What’s happened with HCSO Sergeant Jason Daniels?

For Humboldt County locals, being arrested almost inevitably means having your name put out in either thesargent Daniels blogosphere, or in the local print media. Every DUI or drug bust ends up in the Lostcoast Outpost. What happens to the cases after the arrest? Most of the time, we’ll never know.

But what about the “Major” cases that are put out to the media in press releases? Usually, these involve matters of public concern. Sometimes, the entire disposition of cases plays their way out in the local print media, or through the reporting of John Chiv. However, a commenter recently asked about whatever happened to a particular case and we were very interested to find out the outcome. From the Sheriff’s Office:

On 10-18-13 at approximately 0540 hours, the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office – Criminal Investigations Bureau arrested Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Jason Daniels (age 40) for violations of PC243.4 – Sexual Battery, and PC289(a)(1) – Sexual Penetration with a Foreign Object. Both of these violations are alleged to have been committed against a single female victim (identity confidential) while Sgt. Daniels was on duty as a peace officer.


These are serious allegations! Given that nothing was put out after the arrest, the Examiner wonders whether charges were ever even filed. Was the Sergeant guilty of these heinous crimes, or was he an innocent public servant who was falsely accused? Is he still employed at the Sheriff’s Office?

Even though we have received no follow-up information from law enforcement, it’s a sad state of local journalism when no local mainstream media source has followed up on what would appear to be a very important local case……..


13 thoughts on “What’s happened with HCSO Sergeant Jason Daniels?

  1. He was fired by the Sheriffs department and several employees were demoted or transferred, or had other discipline actions taken action as a result of this case. I,e, lots of peoples phones were searched and lots of pics and info legally gleaned that implicated them in violations of the departments regulations.

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    • Thanks for the info. So, was he fired for this case, or because of inappropriate use of a cell phone which was searched as a result of the arrest? Also, any idea if charges were filed, or was the case dropped?

      Thanks for being the only place to get info on this TE.

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    • So if this is true why the complete silence in the Local Media? I guess if it’s not fed to them in a press release then it’s not news.

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  2. Thank you TE for raising this question. JP and AlongcameJones make good points.

    If he was fired, that should reported just as his exoneration.

    Relying on press releases is not the way to report news. Sgt. Adam Laird had a positive resolution to his case but the accusation made headlines.

    Law enforcement made the arrest but the DA’s office did not pursue the case. Why? The Sheriff’s office fired him but he is now free to pursue employment elsewhere.

    And we have no facts beyond his arrest headline. So was he an innocent man or someone who abused his position? We won’t know.

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    • John Chiv:

      Which is why I think you are a capital good fellow. You do give out the occasional press release… but your real value to the rest of us is you are a primary source of information in this county.

      How many other primary sources of information are there in Humboldt?

      The answer makes me very sad.

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    • I totally agree. Thanks John!


    • According to the press release, the DA’s Investigators made the arrest, not the HCSO. If the DA didn’t pursue charges, then what’s going on in the DA’s office? I know it was brought up in the election, but is this another case of DA investigators run amok?


  3. Maybe he wasn’t fired, maybe he resigned. It happens all the time, a person is presented with their options and they chose to resign instead of going through the termination process. It’s less expensive for the agency and the person is no longer employed.


  4. There’s been a lot of local LE crimes that have been covered up. There were several EPD involved fights, off duty drunk fights, by EPD cops at the Pearl in old town. But because they were fights between cops, or with young black men, nothing was done. Bunch of BS


  5. Jason now owns a water truck and is making frequent water deliveries to So Hum..His wife was quoted in last weeks NCJ..


  6. Local media in this area seems very poor on any investigative journalism.
    Channel 3 is very right leaning, KINS radio is pure right wing puke and the Times Standard after the Arkley, settled out of court, lawsuit seems to have gone silent on any reporting that would be seen as negative to Arkley or the political clowns he helped to elect. So TE, THANK YOU for asking questions and bringing up topics that effect our community and starting conversation we should be having..

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    • I don’t even look to local media for NEWS. Warm and Fuzzy is all we get from local media. I think the reason I come here, is to read the facts or the truth the way it’s reported. Why not just report the facts. If you commit a crime, weather your a planning commissioner, setting up a mini storage complex to grow dope. A local SO Sergent sexually abusing his arrested..People have the right to know the facts of the case.

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  7. MOLA, JP, trying to like your comments since yesterday but the site seems to be having hiccups. Thanks for your kind words.

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