The Eureka City Council’s ironic and distorted vision

If the stars align just right, and the Mercury retrograde doesn’t have a negative effect, than the Town Downer might actually become an asset to the community, instead of the dilapidated cesspool that’s been an eyesore in Eureka for far too many Downer sign

On Tuesdays Eureka City Council Meeting, representatives from DANCO communities and City Staff presented the council with plans for low income senior housing that could become a reality, if the federal and state grant funding is allotted to the City. This housing is costly, over 8 million dollars, which works out to about $161,000 dollars per unit. However, the project would serve a critical need to the City. All of the units would cost between $500-650 per month, and would only be rented to low income seniors for at least the next 50 years.

What did strike us as amazing is that the city isn’t touting this project as one of the reason’s they’re asking for a continuation of Measure ‘O’. This project, which on it’s face seems like a good investment, will cost the city quite a bit of money. On the front end, Eureka will be contributing $800,000 dollars to the construction. That money won’t be paid back. Also, the City will be loaning DANCO $1,000,000 at the very reasonable rate of 3% interest.

fishingIf the project ends up being what it’s being sold as, the Examiner is very supportive of this new housing. However, why won’t the city be truthful about where the Measure ‘O’ funding will be spent? If it’s for project’s like senior housing, infrastructure, and public safety, then why not be transparent when asking for the funds?

The irony of this councils meeting and discussion wasn’t lost on Examiner staff. In this meeting the council voted in favor of arguments supporting the tax extension, because without the money the city would be in “uncharted waters”. The meeting also touched on the fact that all departments have been directed to lower their budgets by 10%, even though Measure ‘O’ funds are still coming in.

This council, in one meeting, failed to;support a minimum wage increase (besides Atkins), supported the continuation of prior tax increases (Measure ‘O’), supported spending money on new housing, supported an across the board decrease in funding for all city departments of 10%, supported cutting (actually getting rid of) positions in the police department, and supported not getting new gloves or wearable gear for firefighters.

WTF kind of vision does this bunch of Klowns have for the city?

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14 thoughts on “The Eureka City Council’s ironic and distorted vision

  1. How charming that the City and its taxpayers are bailing Mr, McKenny out of his dilemma. He should have the decency to resign from the Planning Commission.

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    • jtimmons88:

      Totally agree. Please allow me to tack on a (hopefully) related thought.

      I always find it curious when people flush with cash and means come to the Feds, the State, the County and the City for money. And they do this without a hint of embarrassment; yet at the same time complain about the encroachment of government on the daily lives of the simple entrepreneur.

      “Just stay out of our business”, they complain, “and let our Capitalist System work it’s magic.”

      These are the same ones who then complain we are living in a Socialist Welfare State.

      So we are. I guess it’s just a matter of who benefits.

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  2. When the city releases where they spent the last 4 million, then maybe we could think about extending this tax. They have faught tooth and nail not to have to disclose where the money goes. next thing you know they will pull the new IRS trick on us and destroy the hard drive that contains where the money goes. The police really dont need more money. when a person can be arrested with over 2 pounds of meth and be released without bail. do we really need cops anymore.not to mention the person arrested with the meth had been busted before with a gun and meth.Really no sense even wastng gas arresting people that never spend time in jail and are released before there meth high even wears off to be back in community to rob some more people. A much better use of the tax money for the police would be to have gun safety and concealed carry classes so the citizens can do what the police cant. Not the polices fault by no means.They do there part to only have the sheriff release them. So until there are more jail beds and not 20 cells and 20,000 square feet of office space like the sheriff purposed.we dont need office space plenty of out of buisness buinesses to use for office space.But until there is room in the jail officers should just site and release on the spot and save 1000’s of hours and 1000’s of gallons of gas driving these people to the jail. why waste an hour to drive suspect to jail house and all the gas to just have suspect released. just site and release onthe spot.why cant we have work confinemnet in tent in the jail parking lot. if the criminals new they would be sweeping the streets,cleaning up homeless camps, painting city buildings,mowing city parks and properties. instead of just being released they might slow up a bit. many of states have tent jails for low risk inmates. and if these subjects are just being released they must be low security


  3. The article states my primary concern for what the City of Fortuna is up to.

    The City Council here is enthralled by Eureka’s Measure O and are considering their own Public Safety sales tax.

