Welcome to Andy Mill’s new improved Eureka

Here's how Andy Mills wants you to see Eureka

Here’s how Andy Mills wants you to see Eureka

The Gang members who were assaulted with a deadly weapons all knew each other, so it’s all good. Nothing to do here folks, just forget about it. As Murl used to tell us, in Eureka there are no gangs and certainly no retaliation. This is a ‘Crazy White Boy'(CWB) not some truly scary Black, Latino or Asian gang-banger, right? Surely suspending an attempted murder case with viable suspect information won’t have any ‘blowback’, because the 18th Street gang is known for forgiving and forgetting, not retaliation.

Acacia Raskin, 19, was waiting to cross the street to the Fourth Street court­house entrance around 10:30 a.m. Thursday when a man who she said she has never seen before came up behind her, grabbed her in between her legs and groped her, while report­edly putting his head next to her face.

Broad daylight sexual assaults never happen in Downtown Eureka! Not that you ever heard about anyway.   So what make this different? Oh ya, it happened in front of two members of law enforcement and a suspect (who was just released on OR) was arrested unlike the all the others that nobody ever hears about. On top of that, the victim contacted the local media (that’s why her name appears instead of remaining confidential). If she hadn’t contacted the media, this might have been another Eureka crime swept under the rug.

Well, Andy, time for another devotional prayer breakfast on the taxpayers dime, because that’s the only thing that’s going to help your “Don’t tell – Don’t ask – head in the sand” policing policy to work.

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22 thoughts on “Welcome to Andy Mill’s new improved Eureka

  1. That’s why so few stores in Downtown/Old Town stay open late. Particularly stores with Women employees and a female customer base.
    The are sooooo many sex offenders in this town.


  2. What’s the big deal? Like the Chief says, if you project the positive the negative will disappear (or something like that). The real problem is that sometimes the local media and blogs catch wind of the negative (get a scoop on one of the daily crime wave stories). If he could just put a stop to that, we’d all be much better off!

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  3. Sure, it’s the Police Chief’s fault.

    Nothing to do with the moron heading the DA’s office, now, and after January 2015. Nothing to do with attorneys making big money and deals to keep their scummy clients out of jail.

    Nothing to do with defense attorneys who beg and plead and ask their clients be released on OR. Nothing to do with realignment that allows meth heads to get a slap on the wrist over and over again. Nothing to do with the touch feely Kumbaya attitudes towards drugs in this town.

    Catchy headline, TE staff. People need to stop feeding their addiction on crime on blogs and get off their collective asses and tell Sacramento to fund drug rehab programs and put criminals that keep committing crime in jail.

    Follow the money TE, if you care, not just when it suits you.


    • Mills policies don’t have anything to do with your lame blathering prog attack.
      If your Progressive or Conservative there’s nothing to like about the Mills regime. Only the entrenched good old boys at EPD seem to be happy.


    • So the chief hiding information about the high crime rate in Eureka is caused by progressives? Or the lack of effective response by EPD? What point are you trying to make?

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    • Ohh…I get it. The high paid lawyers are causing the PD to not arrest attempted murder suspects and hide info from the public. Darn progressive high paid lawyer’s….they are definately the REAL problem.

      Now stop questioning the Police people. It’s the progressives and defence attorneys who are to blaim for Eureka’s lack of effective law enforcement. Look away, look away!


  4. As long as the rich are not affected, crime will go on unchallenged. Rich grower, rich corporate CEO, rich generational small business man.

    Rich Democrat or Rich Republican, they don’t care.


  5. High rolla and huh typical dumb progs to the defense. It isn’t hiding information or a media scoop when the Times-Standard and LOCO listen to scanners and “break news” before the police are done investigating and release information.

    Besides your blathering attack on me because you cannot deal or have a clue about the truth, what have YOU done to help lessen crime?

    Join a neighborhood watch? Ever stood up for a victim of crime?

    It is you progs that elected Paul Gallegos the DA disaster and could not even show up to vote in the last election.

    You progs talk and talk criticize. When it comes to action, you do nothing.


  6. And it is you touchy feely progs that want the scum who groped the woman in front of the Courthouse out of jail because incarceration is bad. Lets feed the addict who cant get his shit together and be a man.

    Never take responsibility, the prog mantra.


  7. JP we will see if Fleming changes anything. She will be worse than Paul. She didn’t win this election. Rex Bohn and the Sheriff crew did on her behalf.

    You aren’t man enough. Typing behind a screen is easy.

    Crime is rampant because idiots like you vote for a DA with no clue about the problem.

    There is no non-argument, you have no facts except insults. Typical prog.


    • Who says I’m a man? Btw-didn’t catch your name Anonymous man typing behind the screen. Hypocritical much? Last response idiot. I’ve already wasted too much time giving you time. Later typicalprog hater.

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    • The idiot comment was meant toward me, not you. Sorry if it seemed otherwise proghater.

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    • The best part of your name (besides the clear labeling) is that your initials are TP – just what is needed to clear up after the spew yer spouting here.

      Most Anti-progs I know (besides yerself of course) are polite, educated, and understanding than ol’ TP here… Maybe yer just trolling and trying to give the anti-prog movement a black eye. Or mebbe two of them. See the user picture for understanding.


  8. I didn’t think it was up to the PD to decide whether to press charges once a report was made.

    Maybe the cops are getting paid from the gangs or somehow turning a profit with these gangs, or maybe the gangs have something to hold over the cops making the cops complacent?


  9. I’m pretty confident this sexual assaulter will be out on the streets again. I hope this blog will follow up.
    The prog hating green arrow has been missing awhile from this blog. He/She must have been busy campaigning for Bass.

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  10. I know I sound like a broken record, but is nobody bothered by the fact that the Police Cheif for EUREKA lives in ARCATA. Actions speak louder than words and that one says it all as far as how invested Cheif Mills really is.


    • ekanfromdows:

      No, not at all. It’s a very telling bit of information.

      If I were house hunting that bit of information would cause me to avoid Eureka like the plague, even if I didn’t know anything about the place.

      It’s kind of like the captain of a sinking ship standing in a lifeboat floating on the sea and shouting to the passengers still on board, “Don’t panic, everything is just fine.”

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    • You know what they say “don’t shit where you live”. Seems like that’s what’s going on here. Just business.

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