Southern Humboldt’s Sheriff Downer

downey and mills

Recently on TalkShop “Constitutional Sheriff” Downey spoke about a number of issues, including staffing and law enforcement coverage of Southern Humboldt. Downey said that the “Supes” have kept his budget at the same level for the past several years, even in this tough economy.

However, costs have continued to rise in the form of health insurance, retirement costs, and disability costs. Therefore, staffing is down about 20% in part of the HCSO. He also mentioned that there was an “across the board” pay increase of 2% a couple years back that really didn’t seem to be well thought out by the County. That’s an understatement.

When Southern Humboldt started organizing and complaining about the lack of law enforcement response to their area, Supervisor Estelle Fennell, whose district is the Southern Humboldt area, wrote in response, “I must stress that the Sheriff is an independently elected official and the Board of Supervisors has no power to tell him how to run his office. Our only power is in the allotment of budget dollars and we have not made any cuts in the Sheriff’s budget.”

Sounds like the gang at the BOS and the Eureka Klown Kouncil take their budget lies from the same playbook. ‘We didn’t cut the department’ is a lie. Here’s why: If the budget stays the same, and cost’s go up, then you are forcing a department to take cuts. That’s a very simple concept. If you give employee’s a 2% raise, but don’t increase the budget, then you are cutting services by 2%. Apparently Estelle fails to grasp that concept.

So, what is the solution? According to Downey, in an ideal world, Southern Humboldt would have coverage for 18-20 hours. That’s right Sohum, even at the best staffing Downey isn’t looking to have 24 hour coverage in your area.

You might have to deal with things on your own. But never fear, Downey has a solution for that, too. You see, Sheriff Downey belongs to the right-wing, Tea Party-like organization, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer’s Association (CSPOA). Downey has put his name on a list of supporters to “Say ‘NO’ to Obama Gun Control Measures”. So, get out your assault rifles, with 100 round drum magazines and protect yourselves.


Bundy and his well armed boys

And if that doesn’t work, the CSPOA and Downey have other potential solutions; armed revolt against the government. They support armed rebellion against the Federal Government on constitutional grounds (unless it involves marijuana). According to the CSPOA:

Many of you have called or emailed regarding the storm brewing between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the BLM. We all know how we feel about the all-too-frequent bullying of individual citizens by various Feds with their usurped, unconstitutional powers. It’s an epidemic that must be stopped. Well, we want you to know we ARE doing something about it, and thankfully this time we’re not alone. Sheriff Mack is leaving early Saturday morning for an emergency trip to Bunkerville, Nevada, along with other members of the CSPOA posse (hopefully that’s some of you!) to stand vigil and find a peaceful resolution to this conflict (i.e., the feds going home).

There you go folks. Downey and the BOS have ensured through budgeting that you will have to take care of law enforcement problems on your own. Good luck, Humboldt!


30 thoughts on “Southern Humboldt’s Sheriff Downer

  1. Wow, you must not know downey or southern humboldt very well at all. talk about putting words in peoples mouths. So just because your “constitutional” you must be clive bundys friend. I cant stand how you “communist” try and smear peoples names. its just a play outta saul ulinskys rules for radicals to make your opposition seem so horriable and then bend the truth. How at all would it be a bad thing for our sheriff to obey and uphold his duty to follow the US constitution. The federal government is out of control. What you do not know is that everyone has the rights to self preservation wether its via a firearm for protection or 100 round clips in fully loaded automatic weapons. The second ammendment only says the government must not infring on this right. even if we didn’t have the second amendment, no government ever has the authority to tell someone they cannot protect themselves. Its that simple. you communist can try and take the guns away all you want, we will not let you. We know what your plans are, were not going to go along with it. And if people like the ones writing this blog think your going to have your revolution your going to be DEAD wrong.

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    • Yup. More folks like you should be heavily armed with military weapons. I can tell the USA would be a much better place. Nice to know that Downers supporters are of your ilk.


    • Happy Geet:

      Us Communists? That’s rather old school don’t you think? Kind of echos the John Birch Society and McCarthyism.

      And carries, I think, the same credibility.

      May I make a suggestion? Take a moment, calm down, write what you want to say, wait a few moments then look over what you have written. If it then makes sense, THEN show it to the public.

      This really doesn’t do you and your fellows any good.

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    • Downey ain’t no constitutionalist. He supports the establishment. He is a tool for the fools.


  2. That association is so extreme that only 3% of eligible sheriffs and departments belong to it.

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    • So Julie doesn’t want Sheriff’s to believe in protecting her constitutional rights? No surprise there.

      Many Sheriff’s don’t believe in that sort of thing. They just want power- recent Sheriff’s in Los Angeles County being an example.

      Others don’t want to publicly sign on that sort of statement because they know that many of their constituents, such as Julie and the TE, would be turned off by the thought of a Sheriff that believes in protecting rights. Makes their re- election chances sketchy.

      I admire Sheriff Downey for his courage.


      • Fred,

        HOJ believes Downey is an establishment supporter, false witness constitutional supporter.

        Believe it when actions defy words of chump change.


  3. You have proof for any of this?

    You are accusing people of crimes; that is very different than calling someone you don’t like names.

    I would suggest the TE consider removing this post (unless anonymous can prove what he is saying is true).


    • Responding to anonymous’ original post.


      • This thread got confusing, because of the accusations by an anonymous. Thanks for removing those TE. However, the fact remains, Sheriff Downey seems to have some very strange political views….even by redwood curtain standards.

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      • Politics in this County have become so heated… is it because local liberals now lean towards the progressive spectrum and the righties have taken to the Tea Party movement?


  4. My e-mail is recorded with my anonymous comment. I’d be happy to share.


  5. I would suggest you share your “proof” with all of us. You made the accusation publicly, you should prove you are telling the truth publicly too.

