Albin and Newman have challengers now its Brady’s turn. Run! Chris Run!

Kim Walford-Bergel and Natalie Arroyo

Kim Walford-Bergel and Natalie Arroyo

The stage is set for what many have been waiting for since the Arkley bought and not paid for election in 2010.

No bogus measure N to drive the far right and gullible to the polls, there is a real chance for dignity and competence to return to City Hall.

A key factor is a decision by Chris Kerrigan; whether he wastes his political capital on a pointless run for Mayor, or he goes all in for the citizens of Eureka and runs for the last unopposed open city council seat.

The three of you could restore transparency and accountability to the City of Eureka, especially when it comes to revealing how the measure O moneys have actually been spent.

Also, by charting a plan for strict accountability and consensus on how Measure Q money will be spent, should it pass.

You three could hire a real City Attorney that actually understands and will follow Municipal Laws and commonly understood laws/best practices regarding personnel.

A genuine apology can be finally be made the Wiyot people.

Stop funding crazy ass Arkley schemes like the “never going to happen” East-West railroad.

Focus on actions the will stimulate and sustain living wage jobs in Eureka

Start putting pressure on Arkley and Union Pacific to clean up the Balloon Track.

Promote a change to a true ward voting system in Eureka

Direct the Police Chief change from Third World policing policies back to something that looks like equal justice and involvement for all Eurekans.

It can happen if you RUN! Chris RUN!

for City Council

for City Council


31 thoughts on “Albin and Newman have challengers now its Brady’s turn. Run! Chris Run!

  1. This could be a sweep. Too many fake promises and failed opportunities on this current council. Where are all those promised jobs? Time for a change. Kim, Natalie, and hopefully Chris, thanks for stepping up.

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  2. Time to kick the Brady bunch to the curb. The Crime wave has happen all on their watch, and now a 10% cut in police and fire! No Way! Throw these bums out!

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  3. Don’t forget support for measure R “The Fair Wage Act”. The Klown Kouncil was silent on that important issue.

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  4. I think Chris is termed out. Surprised that no one else has mentioned it, so maybe I’m wrong.


  5. From Jager’s 2008 campaign:

    When I was on the Eureka City Council in 90’s I helped initiate the waterfront improvement at the foot of F street. I have the skills and desire to finish the job that was started back then….
    After talking with many of the voters in our community they are almost unanimous in their #1 concern — Jobs.


  6. Liberal Jon is too busy blogging and talking about stuff he has no clue about. No time to read!


  7. Ok. Guess I deserved that. Another issue then. Chris does not live in the 1st.


  8. He can move Liberal Jon. Yet again, you show that you have no knowledge of local rules or politics.

    Instead of instantly typing, learn to listen and read. Not knowing information is okay. You annoy me because you have no clue, make no effort to educate yourself, yet feel you need to comment on the local political scene.


    • I owned up to the earlier unknown known, but this one I don’t deserve.

      Moving to run – ie carpet bagging – is not something that I’m down with. If Chris did it, of course he’d still get my support because in the end a vote must be a balance of all things considered*, but I would call him out on it because it would not set a good president.

      Also, I’m OK with not knowing everything as I wish more people would be. There is a lot to know and we all have our areas of specialization.

      The problem is when people are afraid to ask questions or are discouraged from getting involved.

      Sorry to annoy you, remember, you can always scroll down.

      * Which, btw, is why I had to vote for McGuire, Woods, and Huffman earlier this month dispite how disappointed I was in their endorsements. I didn’t say one publically positive word that I remember, but when in that ballot booth, I really had no choice.

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      • Lay off Jon. He does more in a day for progressive causes than most of you would-be pundits do in a year. I for one have no problem with “carpetbagging” within Eureka . Their screwy electoral system almost encourages it.

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  9. Wow Julie. That means a great deal coming from you. ty. 🙂 [but I still disagree with you on Eureka carpetbagging ;)]


  10. Jon and Julie sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G….


  11. Yes Julie, Jon is a good boy and does what he is told. Carpetbagging is good when people you approve of do it.

    Glass moved. He lost. Chris and Sharon ran on a single issue. They lost.

    When you and Liberal Jon can actually get people motivated to vote, your blog blabber matters.

    The People lost because you and Jon are too busy blogging instead of getting out the vote.

    When you or Jon actually do something to help seniors, low income folks by volunteering your time and money; not other’s money, you get to claim you did something to make a difference.

    Talk is cheap.


    • You are absolutely right DS. If only more couples would find more time after having to move from one to 2.5 incomes in my lifetime to own a home and secure a retirement. Then invest the extra they make in contributing to the social safety net through their chosen non-profit. Then after working their second 34 th hr of their second job (employer won’t allow more than 34 hrs as he would have to pay benefits) they need to volunteer their time.

