More taxpayer dollars to be flushed down the SHN(t) hole

No worries! Measure O has made us rich.

No worries! Measure O has made us rich.


The City is up to it’s old ‘fast and loose’ monetary policy with taxpayer money again. We’ve written numerous post’s about the SHN debacle and the Martin Slough Interceptor. At last count, Eureka was looking at a possible $13.03 million dollar travesty with this liquid gold pipe to Cutten.

Well, guess what? The costs keep going up. This Tuesdays City Council meeting has an agenda item for……more money to the ‘Consultants’ on the Martin Slough interceptor. SHN, who may have already cost the city millions in a potential lawsuit with APEX Drilling, is slated to get another $275,000. Along with the other named ‘Consultants’, the City will likely approve another $315,400 in the Martin Slough sinkhole.

In these lean budget times, while Public Safety takes a cut, it’s nice to see the Eureka Council putting out Eureka taxpayer money to benefit their crony’s and the area of Cutten. Keep up the corrupt work while you can, because hopefully this November the voters actually show up to the polls and vote out this “Klowncil”!


5 thoughts on “More taxpayer dollars to be flushed down the SHN(t) hole

  1. This is a huge scandal. It’s context, eluded to here, is not being reported due to the fear of the Good Ol’ Boys, their land attorneys, and the political hacks dominating every elected and appointed seat in the county.

    They’re readying themselves for the next housing bubble by keeping regulations at bay.

    It’s too much to ask for local media to actually inform the public that the Martin Slough Interceptor was needed a generation ago at a total cost of $4 million, delayed for decades while local Greedheads filled their pockets with multi-million dollar Cutten subdivisions.

    The General Plan has been delayed in the service of this ongoing corruption.

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    • Jane, I agree that a spelling error isn’t significant, but also think that pointing out such errors is constructive.

      Spelling errors can reduce the credibility of the ideas presented. And especially an error that’s a homonym gives the impression that the writer didn’t notice the error because (s)he’s not completely literate. Perhaps auto spell check is always the fault, perhaps not.

      In any event no one should take offense at their errors being identified and it shouldn’t distract other commenters, unless its chronic. Also, seems to be a Humboldt thing that some clever commenters create these errors for comic or sarcastic effect


  2. e·lude
    past tense: eluded; past participle: eluded
    evade or escape from (a danger, enemy, or pursuer), typically in a skillful or cunning way.

    past tense: alluded; past participle: alluded
    suggest or call attention to indirectly; hint at.

    re: first sentence of first comment


    • Everyone knew what Anonymous meant. Isn’t it more important to discuss ideas rather than try to embarrass people over spelling/punctuation/word misuse? Did you have anything to add to the discussion?

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  3. Uh, Anon Y Mous is correct….and the words clown and council were spelled incorrectly by the poster, too. It’s so much more of a meatier subject than what is being displayed here.


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