Time to show The Eureka City Attorney the emergency exit!

It’s an election year and any reasonable observer would think, with the majority of this “Klown Kouncil” up for re-election, they would be trying to get they’re “ducks lined up” so they can tout their accomplishments.

Looks like that’s not going to work so well, as the Late councilperson Lance Madsen has reached out from the lance sware ingrave with his “sworn Affidavit “ spelling out misdeeds by the City Attorney and at least one or more City Council Members.





We’ve watched and listened since this City Attorney was hired. We have not been impressed with her routine advice given at Council meetings. In fact, some of that advice was downright false and has led to potential liability for the city. The word in local legal circles, among her colleagues, is they have a low opinion of her legal skills.

Recently we witnessed Attorney Day-Wilson give out terrible advice to the City Council which caused them to withdraw their apology to the Wiyot Tribe thereby adding insult to injury. She told the council that they were opening themselves up for liability with an apology, however every legal expert spoken to said that Day-Wilson was flat out wrong.

We also seen her give out advice that has put the City in a position where they’re potentially liable for millions in costs and damages should the litigants win. The SHN debacle is just one area in which the City should have had competent legal advice from the beginning.

The fact is that according to Madsen, Day-Wilson passed around a confidential memo regarding personnel matters to City staff and claimed that the memo was a matter of public record. If that’s true, then why won’t the city release to document to the Northcoast Journal and Times-Standard?

The time for Day-Wilson to be terminated is long overdue. Let’s see if the “Klown Kouncil” will get around to doing the right thing……


26 thoughts on “Time to show The Eureka City Attorney the emergency exit!

  1. I don’t like this at all. If there are other reasons to remove the City Attorney that’s one thing. But the context of this letter is out there and I don’t think we should be basing decisions whether or not to remove Day-Wilson based on it. Wait for time and process to play their role.


    • Lj-

      I think her incompetence would qualify her to get the boot. Not the letter. Having watched several meetings I could tell she was giving bunk advise even as a layperson.

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    • One could say that today’s TE article is indeed part of the “process.”

      I do agree we don’t have all the pieces in hand yet.

      The article does cite other problems with the current City Attorney. It’s not like this incident is the first black mark against her.

      But it should be pointed out that the City (“Klown”) Council does not hire and fire the City Attorney; she serves at the pleasure and discretion of the City Manager. The council can hire and fire City Manager of course so there is the Council’s leverage in this situation.

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    • Wrong Mola. City Manager, City Clerk and City Attorney serve at the councils pleasure. Eureka is different than most cities in that way.

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    • Actually, JP, the Journal had it right:

      “Under the city’s charter, the city attorney works for and serves at the pleasure of the city council, of which the mayor is not a member. It appears that while Madsen specifically directed Cooper to send his report to the sitting city council, he did not ask that Jager be served with a copy.”

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    • I withdraw my incorrect dig at the Journal. Good work NCJ.

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  2. I’ve worked with Lance in the past and while our politics were polar opposite, he was not the kind of person to make up something like this. I also have had some limited experiences with the current City Attorney. Let’s just say she wasn’t a person of her word.


  3. Why did Linda and Melinda walk out of that meeting? Whats the back story here?
    Are these events connected to the abrupt departure of Panos?
    Will Newman stand up for his fallen campaign manager?


  4. Was Councilwoman Melinda Ciarabellini providing Day-Wilson with a copy of the confidential memo not also unethical?

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    • One would think. Especially if it did indeed have a suggestion to fire the City Attorney.

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    • As best I understand it, this sounds like regular old office politics gone public. I don’t know that there’s anything all that unusual about what happened. Something was sent out to whomever and whomever leaked it to others. Happens all the time even if only through gossip/ word of mouth.

      I’m not sure I see the big deal here, other than it made the news. I don’t know anyone that likes their office games and gossip turned into news.


    • Fred’s right. Nothing to see here folks. If the City Attorney distributed a confidential memo regarding personnel info, then lied to her elected boss about it, and then attempted to get others to lie to the council, that’s not a big deal.

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    • Fred has a more understanding nature than the rest of us. He also believes Meth Wholesalers caught with more than two pounds of the stuff deserve a break.

      As Liberal Jon counsels, let us wait and see how things shape up.

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    • Mola wrote regarding me: “He also believes Meth Wholesalers caught with more than two pounds of the stuff deserve a break.

      Never wrote that. I simply pointed out there’s a number of different opinions and options as to who stays and goes in the jail. We’d all probably choose differently.


    • I don’t know about your feeling that “we’d all” choose differently. Pedophiles probably would advocate book and release for child molesters. All depends on your perspective, not the greater good, right Fred?


    • ” All depends on your perspective, not the greater good, right Fred?

      People might disagree on just what the greater good entails. In other words, they’ll have different perspectives.


  5. If she did not get the memo, she could not have leaked it. So more than one individual is responsible. Follow-up should be done. Deeper questions need to be asked. TE is asking them; the print media just printed what they got.

    As the post points out, there have been other issues with Wilson. The entire Council hired her. They should provide some answers to the public.

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  6. “People might disagree on just what the greater good entails.’

    People who believe the greater good is ignoring what is actually the greater good for the majority (Libertarians) have a completely different belief system than most people. Most people agree that pedophiles and meth dealers belong in prison.

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  7. De nada, JP. I come from a long line of self-centered “individualists” like Fred who justify their selfishness with Libertarian double-speak as they are paid union scale, take government jobs and subsidies and sign up for SS as soon as possible. Hypocrisy is one of their virtues.

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  8. Fredbdoesntbquite have the same control on here as he rules with on his own blog.


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