      Duh Julie and me! Pay no attention to this* and it’s influence on our economy and our politics. Just pull up your bootstraps and start helping people if you are one of the selected few kinda making ends meet.

      Julie – step away from the keyboard! So says the anons.


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    • Since you have absolutely no knowledge of my activities or finances it’s YOUR talk that is worthless. Or should I say, “blog blabber”.

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  12. Brady moved from her “boyfriend’s” to the 1st. Newman moved into the 3rd just in time to run. As long as councilmembers are elected city wide, it doesn’t make much real difference. If it does to you, vote Brady and Newman OUT. I’m sure going to do everything I can to vote them OUT.


    • Exactly, and the left mentions that a lot and they should. If we start encouraging our candidates to do the same, well, that argument means nothing anymore.

      The at-large voting system is broken. The rule that the candidate has to live in the district is the only working (ish) part of that rule. It is a left of center argument that people should be represented by one of their own and we should stick to that.

      Even if it means a good candidate can’t run. And btw, shouldn’t because I do believe Chris can and should do more. I also believe there are 10’s of people who would make great candidates and councilmembers if they can be convinced to enter the fray.

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  13. There’s never been an elected or appointed office in this county, except Arcata and Trinidad, that wasn’t dominated by the development industry.

    Until more than 30% of eligible voters begin voting that’s never going to change.

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    • Get out there and get to work like I plan to. The reality is that we are going to every door we have the person power to reach. More people volunteering means more doors. Here’s a thought, maybe join a political organization that is built to affect change? “Well it’s too darn conservative and status quo” I hear you say.
      You can help change that.

      Another option is to work to build a progressive infrastructure that lasts between the elections and helps find candidates and gives them a head start.

      There are oodles of options. Step one is putting down that keyboard and getting out there. (or do both)

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    • So Chris Kerrigan and Peter Lavallee were “dominated by the development industry”? Don’t think so. (Just for two examples). Agree about the voting.

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  14. If Bergel keeps scapegoating homeless/poor/panhandlers she will lose my support. Bottom line. I will stay home or vote for a third candidate.


    • I heard her mention “aggressive panhandlers” but nothing about “scapegoating homeless/poor”.
      Father, surely you recognize the difference.


  15. “So Chris Kerrigan and Peter Lavallee were “dominated by the development industry”? Don’t think so. (Just for two examples). Agree about the voting.”

    I don’t know how long you’ve lived here Julie but I count only 6 Eureka city council candidates winning without the support of the development industry, going back to Jean Warnes a generation ago and even she had a little of their support…(out of dozens of candidates over that period of time).

    When only 30% of the potential electorate vote, lefty candidates must temper their values if not discard them altogether in order to appeal to some of their opponents in order to actually win. It’s a national problem and disgrace guaranteeing perpetual wars, unregulated banks, continuing job exports and offshore tax havens, and the 3rd housing bubble since 1980, (the reason developers control local politics).

    And yet, not one candidate or ballot initiative group has ever canvassed this rural city’s vast majority of ignored non-voters. Maybe our local “politicos” enjoy retaining their membership among a tiny group of “winners”, not an uncommon human behavior. In a more cynical view, there is $ to be made in keeping a political system complex and costly to operate in the absence of voters and popular movements/candidates.

    Instead of spending a generation repeating the same political strategy and expecting a different outcome, the logical alternative is to join any candidate or initiative offering to canvass, educate and register non-voting households, (the majority).

    See you at the July 1st Measure “R” meeting Jon??

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  16. Kerrigan had the support of many familiar names of developers his first term. Not his second, and he had to fight like Hell, something like $120,000 against Bohn’s $90,000?

    Leonard ran on a campaign to limit the size of big boxes (a popular issue that launched Patty Berg’s political career), and he won the liberal vote, however, once in office he voted against limiting the size of big boxes and he won the developer’s support for his second term.

    There’s Larry Glass and Linda Atkins. Peter Lavallee wasn’t a council member.

    Gupton was middle-of-the-road, I don’t recall what he did that rubbed Arkley the wrong way.

    So, maybe there were only 6 real democrats winning over the last generation, yet, never a majority in a democrat-majority town? And no one with the common sense to canvass the majority, (non-voters)!?

    Without the voters, November’s challengers will, once again, need to appeal to the Right to win. Their physical attraction (the Bass-strategy) is a good start. Women have always had to play the same old game far better and smarter than men to excel in this culture.

    Latour’s credentials, experience and independence would have presented an interesting sea-change for this county, as would have Cheryl Seidner, someone with actual leadership credentials next to Bohn’s command of old-timey adages and satire…when he isn’t spinning fantasies.

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