Bass loses the majority of Eureka; It’s time to regroup

Chris wins Eureka

The Bass camp must be stunned by her loss of the majority of The City of Eureka in her otherwise successful reelection campaign for the 4th District Supervisor seat. In an apparent response, Virginia posted a “my word” opinion piece today in the times-standard. (sorry no link at this time)

She is certainly gracious in victory over her “slacker opponent”, the real sub text here is the desire to rehabilitate her future political career.

Starting with the stunning defeat of Cheri Arkley by Peter Lavelle, Virginia has always been viewed by her Republican backers as the best hope for winning back a state office for north coast conservatives. Hence her first mission was to take out Lavelle as mayor. Then her next target was long time Supervisor Bonnie Neely, who had the audacity to stand up to Robin Arkley. After taking out Neely, she was well on her way to her original mission, to position herself for an state assembly or state senate race.

Well, there was a little bump in her political expressway to Sacramento. His name is Chris Kerrigan. Kerrigan, who jumped in the race late when it looked like Virginia would run unopposed, had a uphill financial battle from before the beginning, with the huge Bass war chest left over from 2010.

Kerrigan was handed a great issue when Virginia appointed the slumlord owner of the Downtowner motel Kevin Mckinney to the planning Commission. This, and a great door to door campaign gave him a real shot.

It’s quite a tight rope act for Virginia, who has to be a Democrat to be elected to a state office, while keeping all of her Republican/Developer backers happy.

Chris did a great job in a relatively short time of challenging the Bass political machine. Suddenly Virginia doesn’t look so unstoppable.


3 thoughts on “Bass loses the majority of Eureka; It’s time to regroup

  1. wow I like Chris’s chances if he runs for City Council!

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  2. I’m sure Virginia as the devoted faux democrat she and Matt are will be devoted to their republican backers in the future. Chris resonated with a lot of voters which gives me hope for real democrats in future races. We need to motivate people to get out and vote !

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  3. “Time to regroup”?

    One group has never lost political dominance while the other keeps playing by the same rules and expecting a different outcome.


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