Arkleyville goes nationwide!

“Cause we bad, we nationwide”             (The great philosophers – ZZ Top)


marina center or else

That’s right these Brothers from another mother* are taking the Arkelyville Franchise Model nationwide!

They’re fighting for lower wages and less protections for workers.

They spill oil and are causing pollution problems for communities.

The brothers don’t believe in global warming and they’re trying to kill solar power.

They are buying elections and pushing their extreme social-political agenda.

Wow! We guess these Koch brothers must have graduated from the University of Security National LLC with Masters degrees in Bully Politics; “if you can beat ‘em………buy ‘em or destroy ‘em”!


5 ways to tell if your state has a Koch problem

* by that we mean “mother f’er”


2 thoughts on “Arkleyville goes nationwide!

  1. The most important war we can fight, is mostly ignored. Instead of sending our troops to the middle east, (Where they can only throw rocks) We need to send our troops after Monsanto, Koch and the rest of the evil monopolists. WE THE PEOPLE

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