Andy Mills wants Eureka to forget all about the 18th St Gang

alley grafitti

old gang tags with in sight of the apartment

As the crime wave in Eureka continues, EPD Chief Andy Mills continues to try keeping all of our heads buried in the sand. A look at the Eureka Police website shows that EPD has only 2 official press releases this year; “Operation Safe Tweets” and “Neighborhood Input Meetings”. A look through the older press releases shows a significant drop in the amount of information being put out to the public, even in the dark days of Murl Hapham’s tenor.

Yesterday, Lost Coast Outpost reporter Hank Sims got the scoop on an early morning stabbing on California Street in Eureka:

Thank goodness the Outpost got the scoop, otherwise we might never have known about the violent assault. bullet holesEPD released very little information about the stabbing, other than the victims information and that it might have been gang related. One of the victims was Thomas Frank. You might remember him from another possibly gang related incident involving a shooting:

The Examiner did some asking around, and learned fairly quickly that Thomas Frank is reportedly a dangerous member of the 18th Street gang, who was released from prison within the past 2 years. This is the same gang that has been accused of committing numerous violent acts in Eureka, including murders, but the public is basically unaware of this serious situation because of the lack of information from EPD.

del norte st graf

18 st gang tag

All that the public has to do is look around Eureka and see the amount of gang graffiti to see how prevalent the problem is. Driving by the crime scene at the corner of California and Harris, Examiner staff were able to see numerous gang related tags on fences and buildings. The same types of graffiti could be seen in the area around the Royal Inn, where a gang related murder took place last year:

What is EPD doing to address the local gang violence and crime? Should we all stay inside with our doors locked, for fear of being attacked? How many crimes in Eureka are actually gang related? These questions are pretty difficult to answer, given the total blackout of information from the supposedly transparent police department.

It’s time for Andy Mills to start practicing what he preaches. Community Oriented Policing involves keeping the public informed and engaged.


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9 thoughts on “Andy Mills wants Eureka to forget all about the 18th St Gang

  1. I remember a few years ago under Chief Nielsen there was quite an effort put out to lower gang violence. How things have changed……..

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  2. It isn’t a scoop when you scanner jump and call the police before a press-release is issued. Police need to take care of business instead of calling the blogs.

    The police did say they were investigating if there was gang involvement.

    All LOCO does is reprint press releases and the Times-Standard labels press releases as breaking news.

    All TE does is take stuff and twist it to suit your political agenda. You are just Heraldo regurgitated.

    For original news, try the Northcoast Journal.

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  3. I remember Garr coming to our neighborhood watch meeting when it looked like MS13 was gaining a foot hold in Eureka in 2009.We were pretty freaked out. Well Garr and his department ran those guys right out of here, in pretty short order. He shared information with us and used us as his eyes and ears.
    We felt a lot safer when Garr was Chief.

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    • Are you sure they left. I saw some M3 tags in Arcata a while back. I have to log out now but maybe we can try to keep track.


  4. If I understand correctly, 18th St is connected to the Salvadoran paramilitary organizations from the 1980s civil war there. 18th St is what hundreds of thousands of children are fleeing right now into Mexico, the US, anywhere they can get out of El Salvador and Honduras.
    I first saw 18st graffiti in Eureka about a year and a half ago at the foot of the Samoa bridge. Tags filtered south and west, each new tag seeming to correspond with a stabbing reported in the paper, until they reached some x4 and x3 and ESC tags. I am no criminal expert but I know how to look at the back of a stop sign and see tags. They are like Bank of America and JP Morgan, international businesses, a difference being these have street armies. A year or so ago there was a big alliance reported in the T-S between the Surenos, 18th st and another organization – somehow the business alliance got disrupted in southern California but I wonder if it isn’t still functional. I worry. We have a billion dollar economy in this county. Are we about to have another Maxxam?


  5. The sur tag is not 18th street.

    That’s sureno- 13 southern California gang opposite
    Norteno -14 northern California gang

    Humboldt countys 18th st was started by white tweakers that had friends from LA that knew of the gang

    Much worse threats on Eureka streets that you have no clue about due to our poor reporting system locally


    • Feel free to enlighten us readers about the more dangerous threats, please. If the press our blogs aren’t informing us, it would be good to hear from a commenter in the know.


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