The Word and The World according to Robin P. Arkley with translation

arkley conductor

Robin P. Arkley was interviewed on Talkshop earlier this week. His appearances on this show with his buddy Brian Papstien are usually a love fest filled with softball questions and Brian gushing all over Robin and treating him like he’s the “Mensa Messiah”.

We were particularly interested in this one, because of the radical downsizing of Security National and the recent “lay-off” of Randy Gans (another Talkshop regular). None of that was mentioned; just more over the top boasting, bravado and rightwing-nuttery.

Here’s the highlights: with our translations for our non 1%er audience.

Robin started the interview by quoting Ayn Rand. He said that there’s a right side of issues, and a wrong side. However, the “middle” side of issues was “evil”.

Clearly centrist thought is what has created Hilter, Stalin and Al Bagdadi


He also spoke about how surprised he was that his personal politician Virginia Bass, only won the election by a small margin. “Those of us who’ve seen Chris Kerrigan over the years, I mean, he’s kinda’ what adult parents don’t want their child to be. I mean, he hasn’t finished college. Maybe he has now, but he’s thirty. Um, he hasn’t held a full time job. That’s kinda’ the way you don’t want your kids to be. Then he ran for office, and by golly, he got 46% of the vote. Are you kidding me?”

(Robin is clearly befuddled because his supreme court has said money is speech, so Virginia was yelling while Chris whispered. How could anyone hear him, let alone vote for him?)


According to Rob, “your vote doesn’t count in California”. The democrats “always win”.

(We guess by “your vote”, he means his right wing tea bagger vote.)

robs iq

“Police Chief Mills has had some positive impact on the vagrants, but I would certainly not call it a success.”

(I still see people I don’t like walking around in public!)

“I think Obama has been a questionable leader, if you are a democrat. In other words, it’s been hard to support him and now he’s taking positions that are all but making congress irrelevant and, um, it’s making it easy to run against. And it’s not just ‘Obama-Care”, although ‘Obama-Care’….wait a month before the election. It’s gonna be loud.”

(Obama’s approval numbers have fallen to the 40% range. But Rob’s congressional friends have an 8% approval rating.)


The younger republicans are leaning libertarian and “they don’t vote on the environment and they’re not going to be made to vote on the environment. And so they’re a very interesting group and they are an asset that will be good for the republicans.”

(He’s still so bitter that Environmentalists like Pete Nichols and Larry Glass have forced him to obey the Federal Law and the State Coastal Act on his Marina Center boondoggle. Damn Environmentalists!)


“Did we want to lose Iraq and Afghanistan like we did Vietnam? No, but that’s what happened.”

According to Rob, people don’t really care about what happens in Iraq. We lost “Afghanistan and Iraq like we did Vietnam” and nobody will care what we do with regards to “Alibabba or Al Shabab”.

(Bush and Cheney milked it for all it was worth, the fun and profit gone now so what the hell…)

Ragin' Rob Arkley


“I started out a big supporter of Boehner and we actually helped him on some projects and he’s been disappointing.”

(He listened to me because I gave them $750,000. When I couldn’t contribute at that level anymore I lost my access)


“We’ve got to stop fining the banks as we are, cause it’s just prohibiting them from lending.”

(Without all these predatory lenders giving out risky loans there’s no bad paper for us to buy up and then to make a killing on)


“I consider us (Security National) a small business.”

(We’ve had to downsize by about 80%)


“Small business is everything, big business doesn’t matter.”


(Now that we’re radically downsized, small is cool. And, maybe if I can get some access, I can get tax breaks and federal subsidies to help my small business!)


12 thoughts on “The Word and The World according to Robin P. Arkley with translation

  1. Arkley could have done so much good with his money. Instead, he is the poster child for what not to do.


  2. Thank goodness King Rob is back. His bought and paid for Humboldt politicians need some more direction. They also need cash, so the Brady bunch can keep the conservative stranglehold on Eureka! “Marina Center, jobs, jobs, jobs” just doesn’t have the same pull as last election cycle. What will the king come up with to sell these morons this time?


  3. Rob and Cherie are on the splitsville, my thoughts are with their children


    • Whoa! Has Rob’s philandering with crazy restaurant owners finally caught up with him?


    • Rob on KINS is must-listen radio. Thanks for this post. It is so fun to listen to Papstein’s adulation of Rob. Cheers for the mention of Rob the racist with the alibaba crack and use of the term “vagrants”.

      I also liked the admission that business can be pretty authoritarian too. If Brian tried to open a shop in one of Rob’s malls, chances are he would not be allowed to be closed on Sundays. That’s kinda a big deal, and I think it’s a meme that we miss on the left. The mundane monotony and actual lack of freedom associated with our 1% run society. Freedom my left foot. The “free” market is actually extremely interested in not providing actual choice and that was an example of how that works.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Denise. This is the type of information I’d rather not talk about in this kind of forum. As much as I disagree with Rob, this is not about his personal life and my hopes would be for Rob and his family to be happy and content in their personal lives. imho.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I agree LJ. I shouldn’t be bringing up his affair with the former Avalon owner. That was in poor taste. His politics are so atrocious I should stay in that field. Sorry Rob and Cherie.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Yea Rob who once used the excuse that he was essentially ” protecting” his daughters from big bad local negative images of the Arkley name. Doesn’t seem to have done much since then to back up that lame excuse he used. Rob just seems to keep screwing himself more and more by his own blind ego.


  5. Jp. Wish I could have read your comment. I see no value in tabloid politics. Good luck with that. We are human. If, somehow shit like John Edwards pulled crosses over from the tabloids to the mainstream, then I will judge. In part because John Edwards used his position to cover up his incredible creepiness. Having said that. If it was passed the primary I would have voted for him.

    If I had the button, unsubstantiated and possibly even known personal stuff would be deleted. I think our arguments are important and powerful on their own, they don’t require to be mixed with tabloid moralism.

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  6. As long as he has a sand box to play in, even though diminished in economic size, He still can kick sand around causing havoc to all those unlucky to be near by. I don’t think his way of doing things is what was meant by the phrase “BULLY PULPIT.” A gigantic ego in a little sand box. I sure wish the truth fairy would sprinkle him with some of her most powerful soul searching truth dust. Where is Walt Disney when you need him?


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