Arkleyville: is this sordid saga near its pitiful end?

22000 and growing

How soon we forget

The Times-Standard seems to cut Rob Arkley, local rich boy and former owner of the Eureka Reporter, a lot of slack when it comes to financial matters. The paper never seems to report anything about Robin Arkley or Security National economic status.

For such a big story as the fall of the Arkley Empire there as been no coverage in the TS and very little elsewhere. We have to wonder about the connection with this story a year ago:

One year ago, the Arkley camp was threatening the Northcoast Journal with a restraining order if they kept trying to do their job.

One month ago we asked; “Can things get much worse for the loyal and faithful Arkleyville worshipers?”

rob pissedA few weeks ago, the Lost Coast Outpost revealed a very convoluted story about Bank Of America trying to recover the 50 million dollars that Rob owes them. Most of us trying to understand all the court filings from the Bank of America were bewildered by all the legal doublespeak in the paperwork. A financial expert finally explained to the Examiner that B of A had to proceed that way because of the massive and intentional way Arkley set up numerous “limited liability” shell companies to protect his web of (often dirty) dealings.

In June 12th issue, the NCJ on pages 52 and 53 shows tax default and lists Rob Arkley on like 9 lines of info.

(sorry NCJ link doesn’t work)

This on top of Arkley laying off long time henchman and employee Randy Gans who was VP of security National Properties.

This all begins to paint a picture of a potential for complete financial collapse of Arkleyville.

The Examiner still has questions:

What about the money still owed to the city of Eureka?

What about the bills and fees owed the State Coastal Commission and State Lands Commission?

What about CUE VI the corporation Arkley set up to have ownership of the Balloon Track?

Does anybody still work at Security National’s Eureka office on fifth street?

Why hasn’t the local media been asking these types of questions regarding Security National and Rob Arkley? A story about arguably one of the most divisive corporations and personalities on the North Coast seems like common sense for local journalists, but there is very little to go on!?!


11 thoughts on “Arkleyville: is this sordid saga near its pitiful end?

  1. also notice the Squires’ name all over the tax default lists, some going all the way back.

    How can a scofflaw like that get away like that?

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  2. Eureka has Stockholm Syndrome. They seem to canonize some real skunks in that town.

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  3. I don’t know about the rest of the media but Channel 3 News is now run by a former head of the Eureka Chamber of Commerce.

    Lately the spin there has been pro-business and anti-regulator (Channel 3 is not a friend of the Coastal Commission, for example).

    Times-Standard just might be trying to look pretty on the off chance someone might want to buy. And there is still their non-hippy non-grower advertisers to consider.

    NCJ and LoCO appear to be on top of it to a certain extent. Perhaps they could put more effort in focusing on Arkley; after all he is the Baron Doktor von Arkely Count of Humboldt Duke of Arkleyville. I would be concerned his sinking may drag down some small boats with him (I’m the champion of mixed metaphors!).

    Arkley has put himself out to the public eye many times to enjoy his public acclaim. Unfortunately for him, buying a town doesn’t add much to the bottom line or the adulation.

    But out of sympathy someone may still give him a railroad.

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  4. sordid, or did you really mean sorted in the title? me thinks sordid fits more better.

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  5. Is Siri your secretary? I have to edit every message she transcribes on my Iphone before I hit send or end up with even more embarrassing mistakes than these.

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  6. Just think of the number of Arkley adventures in Humboldt. The list is staggering. Here is another-what happened to his lovely theater on G st., Avalon survived for a while on his money, he bought silence from the TS by giving them money to stop TS legal maneuvers to stop his FREE PAPER called the Reporter. Remember how many copies of his daily rag we received on our front yards, whether we wanted it or not. Back in 2008 he owned two banks that went belly up
    The only thing he can claim success at is the local elections. He put big money into the present council winners, and bought Virginia’s office for her. Maybe he should just get into politics as a candidate and join the rest of the crazy bunch at city hall and the county chambers. I am sure he would feel right at home.


  7. You silly guys, Arkley left Eureka years ago to star in the hit sitcom The Family Guy


  8. Occasionally flying in to throw another political victory party was never “living here”.


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