Cheap Gas!…….In this town?

cheap gasTravelers south from Eureka are always shocked when they see the Gas prices in small town Willits, Ca. We’ve seen gas as much as a 50 cents per gallon cheaper. This disparity in gas prices as continued long after the arrival of gas at Costco, that was supposed to lessen or even end the consistently higher prices Humboldters pay for gas.

That’s why this story that Bill Holmes sent to us is so very interesting; not that our Supervisors would ever be so forward thinking and bold.

Tired of high prices, a city council voted to open a public gas station. A Kentucky Town Gets Into the Gasoline Business.               (By Gregg Laskoski June 18, 2014 US News & World Report)

In Somerset, Kentucky, folks are angry about high gas prices. And elected officials there have questioned the prices that local distributors charge retailers. They say Somerset has become “an island of high gasoline prices,” with prices often 20 to 30 cents per gallon higher than neighboring towns and throughout Kentucky.

High gas prices annoy just about everybody, but in Somerset – where the median household income is just $27,000, well below the state median of $41,000 – it’s understandable why they felt compelled to do more than talk about it.

With a 10-0 vote, the city council authorized the city to enter into agreements to make purchases necessary for equipment (i.e., gas pumps) to provide gasoline for sale to the public from the city’s gasoline bulk plant. The fuel center’s storage capacity includes 40,000 gallons of gasoline; 40,000 gallons of diesel; and 20,000 gallons of off-road diesel. It also houses Somerset’s compressed natural gas fueling operations, which serves the city’s own fleet and was reportedly the first private natural gas fueling site in the state.

Somerset approved a plan to buy gasoline from Continental Refining Co., a local refinery, and will set the price based on an average of cities within a 50-mile radius. Sales to the public are expected to begin in a few weeks. Mayor Eddie Girdler has said the city’s gas would cost less than what’s currently offered at stations around town and his economic coordinator, George Wilson, says the setup will be simple.

The Associated Press reports that Somerset won’t sell cigarettes or anything else, only regular gasoline. An attendant will be on duty, probably from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., but maybe later, to allow customers to pay by cash or credit card. Gasoline will be available at the pumps 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using credit cards.

Let’s hope their initiative rewards them. Will Somerset be able to sell gas at better prices? Will it be able to run a retail operation at a break-even level so taxpayers aren’t subsidizing themselves? Stay tuned! This just might become the kind of public-private partnership that towns and cities across the country try to replicate.

7 thoughts on “Cheap Gas!…….In this town?

  1. Eureka should do this has a way to fund the zoo. A municipal gas station; then they could stop stealing and lying about the measure o money.


  2. Renner would shit their pants if anyone tried that up here

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  3. Is that a school bus filling station on Giuntoli near West End Road in Arcata? It might be a perfect spot to share with a government operated open-to-the-public filling station.


  4. If your little town stinks like a little Mafia town then maybe it is a stinking little Mafia town. Been that way since the 30’s. How do you think the mob got Canadian booze into California? Get over it.


  5. So now we have a little socialist enclave in Kentucky! I’m wondering why the Coke bros haven’t sued the shit out of Somerset yet for interfering with their god given right to free market fuck over everyone. The “free market” is alive and well in Humboldt County and that’s why we have some of the highest gas prices in the US. The faux dems on our BOS and city council would never approve such a socialistic notion as a public gas dock. They were put into office by Arkley to promote the HumCPR agenda and they have delivered faithfully. Helping out the public being gouged by the local gas cartel is not something they would want to be involved with since the “free market” will take care of that problem, wink, wink.

    Other towns have strung their own fiber optic cable and provided high speed internet at much faster speeds and less cost than our ATT and Suddenlink in this area. Fat chance of that ever happening with the good old boy crowd in charge of government here. Of course funding that job creating east west railroad on the taxpayers dime and then turning it over to the private sector to run at a profit would be an ok socialist venture for the free market capitalists in this county.

    And our local economic engine the growers, flush with cash, buy giant diesel trucks as status symbols and could care less if their diesel is 30 or 40 cents higher than anywhere else. Hell, just pot a few more plants and pay the cartel what they want for diesel. They are at least reducing their carbon footprint with those massive custom exhausts that enable everyone to hear that turbine winding up blocks away……..

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