties, eyesores and “public nuisance” properties owned by Arkley haven’t even been looked at since 2011. Guess that was money well spent on the 2010 Eureka City Council races.

From the agenda:

Pursuant to a First and Final Notice sent by the Code Enforcement division of the Building and Housing Department to the property owner on January 30, 2014, the structure at 320 Broadway was determined to be a hazardous building. The building had been vacant for several years, was attracting vagrants, and had been the scene several fires. The property owners had been working to obtain a demolition permit, and since the property was located in the Coastal Zone, a Coastal Development Permit. During the process required to obtain a demolition permit, an asbestos survey was performed, asbestos was discovered in the building, and was slated to be removed by a licensed asbestos contractor. On June 2, 2014, the remains of the previously burned structure caught fire twice, and the building was reduced to a pile, with the asbestos material intermixed with the structure debris.

We call Bullshit. Arkley just didn’t want to go through the process like everybody else.

The peak of hypocrisy, but we expect nothing less from Arkley and his bought and pay for City Council.


6 thoughts on ““Oh, the grass, weeds….that’s so easy to fix. I don’t get it.” Robin P. Arkley

  1. A strong implication!..surely he wouldn’t, he’s a builder, not a destroyer… , well…I mean, …how conveeeenient it all is.

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  2. Man, you sure have a hard on for Mr. Arkley.


  3. Picking up after yourself is for the “little” people.

    And I don’t mean elves, bucko!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. He paid up the wazoo for this property because he needed connect 4th street to his crazy Balloon track project. Talk about weeds!

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  5. It’s all cleaned up now..Who cleaned up the site already?


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