    Like Measure O, the money will not be for the exclusive use of public safety departments but will be a General Fund tax to be used at the City Council’s discretion.

    How this tax is sold to the people will determine whether I support it or not. If the City of Fortuna is honest about the use of the money, I’ll support it. If they do the “pass it or fall to the barbarians” approach Eureka uses, I won’t.

    I think they are still working out the details. As far as I am concerned, they still have the chance to do this right or do it wrong.

    And now that I think on it, the County of Humboldt is also considering a sales tax for public safety.

    Measure O certainly has been an inspiration, hasn’t it?


  4. Glad to see Linda Atkins stand up to these fools once and awhile, maybe if Chris runs for Council she’ll be braver.

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  5. If you are a low income senior making $800 or a few dollars more, how is $550 or $600 for rent affordable?

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  6. Doesn’t the price per unit for small, “affordable” apartments seem high?

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  7. How did Linda Atkins vote on the resolution in favor of renewing Measure O?


  8. Imagine for a moment if we had a real journalist attending this single city council meeting.

    “Speculator Keven McKenny burdens rural Eureka with 15 years of blight next to Eureka’s only landmark hotel, he is appointed to the county planning commission and the supervisor that appointed him is reelected. Miraculously, $800,000 appears from cash-strapped Eureka, tied to millions more from U.S. taxpayers while McKenny’s $99,000 building fee is waived pending future profits.”

    If the public reality were ever reported, taxpayers might start asking questions about private-public partnerships like, “will someone please tell us why in the Hell we needed McKenny to have senior housing that is actually affordable?”.

    What has McKenny’s blight cost Eureka in vandalism, vagrancy, police responses, lost tax revenue, lost productivity, lost jobs, and lost property values in that neighborhood?

    A real reporter would have a field-day with the ironies provided by the new police chief professing his commitment to accountability and transparency while cutting the police records position, or how the cuts for police training will not result in more lawsuits, or how the police budget lacks estimated costs of the golden handshakes, lawsuits, settlements, and retirements, (what were they last year, or the years before that??).

    While crying for Measure “Q”, how many officials mistakenly referred to Eureka’s Finance Committee as the “Citizen’s Advisory Committee” that was supposed to be formed when this measure passed the first time?

    Wouldn’t it be grand to have a journalist with the guts to publicly present real questions to the Eureka Chamber of Commerce? Better yet, one that shares a little public-interest by challenging their non-profit status? Media workers live here too, right?

    For example, “How does your non-profit status allow you to engage in politics by frequent public appearances in opposition to Measure “R”?

    Or, “Many of your members called for cuts to social services last October at the public meeting sponsored by Robin Arkley Jr. As the richest club in town, Is the Eureka Chamber willing to be consistent in its values and return your annual $100,000 Eureka subsidy, (and the land), gifted to you by Eureka taxpayers? Won’t higher wages decrease local demand for social services?

    A savvy journalist would have noticed the confrontation at the end of this meeting between the Eureka Chamber and Measure “R” proponents. What was THAT about??

    Entertaining, instructive, and relevant news in Eureka is carefully and consistently self-censored. No one will inform the public that all of the significant cuts proposed for fire and police protection could be avoided by eliminating the Eureka Chamber entitlement and slashing the zoo subsidy instead.

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    • Well, I guess YOU are the savvy journalist and I hope you find a way to be properly paid for your efforts. All the investigative journalism in HumCo comes from the NCJ. Sometimes they get ideas from bloggers, hope they pick up yours. FWIW, they have put out some facts about the Eureka Chamber of Commerce’s conflicts of interest and incestuous relationship with the city. Theres no indication of illegality, and the public has to decide whether its inappropriate….


    • Anonymous has some valid points. Too bad they are lost in anon’s spin.

      The problem is not reporting. The problem is apathy. Anon can start by doing something himself/herself instead of expecting someone else to always take the risk.


  9. Great, an anonymous makin’ stuff up to bash an anonymous….


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