Modern day version of the 1850’s gold rush.

Lots of people live in Humboldt County don’t get out much and don’t stray too far from town. We are always surprised when we talk with fellow Humboldters who seem oblivious to the invasion that has been taking place in the Emerald Triangle (Southern and Eastern parts of Humboldt county. Western and Southern Trinity county and Northern Mendocino).

People from all over North American, hell even the world, are showing up to take part in the modern version of the 1850’s gold rush.

Just like in the last gold rush, the steady, dependable money is in the supply chain. One can only marvel at the never ending string of tractor-tailors rigs hauling bagged fertilizer to Laytonville, Dinsmore, Garberville and Hayfork.

bags at store

The small town hardware stores and family markets that have turned into giant garden supply stores.

We recently talked a small fleet truck operator who told us “we started with and couple of trucks in the late eighties hauling wood products. Now we have a Dozen trucks and we haul grow supplies all over Northern California”.

For those of you that are “town bound” we suggest you read today essay in LoCO to get the true flavor of life in the rural Emerald Triangle.



4 thoughts on “Modern day version of the 1850’s gold rush.

  1. But I thought the property rights movement was for promoting rural values. This busy-ness you speak of makes it seem like the rural isn’t as rural as it used to be.


  2. The Gold Rush is predicated on unlimited water costing the price of a pump and a hose, a Gold Rush that encompasses far more than pot and one of the big reasons water regulations and enforcement are not forthcoming.

    Instead of dirt, those big rigs will soon be carrying water. We’re already seeing regular incidents of water theft and a board of supervisors too busy easing regulations to think about the inevitable water wars.

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  3. what happens when all these people from the east coast who don’t know the climate here, run out of water next month. Seems like they’ll start turn on each other pretty fast.


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