Let’s all join Dick‘n Jane singing Sympathy for the Devil(s)

MOLA:42’s Guide to the Supreme Court: An Alternative to Waiting for Individual Justices to Fall Off Their Perches

dick and jane


It’s Story Time once again:

Once upon a time the Supreme Court of the United States of America did a very, very silly thing.

The Supreme Court Justices thought and they thought and they thought some more… yet still they decided a corporation was a person. They thought all corporations were persons.

Oh! Oh! Oh Supreme Court Justices…

Corporations can not sing. Corporations can not dance. Corporations can not laugh (except when going to the bank).

Corporations can not love. Corporations can not breathe. Corporations can not feel pain. Corporations can not skin their knees.

Corporations can not feel sorrow. Corporations can not feel remorse. Corporations can not go to jail.

Corporations can kill and never face the hang man. Corporations can be mean and ruin the world economy and never be spanked.

Corporations can speak. Corporations can say what they want. Corporations can buy what they want.

Corporations can buy a war. Corporations can buy a Senator. Corporations can buy a Representative (or two!).

What a good life to be a corporation!

But real people are sad.sick and jane

Real people are responsible. Real people go to jail if they are wicked. Real people are punished if they do bad things.

Real people can not buy Peace. Real people can not buy a Senator. Real people can not buy a Representative.

Real people can only vote.

Bad Supreme Court! Bad Bad Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court is silly. But real people can not laugh at them.

The End


*           *           *           *           *


Sorry for the children’s book approach to explaining the issue. I wanted to state my case in such a way that even a Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States could possibly understand.

I got to thinking on this issue when I read a post in Tom Sebourn’s blog for Saturday, May 31:


He states the problem better than I can (so please read it); that the Supreme Court made a huge mistake (or took another step down the road of defining who the Masters in our society are and who are the peons).

Then he did something even more useful that I hadn’t thought of before.

I had supposed that we as a nation were stuck with this state of affairs (like the Dred Scott and Separate Buteqaul protection Equal decisions) until enough Supreme Court Justices fell off their perches. Then a new, saner Court would see corporate personhood for what it is and toss it onto the trash heap of history where it belongs.

The problem with that approach is:

(A) It will take a while, especially since the first Supreme Court justices likely to take that long journey to the “Great Judge’s Chamber in the Sky” are apt to be some of the ones who voted against Corporate Personhood.

(B) It also assumes Democratic Presidents shall continue in office and appoint sane (and not senile) people to replace said justices when they do the said perch dropping.

Somewhat of a long shot.

But (and this proves I’m not nearly as bright as I like to think I am) there is another way out that did not occur to me. We can amend the Constitution to basically say that corporations (or any other inanimate objects) are NOT people and only the very disturbed would think they were.

Mr. Sebourn was kind enough to supply a link to an effort to do just that:move to amend


There is a petition and there is information about the possible Constitutional Amendment and how to get further involved if you so desire.

It’s really very distressing that we have to go the Constitutional Amendment route just to spell this kind of thing out. But it is also important. There is very little to restrain corporations from bad actions. Even when found guilty of the most egregious violations against people no one goes to jail and the fines, though they may appear to be stiff, generally can be covered by a few days revenue.liberty crying

It’s how a few corporations can nearly destroy the world economy through almost infinite and incomprehensible greed and not only get away with it but get paid by the Government for doing it.

The corporations shield the persons behind the corporation’s bad actions. The corporations may be punished (minimally) but the persons (real breathers) guiding the corporations (the not real breathers) are insulated from the consequences.

In the meantime the law of the land remains that money is speech and our Corporate Masters have more protections than we have.

*           *           *           *           *






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3 thoughts on “Let’s all join Dick‘n Jane singing Sympathy for the Devil(s)

  1. A poster I saw on TV at a rally, ” I’ll believe a corporation is a person when Texas executes one”,….

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  2. Bravo Mola. You hit the nail with your trusty pen and gavel. Justice should not be blind to android corporations. They have some people as part of their inner workings, but have a skin of steel, and a server as a heart. Time to reverse the trend.

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