Is there a huge wage and benefit gap in this county?

About $40,000 dollars a year is the so called median income in Humboldt.

Humboldt County wants to pass a half cent sales tax to supposedly help fund rural Law Enforcement, because there is not enough money!

Take a look at some of these paychecks:

phillip r crandall $$$$harpreet s duggal

micheal t thomas $$$$Johnathan greenburg$$$$

Here’s a more complete list:

Hum co $ 1Hum co $ 2

Hum co $ 3

Hum co $ 4

The Examiner isn’t saying that any of these public employees are not worth their pay. We’re pointing out the huge gap between the paycheck and benefits of the average Jill and Joe in Humboldt County and these workers.

Many people work for minimum wage with no benefits in this County. Measure R in Eureka seeks in a very small way to address this, but It’s getting plenty of blow back around here.


10 thoughts on “Is there a huge wage and benefit gap in this county?

  1. What does Crandall do anyway?


  2. I read that the president of Coast Central Credit Union is paid more than $1,000,000. And I’m sure the principals at Mercer Frasier, Danco, St. Joes, Mad River Hospital and other large local organizations are being paid similarly to the top County employees. So it seems to me the county pay isn’t way out of line for the responsibility they are supposed to take.

    All in all, I think some Sheriff Department employees are getting more compensation than I’d expect, but it seems overtime and ‘other pay’ are the culprits. I don’t have a clue whether or not that reflects a management problem.

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  3. I believe that there is a new Undersheriff by the name of Honsal. Michael Thomas retired recently.


    • Whatever happened with that? After all the press from the DA’s office about the arrest, nothings been updated. We’re charges filed? Is the guy fired? What gives?


  4. Crandall’s salarty has been investigated repeatedly. A bunch of it’s deferred income. And Pelican Bay hiring has blown out the market for med support physicians. The state keeps running the numbers up. There are openings in Humboldt County even at the outrageous salaries being offered. Supply and demand, like it or not. We’ve got the second and not the first.


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