    Don’t get me wrong… I don’t know the people you are potentially smearing with criminal accusations. I am just very uncomfortable with this sort of innuendo being used to further what may be a personal grudge.

    Prove yourself.


  6. What’s scary is the choice was between Downey and Mike Hislop! Do you want this crazy guy, or this psychopath? Go ahead and pick your poison.


  7. are these comments in any kind of order?…man, And I thought disqus was crappy :>,

    who is temporarily suspended?… that announcement is nested after the ‘anonymous’ comment that says ‘post your email’…so what is the problem with that?
    What did anonymous say?’s 6:36 and I see nothing that should be hidden…… you should have a spot that says ‘this comment was deleted’ if that’s the dam case.

    Did you mean to post that as a reply to Geet?

    And then Mola comes along and rags on Geet about innuendo, but that is the content of this article, innuendo piled onto some factoid that Downey signed onto a list of supporters..after you TE stated that he’s a member of the you TE have such proof he’s a signed up dues paying member, and if so state it. Don’t be a McCarthyite.

    Does he have to be a member to sign onto that list?..if so I think you would have said so, so I think it’s maybe you who have written innuendo….so far.

    Perhaps you would explain, even rewrite to make clearer.

    And if he is a member, so what?..can you make a longer and more credible statement about that org, as a commentor did?

    It sure seems important, the Bundy ranch lunacy and the accused LEO complicity is very bad for any public trust, weak as that is already, so I look forward to more from you about it.

    Similar jibber jabber that we see in comments around here seem to mean that some similar situation like the Bundy ranch could happen here, not good if that’s true, and we sure need a sheriff that is not a subscriber to the kind of Sovereign Citizen nonsense seen in Nevada…and we have seen those people here as well.
    I remember a woman dragged from her truck who claimed sovereign citizenship a few years ago. I wonder how she’s doing?

    Other than that, keep at it, I support you even as I nag. I don’t nag that obsessed person of the reddish hue……


    • Sorry for the confusion, it was a previous comment by that anonymous. It contained claims that, if true, would constitute serious crimes under California Law. We’re not saying they’re false, we’re just saying there needs to be something offered as evidence.


    • JP: all I see was a link to a youtube where he talks about I don’t know what, it caused me to fall down and drool. You’ll have to do it..I am all weakish now…

      That association seems to be able to drag any sheriff into that cat box based on…whatever reason they can come up with, they want to be able to claim a big membership, I suspect their claims are inflated. Heh…

      It will take someone else to tough that out, sorry…but I don’t see a membership listed for him, and if there was one, they were sure to claim it so as they have for other sheriffs on the list…so no, this so far is a stretch and it’s still innuendo, a serious thing to be looked at, but not proof enough for me.

      TE, who’s the journalist getting the big money here, you or me?


      • Crookedest, stupidest, least educated Sheriff in the State. Apparently, the only four syllable word he knows is “America”. Whines about Prop. 215 while he protects the biggest least ethical pot growers in the County. Disgusting hypocritical politician.


    • TE censors too,

      Darned America is Looney tunes.

      Why not censor all things government? Less to think about is good!


  8. and and and.
    Sheriff Downey claimed insurance costs up…perhaps you could look into exactly if and why insurance costs have risen, when the provisions of the ACA have lowered costs for many people and employees.

    Is this because of a union negotiated contract?
    Are there missed opportunities here for savings that also keeps a good level of coverage?
    Is this a long established insurance policy that hasn’t been gone over but simply renewed year after year? Sometimes those type policies take a life of their own…
    ok…that’s all for now….but…but…


    • Yogi wrote, “…when the provisions of the ACA have lowered costs for many people and employees.

      The costs may have been lowered for some private individuals, but government is subsidizing it in pretty much all those cases. The costs aren’t being lowered as far as what government pays for. That’s at least one reason why we’re being asked for more taxes, for yet less government services.


    • Fred, the ‘government’ may or may not be raising taxes because of the ACA..not my question is it. No.

      The sheriff contract does or does not have union insurance provisions.? I am asking, I don’t it negotiated and managed thru some county office, thru the sheriff dept or where?

      Could those insurance legal requirements be met with a new approach using ACA policies?..And yes the sheriff dept hires more than 50, I’m sure there are any number of regulations and laws applicable, but I am also sure that a new look could very possibly give a cheaper insurance cost to the county taxpayer, and either a better or just as good policy to the dept members.

      The ACA is a substantial change, I hope we can make the best of it and not just keep shoveling taxpayer money to insurance companies and the brokers and not doing the best for the employees and the other tax payers.
      The sheriff is using this as an excuse/reason, so he has opened the door to examine the policy.

      So let’s examine it.

      I also have seen plenty of times that an insurance policy is bloated and very profitable, and it takes noisy public interest groups to pry that clam open and roast it.

      You should want to do that, not excuse it or explain it away.

      The national costs and issues are a pet peeve of yours, I know, but that’s not what I am talking about here. I am in favor of single payer for whatever that’s worth, but it’s also off topic.

      I think in general personal health insurance should be decoupled from the job entirely, and the employees/people paid enough for them to chose and pay for their own policy.
      That has been a scam and a profitable one since hector was a pup. …for many reasons, but it’s time to end it.

      Here that might save money and do better for the employee and the tax payer and maybe even fund unfilled positions..

      ‘I’m just askin’


    • Insurance Companies insure single family homes as industrial hash lab operations under a breach of terms. Government ain’t no different.


  9. Lots of hot air and name calling on this topic. Most of the stories and the followup comments try to keep thing above the belt. This one brought out the righties and lefties, and swinging for the fence. However is just sounds like a really foul ball.


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